I know you are continually frustrated by state government and their endless efforts to undermine the nuclear family – thereby violating the rights and usurping the responsibilities of the father and the mother. Tragically, the political Left in our state desperately wants to remove parents from the equation. In their worldview, the Government is superior to the parents and the Government has the ultimately authority to determine the child’s moral upbringing and ideological belief system.

But what are you willing to do about it? Writing an email, calling a legislator, and sharing a link on social media helps us mobilize a strong and respected voice in Trenton. Believe me, they are listening! But there may potentially be even more you can do…

I believe it is time to get serious. I invite you to take a moment and pause. Ask yourself this question, “Is God calling me to run for office for a local school board or town council position?”

If you believe this is your assignment, then 2021 could be your year.

We want to help train you to successfully and professionally run a campaign to win in your community.

Often, people mistakenly place their focus on the biggest target, such as a governor or a state legislator. These offices seemingly are out of reach. However, the local offices determine the actual application of state mandated curriculum, school taxes, approval of marijuana dispensaries, and even zoning codes that could impact your religious liberty.

The fact is most state legislators started their years of public service at the local or county level. If you want to make a long-term difference, then you should too. Next month, we will host a private one-day political campaign training seminar for people who are genuinely committed to helping us win back NJ at the ballot box to social conservative values.

To attend this training, please register by clicking here. I will email you a pdf booklet you are required to read as a prerequisite to participate in the campaign seminar. This will be followed up by an online meeting in a couple of weeks to give you more details about the seminar and to answer any questions. For those who are serious-minded and ready to take the next step, you will receive information on the date and location. Our trainers are professional campaign advisors and experts in New Jersey elections.

I look forward to seeing you walk out your calling to serve the families of your community during this season of your life.

Let’s win back New Jersey!

Shawn Hyland
Director of Advocacy

Today is inauguration day. Believe me, it does not escape my notice that many are celebrating, and even gleeful, today. Still others are mourning, perhaps even depressed.

I am neither of those things. But I have resolved to strive to be three things, and I would like to invite all believers to join me in those today.

I am resolved to be hopeful—not because of who sits in the White House, but because of Who sits on the throne of Heaven. All governing authorities on Earth are subject to our God as the governing Authority. If I place my hope in any political leader of any party, I will always be disappointed. If I place my hope in Christ alone, I will never be disappointed.

What’s more, His light usually shines brightest in the darkest places.

I am resolved to be faithful. I think often about the book of Daniel because Family Policy Alliance’s theme verse comes from the book of Daniel: “The people who know their God will stand firm and take action,” (Daniel 11:32b). Daniel is a beautiful example of a faithful servant of God who obeyed every command of his governing authority, the king – except one command. In other words, he rendered unto Caesar everything that was Caesar’s. But when Caesar tried to take what was God’s (Daniel’s worship), Daniel had no choice except to disobey Caesar in order to obey God. And God blessed him and cared for him.

Today, this means that I must be obedient to our governing authorities unless they forbid me from freely worshiping the Lord and living out my faith. But, even as I am obedient, I will also stand firm and take action—speaking truth into our culture and engaging with our form of representative government, both for the sake of my neighbor and also because my faithfulness compels me.

Faithfulness compelled us to speak light into President Trump’s administration, and we will do no less in President Biden’s.

At the end of the day, I’d rather be found faithful in the lion’s den than to be found faithless and purposeless even while I am safe from the hungry lions.

I am resolved to be prayerful. God’s Word commands us to pray for those who have governing authority over us—on this His Word is clear. So today, I will pray for President Biden and his incoming administration—for God’s wisdom for them, for their salvation, and for their families. I will pray God would work in and through them for His purposes and His glory.

I will also pray for President Trump, First Lady Melania, and their family as they make this transition out of the White House, thanking God for all his work protecting the lives of babies in the womb and their mothers, and for religious freedom.

And, I will pray for a peaceful transition of power between presidents, as we have had for so many years as a nation.

We know our Pledge of Allegiance says “…one nation under God,” but we’d like to refocus that. It’s time to emphasize the Under God part. We are only a nation because of God. We engage in our form of government because of God, and we’re all subject to God first in how we engage and behave in our nation and form of government.

If you are also resolved to be these three things, I hope you will join us in praying for our country today and by signing up for our Under God, One Nation prayer initiative and rallying cry for the family of believers in our country today.


