Over 4,000 people have urged Gov. Murphy to veto kindergarten sexuality lessons. Add your voice today.

January 26

Dear Friends,

In less than 10 days, more than 4,000 people have used our Action Center to urge Governor Murphy to veto legislation that would force school districts to teach sexual orientation and transgender identity lessons beginning in kindergarten.

News media in New Jersey and national markets have covered this outrageous legislation.

First, if you have not contacted the Governor – click here! We need you to add your voice to the thousands who have spoken out already. Governor Murphy has 45 days after the passage of this bill on Jan. 11 to veto it. It is not too late to tell him that these lessons are inappropriate at such a young age and should be left to parents.

Second, we need you to share this action alert through text and email. The most direct way of informing your friends is to forward them this link. Social media sites often suppress “shares” of our action alerts to prevent people from knowing what is really happening. Please text or email your friends to encourage them to protect the minds and bodies of young children.

Thank you for spreading the word!


Shawn Hyland
Director of Advocacy