Where Does Your Donation Go?

December 10

By the grace of God, our ministry has had a number of strong legislative years here in North Dakota, with many pro-life and pro-family wins. But we do much more than just our work in the halls of Bismarck. What about our non-legislative work? What is the full picture of what we do? This short video from one of our ministry partners nicely captures the overall impact that Family Policy Alliance of North Dakota has in our state.

Let me give you some specific examples of our work to provide even more insight into the scope of how we represent your values. We:

  • Inform you about national and state issues through emails, Facebook, Twitter and other mediums.
  • Identify legislators to attend our Statesmen Academy where they are inspired, encouraged, and educated on how to best integrate their faith into the political arena.
  • Speak at rallies, write letters to the editor, and work with media to get our message out to the public.
  • Ask for your help contacting key decisionmakers on critical issues.
  • Coordinate with the other 40+ similar state organizations that are part of our national network.
  • Develop relationships with churches around the state to better equip them to encourage their congregants to live out their biblical citizenship.
  • Develop plans and strategize with similarly aligned organizations as part of our Family Leadership Team.
  • Form alliances with churches, businesses, and other groups to advance your beliefs.

We perform this work on a daily basis, year-in and year-out, representing you and your family. I could provide more examples, but the video at the top of this email says it better than I can.

However, we want to do even more. We are grateful to the Lord for His provision and to you for your faithful financial support. Words cannot measure our gratitude. But the other side is spending millions to promote a culture of death, an assault on faith, and a deconstruction of the family. Planned Parenthood continually fights our state’s pro-life laws and produces curriculum that encourages sexual activity for children as young as kindergarteners. The LGBTQ community actively promotes laws that would erode religious freedoms, and there is continual pressure on you to waver on your biblical beliefs.

Our work to fight against these assaults takes resources. Thanks to generous ministry partners, right now we have matching grants that will allow you to DOUBLE your giving, DOLLAR-FOR-DOLLAR, up to $23,000 before December 31! If you find our work important and want to help us continue to represent your beliefs, please prayerfully consider giving by going online and donating. Thank you for your support of Family Policy Alliance of North Dakota and our work on behalf of your values.


Mark Jorritsma
President and Executive Director