URGENT: Contact Your Member of Congress

February 23

Tomorrow, the U.S. House of Representatives will vote on the so-called Equality Act.  If you haven’t heard, this bill would create new protected classes based on a person’s self-identified sexual orientation and gender identity.

This bill poses serious threats to Americans, especially women and children. If it becomes law, the Act will serve as a backdoor way to sanction abortions, introduce explicit content in school curriculum, let boys win in girls’ sports, pressure children toward experimental cross-sex hormones – and silence all of us who disagree.

We must expose this Act for all that it really is.

Unfortunately, Democrat leadership is not expected to allow any amendments on the Equality Act.  That means that there is no real opportunity for members of Congress to improve the bill in any way.

The best way to make sure the Equality Act is exposed is to contact your member of Congress directly.

Please take one minute and send a message now in our Action Center!

Standing Strong,

Meridian Baldacci
Policy and Communications Strategist



P.S. After you’ve sent your message, don’t forget to mark your calendar and set your alarm for our virtual rally tomorrow ahead of the vote. We’re streaming live at 10 AM ET/9 AM CT/8AM MT/7 AM PT on Facebook and YouTube. Let’s show up in force to let Congress know that Americans oppose the Equality Act. This bill is not what equality looks like.