like our country is on the line

January 4

Tomorrow is Election Day, and we need you to vote like our country is on the line.

Because, frankly, it is!

Now, I believe that hope is a biblical virtue, and I refuse to believe that it will be “impossible” for our country to come back from any election loss. Nevertheless, the truth is that it will be very hard and a very long process for our nation to be restored if we lose.

The two senators from Georgia will determine:

  • Cabinet appointments
  • Judicial confirmations
  • Our constitutional freedoms
  • Court packing
  • Ending the filibuster
  • Statehood for DC and Puerto Rico
  • Religious freedom
  • Abortion laws
  • Countless initiatives that govern our schools – including curriculum and whether the imposition of the radical transgender agenda will infiltrate every classroom
  • And so much more…

On each of these issues, David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler take the constitutional, truth-focused, America affirming, and/or God-honoring position. Both have proven to be leaders of faith, conviction, and integrity, and they have earned your vote.

By contrast, Jon Ossoff is incapable of speaking the truth, embraces the socialist, San Francisco agenda, and is tied to anti-America interests. Raphael Warnock is a disgrace to the pulpit, a heretic, and a man tied to spousal abuse and child abuse.

This election offers choices that could not be clearer and a national need that could not be greater.

We need you to step up to the plate and answer the call.

To underscore the stark contrast between Senator Loeffler and the false-prophet-disguised-as-a-pastor Raphael Warnock, we have produced this Voter Guide. We are currently running targeted ads on social media and other platforms throughout the state, and we’re running 30 second ads in Northwest Georgia, where turnout has lagged.

We’re all in! Are you in with us?

If you have voted, great! But, your work is not done. Reach out to your friends, family, co-workers, fellow church members – anyone who would vote the RIGHT way – and make sure they’ve done the same. Make sure everyone has heard from you!

If you haven’t voted, see the above AND get yourself to the polls to cast your vote! Don’t let your voice go unheard!

God calls all of us to be faithful. We cannot control outcomes or process, but we CAN control what WE do. We can control our actions. We can take the time, utilize the opportunity we’ve been given, and exercise our right to vote for those who stand for our values – and against those who openly advocate for evil.

Praying for victory!

Cole Muzio
president and Executive Director