BREAKING: Family Policy Alliance Endorses Josh Bonner

October 27

Everyone wants a legislator who has the right experience and talents, the right principles, the right character, and knows how to be effective. Very few people have such a legislator. You do.

Josh Bonner is a man of unshakeable faith, unwavering principles, and unflinching integrity. We never have to wonder about what Josh is going to do – he’s going to do the right thing no matter what.

What makes Josh Bonner different, though, is that he possesses an affability, winsomeness, sincere care for his colleagues, and understanding of the issues that allows him to be a major influencer. He’s someone who is trusted, and he’s someone who can affect change – rallying others to or against a given cause.

While Josh is one of the most effective legislators under the Gold Dome, he’s also one of the most humble. He doesn’t boast or brag or race to Facebook to highlight his own importance. He’s content to faithfully follow God’s calling and give Him the credit.

In 2019, the Heartbeat Bill was no sure-thing. There was intense opposition from the Left, the media, big business, Hollywood, and even within the Republican Party. Yet, Josh Bonner immediately lent his credibility and energy to the effort – as one of the primary co-sponsors to the bill. He worked relentlessly behind the scenes to make certain the bill passed and that his colleagues would keep the promises they’d made to voters.

I can say without a doubt, the life-affirming Heartbeat Bill would not have passed without Josh Bonner.

Josh Bonner doesn’t hesitate to lead on other issues either. He’s sponsored or co-sponsored numerous great bills including efforts to reform college campuses to provide for better free speech, protect children from obscene materials in school libraries, lower your taxes, and better your community.

I’m grateful to count on Josh Bonner as a trusted friend and ally, and I’m thankful that he cares enough to serve in that capacity for numerous candidates and officials who look to him for advice and encouragement. You’re blessed with a great legislator, now it’s your job to get him re-elected!

Supporting Josh Bonner,

Cole Muzio
President and Executive Director


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