URGENT: Stop the Implosion of Family Values in the Infrastructure Bill!

August 5

This week, the Senate released the 2,702-page Infrastructure Package. This enormous piece of legislation, which should be focused on critical roads and infrastructure, contains Equality Act language that conflicts with reality, reason and family values.

The current infrastructure bill will cost American families a trillion dollars. The current infrastructure bill is also tied to another bill with a major socialist agenda led by Sen. Bernie Sanders that includes universal pre-K.

But that’s not all. The current infrastructure bill also includes Equality Act language, specifically the terms “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” (SOGI).

The Equality Act terms “sexual orientation/gender identity” have been used numerous times to punish individuals, students, parents, churches and businesses because of their religious beliefs and conscience rights on marriage and biological sex. These terms have also been used in policy to infringe on women’s privacy and parental rights.

The current infrastructure bill defines the terms “gender identity” as being “actual or perceived.” This means any man can claim an identity as a woman at any time, for any length of time.

However, the bill also uses the term “women” at least 37 different times.

Congress must acknowledge the biological reality that only two sexes exist, or else they will erase the actual definition of woman and allow anyone to be a self-proclaimed woman.

Tell your senators to vote NO on the current infrastructure language.

Visit our Action Center here and tell your senators that Congress must be clear and consistent regarding the biological reality that only two sexes exist– male and female. This statement of fact is not simply for appeasement of a political faction; it is a reality that will impact the health and safety of Americans.


For Family,

Nicole Hudgens
Government Affairs


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