Action Alert : Diversity Enforcement Policies

June 3


URGENT! We need all subscribers from the state of Wyoming to help us TODAY. An issue has arisen again in Laramie County School District #1, and all of Wyoming must take action to stop it or it will likely come your way.

As you know, waves of progressive ideology are sweeping the nation. These include the ideas that America is a racist nation, and that gender is based upon a spectrum of feelings rather than biology. Both have been used as wedge issues to drive children to adopt a new iteration of Marxism, an ideology our country fought to preserve the world from in the Cold War one generation ago.

The battleground for this ideological takeover? Our schools. There is an effort to make teachers take classes that teach the ideas of “Critical Race Theory” and use gender preferred pronouns. These teachings are enforced by “diversity coordinators” who are given authority over the future of a teacher’s career as they enforce this new ideology. Then, the teaching trickles down to our kids.

And now, it’s hitting home right here in Wyoming.

Recently proposed policies in Laramie County School District #1 would require teachers to teach divisive critical theory. The policy goes so far as to specifically ask them to name differences among students. Below are two slides from training given to LCSD1 employees:

If we do not stop these policies, diversity enforcers will have unbridled power to punish even unintentional infractions. The policy is not only a danger to our children, but also threatens the constitutional rights of teachers.

I am asking you to write to the LCSD#1 school board TODAY and ask them to reject any policy that would eliminate the due process rights of a teacher.

These comments are needed by tomorrow morning.

Please email these addresses:,,,,,,,

Please email the above addresses with a subject line something like “Comment on proposed LCSD1 School policy” and a paragraph like the following. Some changes to wording is good, but not vital.

Dear LCSD1 School Board Trustees:I am a concerned citizen of Laramie County. Please correct wrongful policy proposals now under review. The proposed changes to Chapter 6 (Personnel) and Chapter 8 (Students) for handling harassment and discrimination charges give inadequate regard for justice, due process, and constitutional rights. Extensive changes are needed. Please provide for constitutionally protected speech, change the standard of evidence to “clear and convincing,” broaden the bases for respondent appeal, and limit the extraordinary and excessive power of the “Title IX Decision Maker.”



Thank you for taking URGENT action!Nathan Winters w/caption

Nathan Winters

Nathan Winters
Executive Director


P.S. If you’d like to reference our more detailed recommendations, they are listed below. If you wish, you may use any or all of these in addition to the above paragraph for your email. However, the most important thing is to communicate the short paragraph, above.

Existing policies and proposed policy amendments posted here:

  1. Provide for constitutionally protected speech. A clause appears in one section, but this is needed in the overarching paragraph of each section governing discrimination for students and employees. In particular: Chapter 6 Section 23 page 257, Chapter 6 Exhibits Admin regs page 266, Chapter 8 Section 25 page 507 second paragraph, Chapter 8 Exhibits Admin regs pages 507 and 519. In these places, add a provision to read: Constitutionally protected speech, including reasonable expressions of academic, religious, or political viewpoints appropriate to the setting, may not form the basis of a finding of any form of discrimination, harassment or other violation unless it is sufficiently and objectively so serious as to: 1) cause substantial disruption in, or substantial interference with, the orderly operation of the school; or 2) substantially limit or deny a student’s ability to participate or benefit from an educational program.
  2. Change the Standard of Evidence from “Preponderance of evidence” to “Clear and Convincing evidence.” Finding teachers or students in violation of discrimination or sexual harassment policies is likely career-ending for employees, and expulsion would be emotionally and educationally crippling for students. Preponderance of the evidence is merely “50% likely, plus a feather.” The clear and convincing standard requires the decision maker to be clearly convinced that a violation happened in order to find anyone guilty of such weighty charges. This change should be made anywhere the “preponderance” standard is cited, including Chap6 page 275 5.c, Chap8 Sec25 page 275, Chap8 Exhibits page 529 IV.C.5.c.
  3. Broaden bases for appeal. If a broader scope for appeal is not provided, an unjustly accused respondent’s only recourse is to take the case to court: an expensive and divisive process for everyone. Anywhere bases for appeals are listed, insert as basis #1: “Unequal treatment under the policy based on protected class, denial of free speech or academic freedom, denial of due process of law, or violation of fundamental fairness.”
  4. Limit the extraordinary and excessive power of the “Title IX decision maker.” A specially trained advisor with such limited duties may or may not be needed, but the regular disciplinary process should determine guilt and disciplinary action. Currently, Title IX staff are being equipped with training materials provided by the activist organization WEEAC and certified in accordance with the gender-ideology of the ATIXA organization. They are not well suited to finally adjudicate these controversial cases in K-12 schools. Correct this problem by changing duties and process flow in the appropriate sections of Chapters 6 and 8 (including Exhibits).