Senator Schumer announced the Senate will consider changes to the chamber’s voting rules as early as TODAY. Not only that, but these changes would be made so he can push a federal election takeover.

Please urge your Senator to OPPOSE removing the filibuster and OPPOSE a federal election takeover!

Specifically, Senator Schumer wants to change the filibuster rule so that the Senate can attempt to force through federal election overhaul bills, including S. 2747.

S. 2747 would undermine state voter ID laws, require political nonprofits to disclose donors, mandate same-day voter registration, and allow candidate campaigns to be funded by state governments that opt-in.

If Senator Schumer gets his way, a simple majority vote (attained by 50 Democrats voting in favor and Vice President Kamala Harris breaking the tie) could push a federal election overhaul bill to President Biden’s desk.

What stands between him and this takeover? The current filibuster rule.

If you do not want to see minority voices silenced in the U.S. Senate, please urge your Senator to OPPOSE removing the filibuster and OPPOSE a federal election takeover by clicking on our Action Center here!

For Freedom,

Nicole Hudgens
Government Affairs


I know it probably doesn’t feel like it, but 2021 has truly been an amazing year of wins—wins that you helped bring about! And we didn’t want to close out 2021 without pausing to thank you, and the Lord, for the incredible momentum in the family policy movement we saw this year.

Thank you for partnering with Family Policy Alliance this year and for making this Top 10 list possible! We are praising God for these 10 wins and invite you to join us!

10. Your voice inspired lawmakers to remove “woke” language from the national defense funding bill.

Our federal lawmakers’ top priority in Washington, D.C. should be the nation’s defense. Instead, this year, some lawmakers tried to take advantage of the all-important defense spending bill to add in “Equality Act” language (elevating the LGBT agenda in the defense bill) and requiring women to register for the draft.

You took action through the Family Policy Alliance action center and made your voice heard—empowering some brave lawmakers to speak out against this radical language. The result? This harmful language was removed from the bill, allowing the defense funding bill to move forward in a much cleaner form!

9. You stopped the radical Left’s push to pack the courts.

In the early days of the Biden Administration, there was a lot of talk about “adding judges” to the courts—basically creating a scenario where the far Left could guarantee a win on their radical policies in court because they pick their own judges. You made it clear that this idea was wildly unpopular among American families, and it has gained no traction—even in the President’s own commission formed to consider such a court-packing proposal.

8. You are forcing lawmakers to take a stand on whether they will protect babies who survive abortions.

Of course, Speaker Nancy Pelosi is blocking a bill that would protect babies who survive botched abortions. So prolife House members initiated a procedural move called a “discharge petition” that would force the bill to come forward for consideration. A record number of lawmakers signed onto this petition this year—thanks to your advocacy calling on them to take a stand for these precious babies fighting for their lives!

7. You made it a rough year for Twitter!

You may recall that Twitter cancelled our friends at Focus on the Family earlier this year, and you helped us rally to their defense. Your voice elevated the issue all the way to Congress and national media. Later, they canceled Statesmen Academy alum and prominent U.S. House member Rep. Jim Banks (IN-03). Focus on the Family’s and Jim Banks’s crimes? Correctly identifying a Biden cabinet pick as a biological male who identifies as a woman.

You raised your voice to help us launch a campaign in support of Focus on the Family and Representative Banks, send a petition to Twitter, and build a coalition to stand against these cancelling policies. Now, Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey has stepped down after a tumultuous year.

6. You set in motion the movement to save our kids from harmful “gender transition” procedures.

Just this year, Statesmen Academy alum Rep. Robin Lundstrum led the nation’s first successful effort to ban harmful and experimental “gender transition” procedures on children in her home state of Arkansas. It was a groundbreaking piece of legislation!

Your support for the Statesmen Academy, your advocacy in Arkansas, and your partnership with Family Policy Alliance and the network of state family policy council allies in standing for the truth that biological sex cannot change made this a win! Now, more states are ready to consider taking the same stand to protect children!

