Roundhouse Recap: Action Needed on Abortion Bills!

February 5, 2021

New Action Alert: Radical Abortion Bills Head to the Floor

Senate Bill 10 – Senate Bill 10, the radical abortion bill, received its hearing in the Senate Health & Public Affairs Committee (which was held virtually over Zoom and live-cast on the New Mexico legislature’s website).  Family Policy Alliance of New Mexico® gave legislative testimony, and hundreds of you responded to our action alert, urging senators on the committee to vote no on Senate Bill 10. This radical abortion bill would remove state conscience protections for doctors and health care providers and get rid of essential protections for women seeking an abortion.

Unfortunately, SB 10 has been passed out of committee by a 5-3 vote, and it will be voted on in the full Senate next week – likely on Thursday.

House Bill 7 – This week, House Bill 7 (the identical abortion bill moving through the House of Representatives) was passed by the House Health and Human Services Committee in an 8-4 vote and will be heard on the House floor next week. Much like SB 10, proponents of HB 7 claim they’re removing archaic laws from the books. HB 7 removes perfectly sound laws that protect the conscience rights of doctors and laws that currently require excellent medical standards of care to protect women seeking abortions. Without these laws, doctors could be forced to perform abortions against their will, unlicensed doctors could practice abortions with no additional penalties and consent of a woman to get an abortion would no longer be required.

Take Action! We have a new action alert on our Action Center. You can quickly and easily send a message to both your state senator and state representative, asking them to oppose these radical bills. Even if you’ve already taken action on earlier alerts that targeted the committee, it’s very important that you send this message that will now go to your own senator and representative.

Thank you for speaking up and spreading the word!

House Bill 47 – Anti-Life Legislation that Would Legalize Assisted Suicide in New Mexico

House Bill 47 was passed out of the Health and Human Services Committee last Friday. This radical, anti-life legislation would let medical professionals provide lethal drugs to those with a terminal illness. This legislation does not contain adequate conscience protections for healthcare professionals and lacks safeguards to protect vulnerable patients from abuse and coercion.

We will let you know more about the next steps on this bill as we expect it to be taken up by the House of Representatives in the coming days.

House Bill 160 – Pro-Life Legislation Holding Abortion Clinics Accountable

House Bill 160 is sponsored by Rep. James Strickler (San Juan), Rep. Luis Terrazas (Doña Ana, Grant & Sierra), and two of our Statesmen: Rep. Rebecca Dow (Grant, Hidalgo & Sierra) and Rep. Rod Montoya (San Juan). This legislation would require the Department of Health to establish more stringent safety protocols at abortion clinics. It is currently in the House Health & Human Services Committee awaiting a hearing.

Over the past several sessions, we’ve been able to be a part of a large alliance of pro-family, pro-life groups who have seen miraculous victories in stopping radical bills, but only through your support. Your gift to Family Policy Alliance of New Mexico will help us continue to carry out our mission of representing your values at the Roundhouse.

Thank you for considering us as we serve the people of this great state.

The Family Policy Alliance of New Mexico Team


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