How should a Christian be a political leader? As Christians, we are called to let our light shine, and that can look different for each of us. For Representative Josh Brecheen, he chose to listen to the still small voice telling him to be a political leader.

Hear from Congressman Brecheen in our live video this week! He shares how being a father inspired him to run for office, and how he chooses to lead not with ambition, but with faith.

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How Should a Christian Act as a Political Leader? A Conversation With Rep. Josh Brecheen

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Josh Brecheen is a 4th generation rancher who grew up cleaning horse stalls, breaking colts, and hauling square bales. A Christian, he stood up for his values in American politics, serving eight years in the Oklahoma Senate. Now, he is about to begin representing Oklahoma’s 2nd congressional district in Congress. Congressman Brecheen is a graduate of the Statesmen Academy, where politicians are educated on how to advance godly values in our nation. Join us as Brecheen shares how the Lord has equipped him for this moment, what’s happening behind the scenes, and what lies ahead in Congress.

Rep. Brecheen’s story is a reminder to listen to that still small voice. God’s purpose for each of us is unique, and just like Rep. Brecheen,

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Emma Rarden
Communications Specialist – Producer

Big-Picture Analysis

The big takeaway from the midterm elections—even though results are still being determined—is leadership.

America’s families aren’t looking for politicians who just talk, make a splash or hide from hard issues. They are looking for real leaders with real solutions to real problems. Governor DeSantis’s decisive win proved a case in point.

Last night also demonstrated that DC needs new leadership. The people’s House seems to be flipping to Republican control, providing the opportunity for conservatives to put a stop to the policies coming from Nancy Pelosi’s House that keeps trying to “out woke” itself.

And, prolifers also learned that they need bold leadership to carve a path forward After Roe. Democrat leaders and strategists ran this election almost entirely on abortion. After 50 years of Roe v. Wade, one of our leading political parties still believes it’s ok to trade human lives for votes. We have much work to do together.

Keep reading for more analysis on individual races, the balance of power, the pro-life takeaways, and more!

Video Analysis

Did you miss our live reaction to Election 2022 with key state pro-family leaders from Florida and Wisconsin? Watch on-demand on the FPA website, Facebook, or YouTube.

Major Endorsements

When FPA puts our “endorsement stamp” on a candidate, that’s a big deal! We are very careful about who we choose to endorse.

We’ve featured some of the winning endorsed candidates here:

What about protecting the sanctity of life?

As we analyze the election results, the news on the life issue is mixed. The good news is that nearly half the states have very strong protections for children in the womb and their mothers After Roe—with eight more having at least some good protections. In other words, most states had already decided to be pro-life or pro-abortion After Roe before voting ever started for the midterm election.

The bad news is that in the five states (California, Kentucky, Michigan, Montana and Vermont) where abortion was on the ballot, the pro-abortion side won in each of those states. The results in California and Vermont were no surprise. However, the tough fight in Michigan and the losses in Kentucky and Montana were disappointing. In some ways, these states were the victims of unfortunate timing – fighting this battle at a time when the Left was at maximum motivation following major pro-life victories.

Fearing a more pro-life America, Planned Parenthood alone invested a record-setting $50 million in elections, and Democrats nearly unanimously fell in line—making abortion their number one campaign issue.

Despite the heavy investment, the U.S. House seems likely to flip to , which will stop the extreme abortion-on-demand up to birth approach that Nancy Pelosi’s House has taken. And there were many victories for pro-life candidates across the country, at all levels of government but especially in state-level offices. These are fantastic victories!

Many political commentators are noting that the big stories from last night are the decisive victories for Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, Texas Governor Greg Abbott, and Georgia Governor Brian Kemp. All of these big winners were unabashedly pro-life candidates—and that’s an important lesson for other candidates to learn.

The bottom line is that despite over half the states having moved to protect the sanctity of life, Democrats still ran on abortion—too often against Republicans who spoke apologetically about their pro-life position. Confident, bold leadership to protect life can win, as the governors mentioned above demonstrate.

The overturning of Roe was a critical win—and it has already led to the saving of many thousands of babies. But as we said before—and this election proves—the road to making abortion unthinkable is a long one that will require our diligence and commitment. The next stage of that road is right around the corner, with pivotal 2023 state legislative sessions and the start of the 2024 presidential race. You are right in the middle of that through your support of Family Policy Alliance and our allied state organizations.