5. You are saving girls’ sports for our daughters and their daughters.

In 2020, you helped make Idaho the first state in the nation to reserve girls’ sports for only biological girls—as a matter of fairness. This year, over 35 states considered the same legislation to save girls’ sports—and a version of that bill is now law in 9 states! Plus, even mainstream media credits the movement to save girls’ sports (that you have made possible) as the reason the dangerous Equality Act is stopped in the U.S. Senate!

4. You stopped a far-Left takeover of elections nationwide!

The far Left made clear that legislation to “redo” elections (and thereby secure policy wins for their agenda) would be a top priority in 2021. Despite relentless attempts to take over elections at the federal level by one political party, these multiple bills have gone nowhere. No matter how many times they tried to bring forward these bills, you continued to engage and raise your voice, calling on them to vote NO every time. You are saving our country’s elections with generational impact!

3. You helped parents and families raise their voices—and change the future in their states.

It’s been a year where parents and families have faced unbelievable indoctrination in their children’s schools. Radical gender theory policies have touched the classroom, locker room, and sports field. Critical race theory has divided children and communities. And parents have been deeply concerned about the impact on their children.

After a number of deeply concerning incidents in Virginia—including sexual assault against a female student in the girls’ bathroom by a male student wearing a dress—parents had had enough. They raised their voices and voted against politicians that believe schools—not parents—should direct children’s education. They flipped control of their state from politicians who discount parents to leaders who pledge to honor the role of parents in their children’s education. It was a stunning win that caught the attention of the nation, especially ahead of the 2022 election.

We also recently learned that the National School Board Association, which has supported these radical curriculum proposals and treated concerned parents as “terrorists,” is at risk of losing millions as their own state chapters withdraw over the controversy.

You are changing the narrative and forcing lawmakers to return to considering parents and families before political agendas!

2. You stopped the #1 priority of the Biden-Harris Administration and the far Left.

The Biden Administration made clear that the Equality Act was their #1 priority for 2021—a “must-accomplish” in the first 100 days. Here we are in the waning days of the year, and the Equality Act has clearly been stopped in the U.S. Senate! Tens of thousands of you took action through the Family Policy Alliance action center calling on lawmakers to stop this bill.

We’ve identified this bill as the most dangerous piece of legislation we’ve seen come out of Congress because it would force the LGBT agenda into homes, schools, doctors’ offices, businesses, and nearly every area of law and life. THANK YOU for making clear to D.C. that this is a nonstarter for American families!

1. Life is winning!

And, for the #1 praise for 2021, at the end of the year and on the eve of the 49th anniversary of the deadly Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision, we stand on the brink of seeing Roe overturned (perhaps even in 2022). This would give all of us in the states more power to protect the lives of babies in the womb than we’ve had in decades!

In addition, Texas passed a strong pro-life “heartbeat” law that, despite being challenged in court, has already saved thousands of lives. And  the Supreme Court allowed it to stay in effect by—despite the ongoing challenges against it by the abortion lobby and the Biden Administration. Life is truly winning in America.

As you and your family head into the Christmas season and wind down your year, we pray you are as encouraged by these wins as we are! And thank you for being an encouragement to us in our ministry! When you take action and raise your voice for family values, standing on biblical truth, you shine brightly—despite any level of darkness around us in our nation.

Thank you for your support and engagement that make these wins possible!

May God bless you and yours,

Craig DeRoche, CEO

Last week, an election heard ‘round the country’ demonstrated that families care about the agenda the radical left has been pushing. We have heard from pollsters and prognosticators that conservatives have fallen into race-baiting and anti-school attitudes – and that the leftist agenda would continue. The Virginia election results showed us that these voters care a lot about the cultural issues and rejected the left’s radical propaganda.

Elections are a lot like an x-ray machine in the doctor’s office. The x-ray moves the conversation from speculation to real objective evidence. Parents have heard the radical left’s arguments that push a new form of racism disguised as “anti-racism.” The school-districts would rather cut parents out of the conversation on what their children are taught, and the left wants to see a new, more socialist anti-family movement. What the Virginia elections tell us is that parents and families have heard the arguments and have rebuffed this anti-family vision, or as some call it the “modern family.”

