TODAY: STOP Schumer’s Latest Federal Election Overhaul

October 20

Senator Chuck Schumer is determined to have another vote to advance a federal election overhaul bill. This time, it’s S. 2747.

Please take a minute today to urge your senators to vote NO on S. 2747 and any other bill that would allow a federal election takeover!

S. 2747 is ANOTHER bill from liberal forces in Congress that could damage the integrity of our elections. Here are four reasons S. 2747 must be stopped:

  1. S. 2747 undermines state voter ID laws.
  2. S. 2747 requires political nonprofits to disclose donors.
  3. S. 2747 mandates same-day voter registration.
  4. S. 2747 allows candidate campaigns to be funded by states that opt-in.

The Senate plans to vote on advancing S. 2747, and potentially other federal election overhaul bills, TODAY. You can help stop this dangerous federal election takeover by telling your senators to VOTE NO on S. 2747!

Click here to take action now!

For freedom,

Nicole Hudgens
Government Affairs