BREAKING: Family Policy Alliance Endorses Houston Gaines

October 14

There’s a long line of politicians who are talkers – who love to find the closest microphone or make big promises. If that’s what you’re looking for, there are plenty of candidates for you to consider. If you want someone who’ll get something done, though, you only need to consider Houston Gaines.

Houston Gaines is one of the youngest and one of the newest legislators under the Gold Dome. But, that hasn’t stopped him from quickly becoming one of the most accomplished and effective leaders in the entire state.

He’s driven, relentless, smart, and service-oriented. When Houston Gaines sees a problem, he goes “all in,” and he doesn’t stop until its fixed. That’s why nobody passes more legislation than Houston, and why nobody carves out more of a leadership position on the issues that matter than him.

When it comes to standing against the evil that is human trafficking, Houston Gaines is leading the charge. He’s also fighting for those who need our help, working to keep Georgia #1 for business, fighting for teachers and for our students, and standing up for our values and for families.

Much of what makes our state great is under attack, but Houston is standing in the gap. He loves this district, and he loves our state. He is Georgia through and through. He’s about people – not Party. Yet, those who care only for a radical agenda have made him a target. It’s imperative we re-elect Houston to keep our state moving forward!

Safe streets, stellar classrooms, excelling businesses, and thriving families need Houston Gaines. He’s making a big difference, and his opponent wants to take our state wildly in the other way. Don’t let this happen!

I’m grateful to call Houston Gaines a friend and an ally. He’s withstood the pressure, and he’s been the target of vicious attacks because he puts the right thing over the convenient thing. He’s a leader with integrity, and he has a genuine desire to serve.

Houston Gaines is a rare leader, and we need more like him. Now, it’s up to you to make sure to send him back to the State House!

Supporting Houston Gaines,

Cole Muzio
President and Executive Director