Sometimes, politicians will speak as though the only thing that matters is business and economics. I have heard people say we should stop “wasting time” on social issues. What the Virginia, and for that matter, the New Jersey elections tell us is that while economics matter, people are rejecting woke indoctrination and telling us that social issues matter – a lot. They really don’t like it when their kids are taught that they are inherently racist because of the color of their skin and that boys must be allowed in girls bathrooms. The moral dimension matters. What Glen Youngkin did is he listened to parents and kids and fought against the education establishment.

Voters in Virginia rejected the extreme abortion position that has been promoted in Virginia. Just a few years ago, the current governor of Virginia, Ralph Northam, went on a talk show and expressed his support for what can only be described as infanticide – that is, the death of a child after birth! During the race, Terry McAuliffe agreed, declaring himself to be a “brick wall” to any efforts to reverse such a terrible view of human life. Voters in Virginia saw that brick wall and refused to allow it to remain in their state.

The ideologies of the left that we’re seeing pushed so hard in Virginia are present in Wyoming too. The way we have seen the educational industry introduce curricula and books into Wyoming schools in recent years tells us that parents must stand up now – before it gets worse.

Family Policy Alliance of Wyoming, which stands for parents and families, won a court battle against one school district in Wyoming last month because that district chose to cut the parents out of the conversation about sex and race. We know that this attitude is present in other parts of Wyoming as well, so we must fight against the indoctrination of our children and teens.

I am asking you to consider giving to Family Policy Alliance of Wyoming so we can continue to fight for families. As we come to the end of year 2021, we are asking for you to partner with us in this great cause!

Thank you,



Nathan Winters
Executive Director

Happy Veterans Day

We are profoundly grateful to our service men and women who have fought to defend our freedoms and liberties.

Ronald Reagan once said:

“Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children’s children what it was once like in the United States where men were free.”

These words ring just as true today as the day Reagan echoed them.

Thank you to all our New Jersey veterans who have “fought for, protected,” and preserved our freedoms – some even suffering from multiple wounds, loss of limbs, and mental health challenges.

My father-in-law, Carmine Cavallo, was once of the greatest generation. He was a quiet man, who probably suffered from PTSD. He saw several of his combat buddies lose their lives in defense of our freedoms against the Nazi regime. Carm, as we lovingly called him, fought in the Battle of the Bulge and was one of the first group of soldiers to enter a concentration camp, witnessing those horrors. Carmine passed away 10 years ago. He is missed, but we remember his brave sacrifices in that horrific war.

To all who put their life on the line – we appreciate you! Thank you for your service to our great country.

An Election Recap

A huge congratulations to all the pro-life, pro-family candidates who fought hard in their elections and won. We had some good wins here in the Garden State. Phil Murphy is claiming to have eked out a narrow win on November 2nd, but Jack Ciattarelli has called for every legal vote to be counted, and as of writing this, he has not conceded the race.

Jack surprised the pundits by such a close race. Our voter registration shows that Democrats outnumber Republicans by a margin of over 1 million votes (2.6 million to 1.5 million). You can sure surmise that a good number of Democrats voted for Jack Ciattarelli. As of Friday, November 5th, 62,333 votes separated the candidates, with Murphy leading Ciattarelli by 1,280,443 to 1,218,110.

The best and biggest news out of the New Jersey Senate is that our current Senate President lost to a truck driver – yes, a truck driver. It was like an epic David verses Goliath battle…and David prevailed once again.

A few more updates:

Thank you for involvement, your active engagement, and partnership with us!

Yours for the family,

Len Deo
Founder – New Jersey Family Foundation


Families across the nation were thrilled last week when they saw that family issues won the day in Virginia – especially after the tragic situation out of Loudoun County Public Schools. There, the local school district seemingly covered up the sexual assault of a young girl (in the girls’ bathroom) by a boy who was wearing a skirt.

Since then, the Commonwealth’s election results have been the recipient of significant attention. Families have wondered, could a victory like that happen in my state? What does this mean for family issues and upcoming national elections?

Find out what really happened in Virginia when you join us TODAY for a conversation with Victoria Cobb, the seasoned leader of The Family Foundation of Virginia.

