Run for Office and you can win back NJ

January 21


I know you are continually frustrated by state government and their endless efforts to undermine the nuclear family – thereby violating the rights and usurping the responsibilities of the father and the mother. Tragically, the political Left in our state desperately wants to remove parents from the equation. In their worldview, the Government is superior to the parents and the Government has the ultimately authority to determine the child’s moral upbringing and ideological belief system.

But what are you willing to do about it? Writing an email, calling a legislator, and sharing a link on social media helps us mobilize a strong and respected voice in Trenton. Believe me, they are listening! But there may potentially be even more you can do…

I believe it is time to get serious. I invite you to take a moment and pause. Ask yourself this question, “Is God calling me to run for office for a local school board or town council position?”

If you believe this is your assignment, then 2021 could be your year.

We want to help train you to successfully and professionally run a campaign to win in your community.

Often, people mistakenly place their focus on the biggest target, such as a governor or a state legislator. These offices seemingly are out of reach. However, the local offices determine the actual application of state mandated curriculum, school taxes, approval of marijuana dispensaries, and even zoning codes that could impact your religious liberty.

The fact is most state legislators started their years of public service at the local or county level. If you want to make a long-term difference, then you should too. Next month, we will host a private one-day political campaign training seminar for people who are genuinely committed to helping us win back NJ at the ballot box to social conservative values.

To attend this training, please register by clicking here. I will email you a pdf booklet you are required to read as a prerequisite to participate in the campaign seminar. This will be followed up by an online meeting in a couple of weeks to give you more details about the seminar and to answer any questions. For those who are serious-minded and ready to take the next step, you will receive information on the date and location. Our trainers are professional campaign advisors and experts in New Jersey elections.

I look forward to seeing you walk out your calling to serve the families of your community during this season of your life.

Let’s win back New Jersey!

Shawn Hyland
Director of Advocacy