This Sunday: Learn your parental rights in education

March 25

Over the past two years, the New Jersey legislature has passed controversial laws mandating that public schools teach lessons which violate or conflict with the beliefs of many families regarding sex, sexuality, and gender identity.

These laws violate the fundamental and constitutional rights of parents to direct the moral and educational upbringing of their children. Public school lessons should be neutral in their presentation of religious beliefs, worldview, and political ideology. Yet, not only do these laws force a certain viewpoint on children, but they were written with no opt-out or other protection for families who have religious and moral objections to the content.

The government should not be able to force someone to go against their religious beliefs, yet this is exactly what is happening through these mandates.

Some examples of this troubling trend in New Jersey include the following:

  • March 1, 2021 – Assembly bill 4454 was signed into law. Starting in the 2021-2022 school year, public schools are required to teach transgender identity and sexual orientation diversity lessons starting in kindergarten. Schools will now be required to teach a harmful and subjective view of sexual beliefs to 5-year-old children.
  • June 3, 2020 – New Jersey Department of Education adopted new learning standards for Health Class. Part of these revised standards for 8th grade include 2.1.8.SSH.9: Define vaginal, oral, and anal sex. Schools will now be required to teach 13-year-old students explicit sexual acts.
  • January 31, 2019 – Senate bill 1569 was signed into law. Public schools are now required to teach inclusive LGBT-themed lessons in multiple subjects in middle and high school. Lesson plans developed for pilot programs far exceed the historical “contributions” mandated by the law – these include the following for 8th graders:

      • “Dismantling and confronting the patriarchy, hyper-masculinity and homophobia”
      • Considering Intersectionality
      • Using transgender pronouns
      • Critiquing the gender lexicon of World Languages
      • Identity politics
      • Promoting critical theories of “hierarchies, social structures, and the power and privilege of heterosexuals and males”
      • Emphasizing the “oppressive systems of the patriarchy, colonialism, capitalism, and white supremacy”

We must address this dangerous agenda head-on. That’s why I’m pleased to share with you an opportunity this weekend:

Presentation and Q+A Session

Calvary Chapel Old Bridge
Sunday, March 28 at 6 PM ET

Our friends at Calvary Chapel Old Bridge are hosting a special one-night event this coming Sunday, March 28 at 6pm. I will be sharing on Parental Rights in Education with an open Q & A forum to address your concerns. Registration is required. I strongly encourage you to attend and invite other parents across the state. If you cannot join us in person, the event will be live streamed at Calvary Chapel Old Bridge’s website and Facebook page.


Working for a better New Jersey!

Shawn Hyland
Executive Director


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