What Really Happened in Virginia?

Streaming on Facebook Live and YouTube

November 10, 2021

1 pm ET – 12 pm CT – 11 am MT – 10 am PT

Victoria Cobb is President of The Family Foundation of Virginia, which is the Commonwealth’s largest and oldest pro-family organization. The Family Foundation plays a key role in Virginia family policy – including in the issues that have taken front and center these last few weeks. Victoria been with the organization for over twenty years, and she’s served as President for over fifteen of those years. She’s an in-demand speaker, the recipient of many awards, and a longtime friend to Family Policy Alliance.

If you’re ready to get inspired, see victories across the nation, and cast a vision for a family-friendly America, don’t miss this event.

Grab a friend, bring your questions, and we’ll see you on the livestream today!

Meridian Baldacci
Director, Strategy


P.S. Seeing this late? You can still watch! Join the conversation on Facebook or YouTube.


Tuesday is election day, PLEASE get out and vote!

There are a lot of issues at stake. One of the most egregious among them is the Reproductive Freedom Act, which expands abortion access – allowing more babies to be killed.

Governor Murphy wholeheartedly supports this atrocious bill, Jack Ciattarelli does not…

The LGBTQ+ agenda being taught in the schools – even down to the kindergarten level – is wholeheartedly supported by Governor Murphy, but Jack Ciattarelli does not…

Watch this short Project Veritas video, exposing Governor Murphy’s true colors. He plans to impose mask mandates on Garden Staters and children in public school AFTER the election. He knows this is not a winning issue before the election, so if reelected, he will move full speed ahead, “guns blazing…like, who cares?” on issues that will wreak havoc on family values.



Need a New Jersey voter guide? You can find it here.

If you care about our children’s and grandchildren’s futures, vote for Jack Ciattarelli who will stand up for family values and stand against the radical left’s woke indoctrination.

Your voice and vote matters!

For New Jersey,

Len Deo



Senator Chuck Schumer is determined to have another vote to advance a federal election overhaul bill. This time, it’s S. 2747.

Please take a minute today to urge your senators to vote NO on S. 2747 and any other bill that would allow a federal election takeover!

S. 2747 is ANOTHER bill from liberal forces in Congress that could damage the integrity of our elections. Here are four reasons S. 2747 must be stopped:

  1. S. 2747 undermines state voter ID laws.
  2. S. 2747 requires political nonprofits to disclose donors.
  3. S. 2747 mandates same-day voter registration.
  4. S. 2747 allows candidate campaigns to be funded by states that opt-in.

The Senate plans to vote on advancing S. 2747, and potentially other federal election overhaul bills, TODAY. You can help stop this dangerous federal election takeover by telling your senators to VOTE NO on S. 2747!

Click here to take action now!

For freedom,

Nicole Hudgens
Government Affairs

You’ve heard of the Senate’s top priority S1, the so-called “For the People Act” (better known as “The Corrupt Politicians Act”). This bill would dramatically damage election accuracy and integrity. In fact, the bill is so bad that Democrats can’t even agree on it- but that hasn’t stopped them from pushing this radical legislation.

With the realization that the Corrupt Politicians Act might not succeed, the Senate filed S 2093, which is S1 with a mustache – many of the same dangerous provisions in disguise. The Senate plans to vote on S 2093 TOMORROWPlease take a minute today to urge your senators to vote NO on S 2093!

After all the questioning of recent election results – Democrats in 2016 and Republicans in 2020 – the importance of election accuracy and integrity should be paramount to all Americans. Unfortunately, Democratic Leadership is determined to dramatically undermine those goals with S 2093.

