ACTION ALERT CENTRAL: Take Action TODAY on the Issues that Matter

March 1

A week from today is “Crossover Day.” It’s the political equivalent of the Georgia-Florida football game – while it won’t determine with finality whether the season will be a success or not, it’s going to have a BIG effect on the outcome.

For those who don’t follow the Georgia Capitol closely, “Crossover Day” is the day whereby a bill needs to have crossed over its chamber of origin in order to remain “alive” to become law this year. To make your voice heard on the big issues facing our state, use the Action Alert options you’re passionate about below:

CLICK HERE to take a stand for HB 60 – a school choice measure that passed the House Education Committee last week. This bill would immediately give opportunity to 4300 students (with the ability to grow the program) to attend the school of their choice.

CLICK HERE to take a stand for election integrity. Family Policy Alliance of Georgia has endorsed multiple election bills. Given the evolving and ongoing debate around these bills, TAKE ACTION to support principles like photo ID for absentee voting, ending abuses like mobile voting, and other measures to support integrity and accountability. (Please note: there are more than 80 elections bills. We’re tracking all of them. The next week will feature many amendments and shifts, and we’ll be there every step of the way. All this, though, is why this action alert is focused on the principle of election integrity rather than a specific bill.)

CLICK HERE to Save Girls Sports. We are actively supporting HB 276 by Rep. Philip Singleton and SB 266 by Sen. Marty Harbin, and we need you to make your voice heard to ensure these bills make it to the floor and pass.

CLICK HERE to oppose gambling. Another year, another series of gambling expansion bills. We’re opposing HB 86, HR 30, SB 30, SR 53, SR 131, SR 135, SB 142, and SB 212, and we want you to encourage your legislators to do the same.

CLICK HERE to support our Anti-Obscenity legislation. We are engaged to end an exemption that allows school libraries to distribute obscene materials to minor children. Join us to protect kids and support HB 516 by Rep. Karen Mathiak and SB 226 by Sen. Jason Anavitarte.

CLICK HERE to support Religious Freedom. We’re supporting HB 536 by Rep. Dominic LaRiccia – and supported by Governor Kemp – aimed at limiting the ability of the governor to curtail religious freedom during an emergency. We’re also supporting SB 200 by Sen. Jason Anavitarte and HB 468 by Rep. Kasey Carpenter in the same vein.

CLICK HERE to support Right to Visit. We stand with Rep. Ed Setzler and his HB 290 aimed at ensuring the Right to Visit by providing a minimum standard that a short and long-term care facility would be required to allow visitation.

Some of our supported legislation has already made it past one chamber.

SB 116 by Sen. Randy Robertson is a Maternal Home Bill that eases the ability for non-profits to set up housing for expectant mothers. It passed with a strong majority in the Senate – though some pro-abortion senators were so adamant against life that they voted against this common sense, pro-woman bill. Rep. Ed Setzler has a similar bill in the House (HB 257).

SB 51 by Sen. Bruce Thompson is called the “Mosely Bill” (formerly Tebow Bill) that allows homeschoolers to participate in extracurricular activities at their local public school. This bill passed the Senate 39-15. Rep. John Carson has another variation that is moving in the House (HB 545)

HB 212 by Rep. Kasey Carpenter is “Simon’s Law” and prevents a doctor from placing a DNR on a minor child without parental consent. This bill passed the House unanimously. Sen. Chuck Payne is set to carry this bill in the House.

HB 128 by Rep. Rick Williams is “Gracie’s Law” and ensures that those with mental or physical disabilities won’t be discriminated against on the transplant list.

There are other bills we’re supporting.

This email could be much longer. In addition to the 80+ elections bills, we have a watch list of more than 50 bills that we’re engaging in. We’re supporting legislation to protect Vulnerable Children from genital mutilation and chemical hormone blockers, protect minors from sex predators, protect women from “revenge porn,” provide school choice options for those with special needs, prevent the defunding of the police, and more.

Please take advantage of this Action Alert Central, forward it to your friends, and make your voice heard for as many of these alerts as you care about.

And, please be praying.

For His Glory,

Cole Muzio
President and Exectuvive Director