Under God, One Nation.

Craig DeRoche
President and CEO





Jim Banks introduced election intergrity bill

On Friday, Statesman Academy℠ alumnus and Indiana congressman Jim Banks introduced an important election reform bill called the Save Democracy Act. Would you take a moment to ask your member of Congress to support it?

Banks, who is now Chairman of the Republican Study Committee, put forward this bill to address structural issues in American elections that were a cause of great concern even before last fall’s elections. For all elections involving federal candidates, it would require safeguards in the areas of voter registration, casting of ballots, and vote tabulation.

These reforms are needed for two reasons. First, they provide safeguards to election integrity in areas where specific concerns and allegations have arisen. Second, they address a crisis of a lack of voter trust in our election process. In 2020, that broken trust was experienced primarily by Republican voters, but in some prior years, the concerns came mainly from Democrat voters. Restoring trust in elections is critical to our system of government and shouldn’t be a partisan issue.

Specifically, the Save Democracy Act would, in federal elections, institute reforms to make voter registration, voting, and vote tabulation less susceptible. Here are key highlights:

Please ask your member of Congress to sponsor and vote for the Save Democracy Act. It’s quick and easy on our Action Center. And please share this email or the link with others so they can take action as well.

Thanks for upholding election integrity!


John Paulton
Mobilization Manager

Wednesday night I shared with you that it was a time to mourn, and to pray. The deep division in our country, the violence at the Capitol, and the political news we share with you today are deeply troubling for every believer.

If you haven’t heard already, here’s the bad news: In the Georgia Senate runoff election, it appears both Democratic candidates have won. Both support a radical agenda that counters the family values we hold dear. This puts the U.S. Senate at a 50-50 split with incoming Vice President Kamala Harris as the tie-breaker.

Early Thursday morning, Congress also certified the electoral college votes, making Joe Biden the official president-elect. President Trump has promised a smooth transition of power.

As a result, D.C. will be fully controlled by a Democrat party which has promised a radical abortion and LGBT-centered agenda  – complete with threats of power-grabbing tactics such as court-packing and ending the filibuster. A majority of Americans (found on both sides of the aisle) oppose key components of this radical agenda.

The threats to our values are very real, and we share in the somberness of the day.

Yet, as I shared Wednesday night, it is also time for the family of believers to build and to take action in a manner worthy of the Gospel of Christ. We have a special opportunity to shine the way forward for our fellow citizens who are desperately searching for hope in the darkness.

I previously outlined five principles of biblical citizenship that you can trust Family Policy Alliance® to operate by. Today, I would like to share with you four ways to move forward together—and what you can trust Family Policy Alliance to advance, by God’s grace, in 2021 and beyond.

    1. Everyone should agree on election reform to prevent fraud.

If the 2020 election has brought our country to a breaking point, there is reason to hope that the American people will demand meaningful election reform to prevent voter fraud and corruption in the future. Our system of government depends upon the integrity of our elections, and every elected official—no matter at what level of government and no matter in what party—should care about this. A recent Quinnipiac poll revealed that around one-third of voters believe Joe Biden’s presidential victory is illegitimate. If one-third of all voters don’t trust the integrity of elections (rightly or wrongly) that’s a huge problem for elected leaders because such beliefs will result in voters refusing to turn out to vote at all. Family Policy Alliance supports efforts to ensure the integrity of the electoral system moving forward.

    1. It’s Groundhog Day—the sequel. And sequels are always worse.

In the 90’s classic film, Groundhog Day starring Bill Murray, the lead character has to relive the same day over and over. Joe Biden feels like another Groundhog Day.

We’ve been here before in 2008 when President Obama took office promising a radical agenda to the American people—and Joe Biden was there too. And remember, in the 2010 midterm election, the American people delivered a swift repudiation to the Obama/Biden agenda by handing 63 House seats to the GOP. By President Obama’s second term, both the House and the Senate were controlled by the GOP.

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are hoping to recreate the glory days of the Obama era, complete with a radical agenda and many of the same people. The Obama years were an era replete with liberal policy overreaches, the proliferation of identity politics and an abject abandonment of Christian values. However, when conservatives and believers unite together, we know how to push back against this type of overreach. We did before, and we will again.

