Jersey Votes Yes

April 15, 2021

Our nation is polarized because policy has become a zero-sum game. It is all or nothing. No compromise. No consideration. No regard for the views of others. No resolution for disagreements. Politics, by nature, is a winner-take-all sport, but the work of policy is the hard work of discussion, amendments, and solutions.

Unfortunately, in New Jersey, public education mandates signed into law by Governor Murphy or implemented by his Department of Education have shown no respect for the constitutional rights of parents to raise their children to morally reflect their values and religious beliefs.

Instead, a new sexual orthodoxy is being imposed upon children in public schools — one which is endorsed and promoted by the state, and conflicts with the fundamental religious convictions of countless families. These mandated lessons do not reflect the diverse student body within public schools consisting of Muslim, Jewish, Christian, and other religious faiths with traditional moral beliefs. Therefore, the public school system is no longer inclusive to people of faith, which is all we ask for – see our previous email.

That’s why we support Senate Bill 3002 and Assembly Bill 3000. If these bills became law, parents would finally have an alternative if the local public school would not allow them to opt their child out of lessons that violated their fundamental beliefs. The alternative? A scholarship worth up to 75% of the cost of the student’s attendance at the local public school.

This week, we launched JerseyVotesYes.com to support school choice legislation such as S3002/A3000 and highlight the controversial curriculum problems in New Jersey government schools. Yes, I intentionally use the words ‘government schools’ because the state is infringing upon local community-based school boards.

This new webpage offers numerous resources including:

  • A video clearly explaining the lessons and learning standards that the majority of families object to.
  • Downloadable resources to learn more about S3002/A3000 and what your parental rights are.
  • Two separate action steps you can take:
    1. Complete a form to print out a pre-addressed letter and send it to your three state legislators and Governor Murphy. Please take this very seriously! We need you to print out the letters and send them ASAP. Filling out the form is helpful but printing out the letters the system generates for you, putting a stamp on them, and placing them in the mail is much more effective!
    2. Call the Education Committee members and urge them to hear these bills in future committee hearings.

Please visit www.JerseyVotesYes.com to take advantage of these resources. Please also share the site with others to help educate them on what is happening in New Jersey public schools.

Protecting your family,

Shawn Hyland
Executive Director

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