Congressional Updates

Though the House has not yet been called for Republicans, it seems poised to flip—making it a little friendlier for families. For the last two years, Nancy Pelosi’s House has sought to out-radicalize itself. Whether it was pushing to force all Americans to comply with radical gender ideology, or proposing legal abortion on-demand up to the moment of birth, Democrat priorities were dangerous for families and wildly out of touch with the majority of Americans.

Now, the people’s house has the chance to live up to its name. Instead of punishing parents, lawmakers should protect them. Rather than forcing irreversible body changes on children, they can focus on protecting the women and children victimized by radical gender ideology. And in a world after Roe v. Wade, lawmakers have an opportunity to go full steam ahead to support mothers and their babies, rather than wasting time and resources to legally take the lives of the youngest Americans.

Family Policy Alliance is preparing even now to help these newly elected leaders prioritize family values in the new Congress. Even if the Senate remains under Sen. Schumer’s leadership, the House has the opportunity to prioritize families and serve as an important goalie in blocking woke DC ideology pedaled by President Biden and his allies in the Senate.

Key Reactions from the States


Thank you for joining us for election night live updates and today’s analysis! With America looking for real leaders, we are already building out training (including on how to protect life After Roe) for elected leaders at all levels of government. We’re starting the work of preparing for the 2024 presidential election now. And, we’re busy preparing for the 2023 legislative session with plenty of pro-life, pro-family, pro-religious freedom policy solutions.

We aren’t slowing down, and we hope you’ll be in the race with us!

Please consider a gift to Family Policy Alliance today.

May God bless you and your family,

Craig DeRoche
President & CEO

It’s 2 in the morning as I’m writing this message. Voting may be done in the 2022 midterm elections, but the counts are still coming in – and all the analysis is just getting started.

By the time you’re opening this email, your phone or computer might be flooded with notifications about results in your state or the new Congress. But what does it all mean? And what do YOU need to know as someone who prioritizes family values?

In just a few minutes, we’re breaking it all down LIVE, and we want you to join us.

2022 Election Breakdown: What the Midterms Mean for Families

November 9, 2022

1 pm ET / 12 pm CT / 11 am MT / 10 am PT

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Join us for a roundtable discussion with seasoned leaders from two states, moderated by Family Policy Alliance’s own Craig DeRoche and Autumn Leva. They’ll put results in perspective, share what this election means for families, and talk about what comes next for social conservatives. Don’t miss it!

Julaine Appling is President of Wisconsin Family Action. She is known for her longtime and strong stance for life. In fact, her organization was firebombed this spring because of that stance.

John Stemberger is President and General Counsel of Florida Family Policy Council. A lawyer by trade, John is a nationally respected leader and a driving force in protecting families.

Join us today to get the critical insights you need on last night’s election.

See you soon!

Meridian Baldacci
Director, Strategy

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We asked you who you would vote for in 2024, and you spoke out! Thousands of you, spanning across all 50 states, told us who you want for President, whether the country is headed in the right direction, and which issues matter most to you. Because you took the first and only social conservative straw poll, you are the first in the nation to get the results! Here’s what you said in the Social Conservative Straw Poll.

Is the nation headed in the right direction? 98% of socially conservative voters said the country is headed in the “wrong direction” under Joe Biden’s leadership. When asked which of Biden’s initiatives were most harmful to the nation, the most popular answer was “Promoting abortion up to birth and using federal property to provide abortions.” In close second was “Shutting down domestic energy production.”

Keep reading for the presidential results!

What could help? If something is wrong with the nation, of course, there must be something we can change. When asked to identify a single change that would have a positive impact on them and their family, about a third of socially conservative respondents (33.4%) selected “reducing inflation.” 28.4% selected “expanding domestic energy policy and lowering gas prices.”

Drumroll please…

Who should be our next President? If the presidential election were held today, 46.4% of socially conservative voters would choose Former President Donald Trump. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis follows closely behind with 40.5% of the vote. The next closest contender is Former Vice President Mike Pence, with 3.9% of the vote.

What do we think? Here’s what our CEO and President Craig DeRoche said: “The results are clear: social conservatives don’t like where America is headed under President Biden and his woke colleagues. That sentiment is nearly unanimous. Now, it’s a two-horse race for who will lead social conservatives to a better future. Even as that story unfolds, though, we know that so much of the important work starts with the leaders we choose today.”

How do we make a difference now? Craig is right: while the presidential election will matter immensely, we should consider what we can do right now. In today’s election, the lives and wellbeing of children in and outside the womb are on the line—along with the right of their parents to protect them. If you haven’t already, please take a moment to vote. It’s easy. To find your polling place and get resources to inform your vote at our elections hub: Then, when you’re done, be sure to share those resources with a friend!