But, remember that Joe Biden is the sequel, and sequels are always worse. He was there with President Obama in 2008, but now he has his own glory to seek from the well-funded abortion and LGBT activists who put him in office. Plus, President Obama picked Joe Biden as his Vice President. But Joe Biden didn’t pick another Joe Biden—he chose Kamala Harris, arguably the most liberal U.S. Senator. That’s just one of many indications that this time around, the Biden agenda is likely to be even more extreme than during the Obama era.

We cannot check out for the next four years, waiting for a new shot at the presidency. Instead, we must be on guard, ready to serve as a check on the new administration, and ready to defend the values we hold dear. And, perhaps, find ways to advance some family values that both sides can agree on—we’re working on that right now! We pray you will not grow weary, but will join with us—because it will take all of us.

    1. We are strategizing for 2022 now.

We learned important lessons during the Obama era, and one big takeaway is that we need to plan and strategize for the 2022 election now—and we are. Just as the Obama Administration overreached on radical policies, we know the Biden Administration and their allies will do the same. So just as the American people rejected the Obama Administration’s agenda in the 2010 midterm election by “kicking out” many of President Obama’s allies in Congress, we need to do the same with Joe Biden’s congressional allies in 2022.

The good news is that as believers, we never place our hope and trust in political leaders. So, we do not despair when our preferred leaders lose or gloat when they win. Rather, we continue to advance godly values regardless of the political makeup.

So even while the incoming Administration appears poised to trample the values we hold dear, we continue to fight for them in a manner worthy of the Gospel of Christ and work to replace those leaders with men and women who more closely reflect our values at the next possible opportunity. This is how our system of government works, and God has called us to steward it well.

    1. There’s plenty of reason to have hope for families in the states!

Regardless of what’s going on in Washington, D.C., Family Policy Alliance has always been primarily focused on advancing your values in the states. Though D.C. suffers from chronic gridlock and dysfunction, many states have been able to advance critical legislation that cherishes the lives of babies in the womb and their mothers, helps religious freedom flourish, and supports thriving families.

In fact, the states often serve as an important check on Washington, D.C., and sometimes even lead the way for change to happen at the federal level on important issues. Indeed, just this past year, Idaho led the nation in becoming the first to protect the fairness and integrity of girls’ sports. States have been leading the way for decades in rolling back Roe v. Wade with hundreds of pro-life policies. And, while our most sacred right of religious freedom has suffered or thrived at the federal level depending on who sits in the White House, states have passed multiple pieces of legislation to protect faith-based adoption agencies or other nonprofits, the religious freedom of students in public schools, and ensuring people of faith get a fair day in court.

So take heart! Even if D.C. remains a somber place the next four years (though we certainly have hope of finding ways to make a difference!), join us in being about the Father’s business of shining His light in your state!

Onward—for His glory, may we demonstrate citizenship
worthy of the Gospel of Christ,

Craig DeRoche
President and CEO

Tomorrow is Election Day, and we need you to vote like our country is on the line.

Because, frankly, it is!

Now, I believe that hope is a biblical virtue, and I refuse to believe that it will be “impossible” for our country to come back from any election loss. Nevertheless, the truth is that it will be very hard and a very long process for our nation to be restored if we lose.

The two senators from Georgia will determine:

On each of these issues, David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler take the constitutional, truth-focused, America affirming, and/or God-honoring position. Both have proven to be leaders of faith, conviction, and integrity, and they have earned your vote.

By contrast, Jon Ossoff is incapable of speaking the truth, embraces the socialist, San Francisco agenda, and is tied to anti-America interests. Raphael Warnock is a disgrace to the pulpit, a heretic, and a man tied to spousal abuse and child abuse.

This election offers choices that could not be clearer and a national need that could not be greater.

We need you to step up to the plate and answer the call.

To underscore the stark contrast between Senator Loeffler and the false-prophet-disguised-as-a-pastor Raphael Warnock, we have produced this Voter Guide. We are currently running targeted ads on social media and other platforms throughout the state, and we’re running 30 second ads in Northwest Georgia, where turnout has lagged.

We’re all in! Are you in with us?

If you have voted, great! But, your work is not done. Reach out to your friends, family, co-workers, fellow church members – anyone who would vote the RIGHT way – and make sure they’ve done the same. Make sure everyone has heard from you!

If you haven’t voted, see the above AND get yourself to the polls to cast your vote! Don’t let your voice go unheard!

God calls all of us to be faithful. We cannot control outcomes or process, but we CAN control what WE do. We can control our actions. We can take the time, utilize the opportunity we’ve been given, and exercise our right to vote for those who stand for our values – and against those who openly advocate for evil.