S 2093 contains some of the WORST provisions of its predecessor including:

  1. Gutting State Voter ID Laws
    S 2093 guts state voter ID laws and allows individuals to vote without an ID. You may need an ID to board any plane, drive a car, purchase a cell phone, buy alcohol, and pick up MLB tickets. But under S 2093, individuals can vote without an ID to verify their identity.
  2. Encouraging Voter Fraud
    S 2093 allows unlimited ballot harvesting by political operatives, mandates unmonitored ballot drop boxes, and restricts states’ ability to remove inaccurate and duplicative registrations from voter rolls. This will significantly increase the chances of voter fraud in your state.
  3. Giving Taxpayer Funds to Political Campaigns
    S 2093 would give $6 of taxpayer funds to political campaigns for every $1 raised from small donors. This means your money could be funding candidates you disagree with. It also means your money could be used to attack candidates you want to support!
  4. Creating a Partisan Federal Elections Commission
    S 2093 gets rid of the bipartisan makeup of the Federal Election Commission (FEC), giving the party in power an advantage in seats and the ability to control the commission’s agenda. This means that even if you disagree with the goals of the party or people in power, they may be the ones to determine what happens in the election.

With this legislation, liberal forces in Congress are attempting to undermine the integrity of our elections – and the ability of each citizen to engage in the political process of their own government.

You can help protect the foundations of our nation by stopping this dangerous legislation! Click here to urge your senators to stand for election integrity by OPPOSING S 2093!

For freedom,

Nicole Hudgens
Government Affairs

Jack Ciattarelli has won the Republican primary and will face Governor Phil Murphy this November. New Jersey voters will have the opportunity to uphold Governor Murphy’s radical abortion agenda and sexualization of public education, or pivot to a more popular and mainstream position regarding life in the womb and children in the classroom.

Jack has a track record in the legislature that concerns many conservatives. He voted for assisted suicide and has generally considered himself a pro-choice candidate in the past. However, the extreme anti-life platform of Governor Murphy gives a traditionally moderate republican a strong upper hand in protecting preborn babies.

“Phil Murphy’s eagerness to sign legislation that would permit abortions up to the time of birth shows how extreme and out of touch he is with the values of the vast majority of New Jerseyans in both parties. The debate over Roe v. Wade is one that evokes passion on both sides whereby reasonable people can disagree, but a law that would allow the abortion of full-term babies, outlaw parental notification for minors, and authorize non-licensed physicians to perform abortions is radical by any measure.”
Jack Ciattarelli

I have spoken to Jack on many occasions, including an hour-long conversation he had with pastors. He was clear in his objection to the social and sexual indoctrination happening in New Jersey public schools. He firmly believes these sensitive moral subjects should be left to parents, not activist teachers.

There are many months to go before the general election and a lot can happen. Please stay in prayer for our state, join us and other groups as we publicly gather to stop the so-called Reproductive Freedom Act, contact your legislators regarding their incessant erosion of parental rights, and speak out at your local board of education. We can not expect legislators to fight for our children if we do not first take a stand to protect them and the religious freedoms we cherish.

Protecting your family,

Shawn Hyland
Executive Director

Primary Election Day is upon us tomorrow.

Here are the facts:

Jack Ciattarelli, Phil Rizzo, and Hirsh Singh would reign in the Department of Education and curtail the sexual and cultural indoctrination happening in our public schools. All three candidates have repeatedly expressed their objection regarding controversial curriculum such as transgender diversity lessons in kindergarten, the explicit and inappropriate new Sex Ed Learning Standards, and the Critical Theory found throughout the pilot lessons developed by Garden State Equality.

All three candidates would sign the Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act that would ban abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy and work to defund Planned Parenthood. In addition, they have all been outspoken in their opposition to the so-called Reproductive Freedom Act.

God is not the author of confusion…
1 Corinthians 14:33

Deceptive mailers and social media postings that claim only one candidate is the “true conservative” and the only “pro-life” candidate are not true. If any candidate claims they will sign an Executive Order banning late term abortions, that is a false promise. Such restrictions would have to be passed by the legislature. I would suggest you view the rating card from our friends at NJ Right to Life. Both Phil Rizzo and Hirsh Singh received an “A”. Jack Ciattarelli received a “B”.

The dishonesty that has been on display for months has damaged the social conservative movement. Intentional lies and mischaracterizations of fellow conservative candidates as a baseless attempt to appeal to the anger and the frustration of the grassroots should not be rewarded. A positive unifying vision rooted in conservative principles has the best chance to move New Jersey forward in the right direction.

Protecting your family,

Shawn Hyland
Executive Director