At Family Policy Alliance, we trust God with the results of every election and His plan for our great nation. At the same time, we know that He calls us to engage with our civil government and to work within that system of government to bring about change for good. It’s an important way we love our neighbor, our neighbors in and outside the womb. So please join me in living out our faith, loving our neighbor, and voting for the best leaders on the ballot.


Meridian Baldacci
Director of Strategy

P.S. Haven’t taken the straw poll yet? You can still do that here!



It’s Election Day! In just a few short hours, we will begin to see results that will set the course of our nation through Congress, governors’ mansions and legislatures for the next two years.

The stakes are high, and  we pray that pro-life, pro-family leaders will prevail in many races across the nation tonight. Pundits have been guessing about outcomes for weeks. Polls have indicated changes are coming, but no one really knows until results start rolling in later this evening.

Polls close in most states around 7 or 8 pm (local time) and results will start to roll in from east to west soon thereafter. Join Family Policy Alliance on our website, Facebook, and Twitter for updates and reactions as results come in.

Family Policy Alliance is watching major races, control of Congress and important life-related amendments on the ballot in five states. We invite you to join in as we provide updates via social media and on our website.

We also have planned a number of live videos on Facebook with family policy leaders with results from their states.

Please join us online as we all watch and wait together.

FPA Website Election Updates Page

Live videos on Facebook only!

We hope you can join in as our team tracks and reports on significant developments from coast to coast as the evening progresses.

May God bless America,

Robert Noland
Director of Audience Engagement


Dear Friend,

As you know, we are very quickly approaching yet another national election. The problems and trials affecting our nation weigh heavy on our hearts and minds as we approach this important time of decision.

If you have been reading Family Policy Alliance’s email messages, you know that woke DC policies affect nearly every aspect of our lives and those of our children as well.

We at Family Policy Foundation invite you to join us in prayer as we enter the final stretch of the 2022 election. Many godly men and women are seeking office at all levels of government across the nation, and they need our prayers—as does our country.

While we all know politics is not the answer and no politician can fix what is really wrong in this world, we need to seek God’s favor in these important decisions that will impact our nation for years.

We also remember that we have the blessing to live in a nation where we can still cast ballots, share our beliefs and take action that seeks the good of the city and the welfare of the nation. Our freedoms are truly praiseworthy and not to be taken for granted.

Please join us in prayer for the following:

Thank you for praying with us. For more information and to receive prayer updates throughout the year please visit Under God, One Nation.

God bless,

Robert Noland
Director of Audience Engagement

Your family is the only thing standing in the way of Woke DC’s takeover of America.


The midterm election is now two weeks away. Has your family put together an action plan for the 2022 election? Do you know how you’ll vote on the races on your ballot?

We’d love to share our helpful resources with you!

Check out our Election 2022 headquarters, complete with an Election Action Plan for Families.

Election Action Plan for Families


Make sure you’re registered to vote and know
where & when you’ll vote. Go to Voter Tools


Find out where the candidates on your ballot stand on the issues. Go to voter resources US map and click on your state. These include voter guides for your state produced by the alliance of state family policy councils we host.
Be sure to have your state’s voter guide handy when you fill out your ballot!


Share with your children and friends about the importance of voting. Also be sure to take our exclusive straw poll where you can share your view on who should be the next president. (The poll closes on Election Eve, so plan to participate by then!)


Pray for your leaders and the outcome of the election! You can sign up to join our prayer list and see what we have been praying about over the past two years HERE.


Be sure to vote for the candidates most closely aligned with your values and Biblical truth.

Woke DC needs your money to fund their bloated bureaucracy. They need your daughters to become sons. They need your children—if they can’t convince you to abort them—to bow to the idol they’ve made of the LGBT agenda. And they need your vote to stay in power. Don’t give it to them.

Casting our light—and my vote—with you,

Autumn Leva,
Senior Vice President, Strategy

Who would you choose for President in 2024? We want to know YOUR answer!

Throughout the year, mainstream media loves to cite polls telling us who they think will be president next and what Americans think about the latest political issues. Inevitably, many of these polls are written to engineer a woke outcome.

Often politicians, big tech, big business and the media simply choose to ignore conservative viewpoints because those aren’t the voices they want heard.

Family Policy Alliance wants to change that — to bring conservative voices to the forefront. That’s why today we are releasing the ONLY straw poll for social conservatives! YOUR voice deserves to be heard, and we want to know what’s on your mind!

