real Dads honor Moms

June 14

Father’s Day is coming up. It’s a celebration of the best job I could ever have – being a father to Peyton, Cade, Jarrett, and Audrey.

I fail, quite often, to be the father I’m supposed to be. I’m far from perfect. But, it’s a job I take seriously, and it’s a job I’ve taken seriously before my kids were born.

In fact, the best thing I’ve ever done as a father is ensure that my children had an incredible mother – a mother who would care for them, teach them, model Jesus, and, yes, love their father. I gave my kids a wonderful mom, and I strive, imperfectly to honor her.

You see, the job of a mom should never be demeaned. It’s ridiculously hard. I tried to honor my wife when she was pregnant all four times. She’d tell you I was not adequate in addressing her needs (not that I would ever, in any way at all, even suggest with a remote possibility a slight hint of a whisper that it’d be possible that my wife would have any sort of difficult pregnant request or need), but I hope she’d tell you that I loved her as she endured four difficult pregnancies.

Nine months of carrying a baby. A difficult and (I’m told and have observed) exceedingly painful birthing process. And, then it only gets harder – actually raising the child.

All of this work is done by a mom. It’s not done, as the Biden Administration would have you believe, by a “birthing person.”

Yes, the Biden Administration is seeking to change the verbiage in its budget from “mom” to “birthing person.” What a slap in the face! How wrong and perverse!

Quite simply, the current regime in Washington DC does not respect women, and they certainly don’t respect moms.

That’s why we need you to stand with us.

If there was one group I thought our nation could always respect, I figured it’d be moms. Yet, because they are such a critical part of God’s design and His plan, the radical left has moms in their crosshairs.

That’s why we need your support. In policy and at the ballot box, we’re fighting to protect womanhood, motherhood, recognition of biological sex, and electing leaders who will step up for our moms.

Can you help us fight this fight with a generous donation of $50, $100, $250 or greater today? We’re $23,190 short of our end-of-quarter goal, and your support TODAY could make a big difference as we fight for truth and for moms.

As a father, one of the most important things I can do for my children is to show love for and respect to their mother. By loving her as Christ loved the Church, I can show my kids how a godly home is supposed to function.

That goes for all dads. Real dads honor moms. You cannot, however, achieve this objective by demeaning the role of “mother” by calling her a “birthing person.”

As we approach this Father’s Day, I hope you’ll join me in honoring moms by taking action in the policy and political space to redeem a culture that is attacking this God-ordained and designed role of motherhood.

Because Real Dads Honor Moms,

Cole Muzio
President and Executive Director


PS. The very fabric of our society is under attack. Our nation is being led by a wicked administration. Wicked policy and verbiage come from that, and this has major cultural ramifications. We must stand up, protect and defend Georgia from this ideology, and take action to save our nation. Help us stand for our values, for motherhood and womanhood, and basic truth by helping us reach our end-of-quarter goal with a $50, $100, $250, or greater donation TODAY!