Praying for victory!

Cole Muzio
president and Executive Director



At this point, you know I’m not one to mince words: Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff are some really, really ridiculously bad dudes. And, it’s up to us to stop them from reaching the United States Senate.

I’m praying that you and yours enjoyed a great Christmas, and I hate to talk politics in this holiday season. But, the consequences of these runoff races could not be more severe.

Raphael Warnock was arrested for covering up child abuse, and his wife reported that he ran over her with his car. He’s welcomed Fidel Castro into his church, and he’s praised Jeremiah Wright. He has a lengthy history of racist and bigoted comments and sentiments.

Jon Ossoff is a man devoid of accomplishments. He received historic amounts of money from California for his failed bid for Congress and has now parlayed the infamy that bought him into a Senate candidacy. He’s taken money from terrorist sympathizers and from CCP affiliated companies.

To paraphrase the children’s book character Alexander, these are some “terrible, horrible, no good, very bad” guys! And, here’s what they stand for:

We cannot afford to send these really, really bad dudes to the Senate. Their character is lacking and their policies are evil!

Now is not the time to sit back and definitely not the time to sit out. We have to go “all in” to stop these terrible candidates and SAVE THE SENATE. We’re working tirelessly to get this message out so we’re asking you to do 3 things:

  1. VOTE
  2. Share this message with others. Your friends, neighbors, co-workers, family members, and fellow church members need to know how radical these bad guys are, and
  3. Consider donating to our organization so that we can strengthen Georgia TODAY

We’ve got to get this message out. You can vote today (December 28th) through Thursday (December 31st) with one last opportunity on Election Day (January 5th). Don’t delay!

Fighting against the Bad Guys,

Cole Muzio
President and Executive Director


P.S. Below you will find the biblical issues voting guide we released last week detailing where Kelly Loeffler and her opponent stand on several critical issues. Please share it (and this message) with others so they too may know how important it is to vote in this election.

(Click on the image below for a larger, downloadable version.)

Georgia, are you ready to give the gift that would keep on giving this Christmas? Are you ready to Save the Senate?

Every other conservative across the country can merely complain about the looming prospects our nation faces. With early voting underway, you have the opportunity to DO SOMETHING!

There are 8 days left for in-person voting: today (December 21), tomorrow (December 22), December 23, December 28, December 29, December 30, December 31, and (Election Day) January 5.

It’s all-hands-on-deck, and the nation is looking to US to vote, get others to vote, and work relentlessly to share our Loeffler-Perdue message until the last vote is cast.

Since his election in 2014, David Perdue has been the conservative outsider we needed, and Kelly Loeffler – in just one year – has already earned the distinction as the nation’s Most Conservative US Senator. Make no mistake: both of these Senators have earned your vote.

Yet, this isn’t a normal election. Because, as things stand now, we’re looking at the possibility of socialist Kamala Harris as the Senate’s tiebreaker, the winners of these crucial Senate seats could determine whether:

Everything is on the line. Our Economy. Our National Defense. The Right to Life. Our Religious Freedom. Our Constitutional Freedoms. Everything.

Never has there been a time when the 49 other states were so dependent on the actions of one. We must rise to the occasion and send Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue back to Washington. Our nation simply cannot afford Radical Liberal Raphael Warnock and Socialist Jon Ossoff.

If you have not yet voted, actively make plans to do so. Don’t delay. Make sure your vote is cast!

And, if you have interest in supporting our efforts to turn out Christian conservative voters in this most critical election, please consider a generous donation to help us Hold the Line here in Georgia!

I know many are discouraged. I am too! But, now is not the time to retreat or get fatalistic. Now is the time to double down, work tirelessly, and deliver a (belated) Christmas gift the entire nation can enjoy – a Senate that preserve our nation!

For the Senate,

Cole Muzio
President and Executive Director


P.S.Have you voted yet? There are just 8 in-person voting days remaining, including Election Day on January 5th. Make sure you get to the polls, bring your friends, neighbors, family members, or anyone you can find who will vote the right way. It’s going to take all of us, but let’s win this thing!


“Now we change Georgia, then we change America!” That’s what Sen. Chuck Schumer (left), the Democrat leader of the Senate, said about two critical U.S. Senate races in Georgia.

