It’s 8AM. Do you know what gender your children are?

August 11

If you lived in the 80’s, you might remember the public service announcement that came on TV each night after watching the safe sitcoms of a distant era of prime-time television. Just as bedtime approached before the nightly news, a short, but repetitive, question was asked to parents every night, “It’s 10 PM. Do you know where your children are?”

Nearly forty years later, the world is not same. Those who were kids are now the adults, major networks offer few family-friendly programs, and the question parents have to answer has dramatically changed. Sadly, we must now ask: “It’s 8 AM. Do you know what gender your children are?”

Today’s school is not like the school where you grew up. In many places, children are taught radical ideas about sex, families, and even our own history. They are pressured to adopt these viewpoints for themselves, even – in some cases – without their parents’ knowledge.

Take New Jersey, for example. There, school districts throughout New Jersey have adopted policies that prohibit teachers from telling parents the gender identity of their own children.

This means that in New Jersey, your child can leave your house identifying as the gender that matches their biological sex, but then change their name, pronoun, clothes, and self-proclaimed gender identity at school, and you would never know.

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It’s back to school season. Parents will need to answer this question as their children walk on the school bus this coming school year: “It’s 8 AM. Do I know what gender my children are?”

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Meridian Baldacci
Policy and Communications Strategist