Take this quick poll to tell us who you think should be President in 2024 and whether the country is headed in the right direction. Then, SHARE with your friends. We need as many conservative voices as possible to take this poll, so that we can tell the TRUTH about what so many Americans believe.


Will you raise your voice?


Meridian Baldacci
Director o f Strategy

P.S. After you take the poll, don’t forget to share with friends. The more people that take the poll, the harder it will be for the media to ignore.

As Christians, we are called to let our light shine in an increasingly dark culture. One of the easiest ways we can do that is to engage in every election, selecting Godly men and women to represent us at all levels of government. Godly leaders won’t be perfect, but they will be more likely to pass policies that will be good for everyone, people of faith and otherwise.

Far too many Christians fail to vote every year and many churches don’t have the time or resources to set up registration drives.

To make all that easier, we have designated October as Voter Registration Month and we are offering a set of FREE and convenient voter tools to help you and your church not only register voters but also make it easier to vote in the upcoming election!

We have created a One-Stop-Shop for all things related to voting in the November election.

You can:

Click HERE to try it now.

Once you have checked on your own registration, we encourage you to take this resource to your church.

Please consider sharing it there and even holding a voter registration drive before your state registration deadline passes — and those are coming soon — some as soon as Sunday, October 9th. (You will need to check on your state’s registration deadline date, but you can use the map below to learn more about what week in October your state registration deadline occurs.)

Here’s what you need to know to get started:

1. 25 million Christians didn’t vote in the last presidential election – and an estimated 15 million aren’t even registered.

As Christians, we are called to be engaged in our communities for their good (Jeremiah 29:7) and to fulfill our civic obligations (Romans 13). Voting is a way we can live out both of those Biblical commands!

Sadly, millions of Christian Americans aren’t registered to vote – so it’s no wonder that atheists are the most politically active “religious” group in our country. How can you help change this trend? Help members of your church get registered by hosting a voter registration event between now and your state deadline!

To make it easy, we’ve designated October as Voter Registration Month. Check the map below because some registration deadlines might be as early as October 9th. (Below we indicate what week in October each state deadline occurs – be sure to find out the exact date your state cuts off voter registration.)

Even if users are registered, they can use our voter tools to explore convenient options for early voting or voting by mail (absentee and advance voting).


2. Hosting a voter registration event at your church is an easy, legal, and biblical way to ensure your church members are registered to vote in time for the election!

Voter registration events are simple when you use our short, downloadable guide.

As you consider how to ask your church leadership about hosting the registration, here are a few things you might share with them:

    • Voting – and voter registration – are biblical! (see #1 above)
    • Voter registration is legal! The IRS allows your church to host a non-partisan voter registration. More details in our downloadable guide.
    • It can be as direct or passive as your leadership is comfortable with (though the more direct, the better the outcomes). Find tips our downloadable guide.

3. It’s easy.

This year, we’re offering multiple free and easy-to-use tools to set up your voter registration event.

First, if you need to register to vote, check your registration status, or request an absentee ballot, visit our one-stop-shop at Share the link with friends, and of course church members at your voter registration event!

Next, to help make your voter registration event as smooth as possible, we’ve created a step-by-step guide complete with the “why” and the “how” from beginning to end.

You can even make use of our custom QR code to help people directly start the registration process right away! All the details are in our guide.

This election, it’s critical that Christians show up to the polls to elect leaders who will “seek the welfare of the city” (and the nation!). Will you help us make sure they are ready to do that?


Robert Noland
Director of Audience Engagement



It is our great pleasure at Family Policy Alliance to give our endorsement to Josh Brecheen in the 2nd Congressional runoff. Let me tell you why.

Several years ago, Josh was invited to attend the Statesmen Academy, a leadership development program of our sister organization. The two biggest things that stood out about Josh amidst applications from all over the country are that 1) He was a bold advocate for conservative, pro-family policies, and 2) He was mentored by the great Dr. (and former senator) Tom Coburn, who was deeply involved in the Statesmen Academy until his passing.

Now, a few years later, we couldn’t be more excited to give our heartfelt endorsement to Josh Brecheen in his bid to represent the people of Oklahoma’s Second Congressional District. With Josh, what you see is what you get. You get kindness and a genuine concern for people. You also get a bold, deep commitment to stand up and fight for what is right. That sounds a lot like the man who mentored him. Well done once again, Senator Coburn!

I encourage you to stand with Josh in the August 23rd runoff. And please consider putting in a good word for him with your friends, family and neighbors.

Yours for a better America,

John Paulton
Vice President, State Alliances