On the Ground in Bismarck

January 14

North Dakota Capitol Building

I am often asked about the difference between our office in Colorado Springs and our office here in Bismarck. It usually comes up because someone looks at the return address for a mail-in donation envelope and notices a Colorado Springs address. The next question is usually, “does this money go to help Family Policy Alliance of North Dakota or some place in Colorado?” It is a legitimate question.

Family Policy Alliance of North Dakota is part of the broader Family Policy Alliance ministry headquartered in Colorado Springs. That said, we have distinctly different roles. Our friends at the national Family Policy Alliance helped launch Family Policy Alliance of North Dakota and continue to provide strategic legal, policy, communications, and operational support.

That donation envelope you are sending to Colorado Springs is processed by them on our behalf, because they can do it much more efficiently. However, all the money that comes from individuals and families in North Dakota goes directly toward advancing pro-family values here in North Dakota. It always will.

So, what do we do here in North Dakota? This is where the “on the ground” state policy and related work happens. We are at the Capitol during legislative sessions, like right now, working with legislators on bills. We lobby on bills, testify in hearings, and are part of other legislative groups that advance biblical values, such as the Pro-Life Caucus. We also keep you informed about which bills are most important, so that you can participate in the political process by contacting your legislators.

The other key things we do are speak to groups about ways to get involved in our North Dakota political process, coordinate with the media, produce legislative scorecards, endorse candidates, and so on. In other words, we are here in Bismarck doing the work that you want us to do – defending your biblical pro-life and pro-family values.

Whatever this year holds for family issues, we will always be right here in North Dakota fighting for your values. If you ever have any legislative questions, want us to speak to a local group, or have other policy issues on your mind, please reach out to me directly and I’ll be happy to try and help (701-355-6425). As always, thank you for your ongoing support, helping us advance your values in North Dakota!

Mark Jorritsma
Executive Director