Let the Children Live

January 28

Last Friday, we were honored to join New Jersey Right to Life and numerous other pro-life organizations for the New Jersey Rally for Life and Walk for Life in Trenton. Senator Michael Doherty and Assembly members Erik Peterson, John DiMaio, and Ron Dancer joined hundreds of people at the statehouse annex on the anniversary of Roe vs. Wade. This gathering could not be more urgent.

I had the opportunity to address the attendees concerning the so-called Reproductive Freedom Act.  You can view a short video clip of my public comments on our Facebook page by clicking here. It was encouraging to see the passionate response of those gathered as we jointly told Governor Murphy to “Let the Children Live.”

As this radical abortion bill continues to stagnate awaiting a committee hearing, the Governor’s wife Tammy Murphy introduced the Nurture NJ Strategic Plan this week. It’s goal is well intentioned – “New Jersey will be the safest and most equitable place in the nation to give birth and raise a baby”. This 94-page plan addresses well-documented disparities that minorities and women living in lower economic areas might experience concerning their pregnancy and pre-natal care. Though the vision and mission of such a massive undertaking is admirable, the details are troubling if not hypocritical.

The plan states – “All children will be nurtured from conception in environments that always support and never inhibit their well-being

However, such language is quickly undermined by the plan’s call for immediate funding of all abortion services up to the point of birth: “New Jersey should affirmatively provide for comprehensive family planning services and reproductive autonomy through policy and in funding.”

You can’t make this stuff up!

In other words, pass the so-called Reproductive Freedom Act and fund Planned Parenthood to provide free abortions up to the point of birth. Sadly, children’s wellbeing from the point of conception was never the priority.

To be clear, we do applaud Tammy Murphy’s objective to address the real concerns of maternal health, and in particular the social and economic differences in infant mortality. But the unwavering allegiance to the Big Abortion Industry and their agenda flies in the face of her stated mission to make New Jersey the safest place for babies in the womb!

We can do better!

Shawn Hyland
Director of Advocacy