An Easter That America Needs

April 1

For many Americans, Easter will have extra meaning this year.

After a year of daily death counts – with many paralyzed by fear of death for themselves or for vulnerable loved ones – we rejoice on a weekend where our focus is on the One who conquered the grave.

After a year of tension and anger – played out in nightly eruptions on our streets and daily outbursts on social media accounts – we exhale a sigh of relief and hope as we embrace the Prince of Peace.

And after the turmoil of a bitter election – and the gut-wrenching, often truth-defying policy changes that have followed – we are steadied and renewed as we kneel before our good and glorious King who embodies truth and never changes.

The last year has been remarkable for its enormous events and quantifiable numbers – cases, deaths, businesses ablaze, churches closed, vote counts, and so much more.

And yet beneath the big numbers and headlines, it has also been a year of quiet angst, gnawing fear and building anger – in our neighbors, and sometimes even in ourselves.

Through all of that, this year has been a crystal-clear reminder that we live in a fallen world that desperately needs a Savior. If we trust Christ, then even in the midst of a broken world and the never-ending battle for truth and justice, we can find a peace that surpasses understanding, a hope that never fades, and endurance to not grow weary in doing good.

It starts at the cross – and the empty tomb.

So this Easter weekend, we thank you for your steadfast support and engagement. And we pray that you’ll be blessed with the joy and peace that only Christ can bring.

Happy Easter!

John Paulton
Mobilization Manager