Rhode Island- Take Action for Our Children

March 9

I sometimes think of Churchill’s famous “Never Give Up” speech when It comes to our battles to in Rhode Island. No matter the difficulty, it is a righteous pursuit and one that we must persist in no matter how difficult. Senate Bill No. 463 is one of those “Never Give Up” challenges. This dangerous bill would mandate Comprehensive Sex Education in our state.

Here’s what that means: students as young as 6th grade will be required to “affirmatively recognize pleasure based sexual relations, different sexual orientations, and be inclusive of same-sex relationships in discussions and examples.” The bill also mandates training about gender identity and expression – that is, the idea that someone’s “true” gender may be different from the biological sex of their body.

We must take action to stop this dangerous bill.

Comprehensive sex education encourages kids as young as 11 or 12 to have sex – including high-risk and experimental sex. It teaches children to pursue pleasure over prudence or prevention – despite the reality that teaching sexual risk avoidance is healthier for young people. And it promotes a radical viewpoint that a man can become a woman and vice versa. You can learn more about Comprehensive Sex Education from Family Watch International’s resource here.

We must protect our children!

Before this dangerous bill was taken up by the House, many of you wrote in and called to express your opposition. Thankfully, it’s been tabled in the House for now. But now, the Senate is considering is considering its own version.

Please contact your Senator in our Action Center. It takes only a minute to let them know that this is a dangerous bill for our children.

After you’ve contacted your state Senator, please send this email to others who may need to see it, and be on the lookout for more updates and action opportunities on these two bills:

  • Pain Capable Legislation: The House and Senate will soon be considering “Pain Capable” legislation that will ban abortion after 12 weeks, the time when evidence suggests that the unborn baby can feel pain.
  • Parental Consent for Hormone Treatment: Another bill is forthcoming that that will prevent Planned Parenthood from passing out testosterone to young girls without parental consent. Planned Parenthood does not just make money on abortions, they have become a top dispenser of hormones in the country, profiting on the transgender craze sweeping across America affecting young women. Hormone treatment is equivalent to chemical sterilization, something that many teens do not realize and later regret.

But first, let’s stop this dangerous effort to introduce Comprehensive Sex Education to our kids.

Contact your Senator today!Dave Aucoin
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Dave Aucoin
Chairman, Board of Directors – Rhode Island