As we continue to pray for truth and accuracy in the presidential election, two other races are looming that will determine much of what happens in D.C. over the next two years.

Two razor-thin runoffs in Georgia will determine which party controls the U.S. Senate.

The candidates in these races are polar opposites. Republican senators Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue have proven their commitment to life and family values by their votes on the floor of the Senate.

Their opponents? Jon Ossoff (running against Perdue) is a longtime darling of the progressive movement and a radical on social issues. Raphael Warnock (running against Loeffler) even uses the Bible to support his abortion-without-limits position. Both Ossoff and Warnock are endorsed by Planned Parenthood and by the leading opponents of religious freedom.

How can you make a difference? Help us turn out pro-life voters!

Because this is a special election that comes on the heels of the holidays, the biggest issue is turnout – reaching people who tend to think like you and me but who are less consistent about voting.

Please help Family Policy Alliance reach voters who are pro-life but who are inconsistent at actually voting.

Using the latest voter tools – and working with our on-the-ground allies at Family Policy Alliance of Georgia – we have identified hundreds of thousands of voters to reach with mobile ads, texting, and more.

There is no time to waste. Early voting starts this Monday, and Election Day is less than four weeks away (Jan. 5).

Turning out these critical votes takes significant resources. Please give as generously as you can today!


John Paulton
Mobilization Manager

P.S. The progressive movement is raising millions of dollars to fund the two Democratic candidates. Help counter them and make the difference by turning out voters who think like you and me. Let’s not let the Left have the Senate!

Nearly three weeks after Election Day and one thing is clear: we have to get proactive about election integrity.

Contrary to the leftist narrative of voter suppression, Georgia has made it incredibly easy to register and to vote. That’s great. However, leftist lawsuits and the dramatic push toward mail-in voting have also made us skeptical – concerned that our elections, while rightly open to all Georgians, are also open to fraud.

On Friday, Governor Kemp spoke regarding this election. He spoke of the legal mandates and restrictions on his office. He spoke of the path forward for the Trump campaign. And, he spoke of his concern for our elections. He called on an audit of the signatures on absentee ballot envelopes to their corresponding voter registration signatures. Such an audit could assess the infiltration of fraudulent ballots in our count.

TAKE ACTION TODAY by encouraging Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger to conduct this audit. SIGN OUR PETITION AND FORWARD TO YOUR FRIENDS!

On November 3rd, we had a stark contrast in our choice for president. We deserve to assess the validity of the unprecedented number of absentee ballots. Moreover, we know the left will work relentlessly to cheat in these all-important January 5th runoffs. And, we must get this right so we can defeat Stacey Abrams AGAIN in 2022.

Governor Kemp was right. An audit of these signatures is needed – for this election and to assess the threat to future elections. Make your voice heard by encouraging Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger to order such an audit TODAY! Sign the petition and ENCOURAGE your friends, family, and co-workers to do the same.

For Election Integrity,

Cole Muzio
President and Executive Director


P.S. This isn’t about rumor or innuendo. Brad Raffensperger had a conservative record in the State House, is a friend, and we are not casting doubt on his integrity. However, an audit of these signatures is needed and would go a long way toward either confirming a problem that MUST be addressed OR restoring confidence. TAKE ACTION by encouraging our Secretary of State to order such an audit TODAY!

P.P.S. We are not an organization that focuses on “elections process.” However, we know that those who desire a “Georgia where God is honored, religious freedom flourishes, families thrive, and life is cherished” are NOT the ones who try to cheat. Those who do, rob our constituents of their voice. We’ll be engaging on this and other election issues so we can make certain to get this right.

Conservatives took some lumps in Colorado elections this month, no doubt about it. But there were some encouraging results as well that I want to make sure are on your radar screen.

Besides the high-profile contests, Family Policy Alliance was especially involved in key state Senate races this fall. That’s so important because, since the Democrats took over the Senate in 2018, there has been no firewall to protect us from Gov. Polis’s radical policy agenda.

To be clear, the predictions this year were that Democrats and their abortion allies would gain seats – possibly so many that reclaiming the Senate in future years would be nearly impossible. The reason for those predictions is that the seats up this year tend to be more challenging than the other half that will be up in 2022. Plus, we were still operating under the partisan gerrymandering (district lines) that made the composition of districts very difficult for conservatives.

The Outcome: Family Policy Alliance engaged in seven senate races, winning five. Best of all, the four races we were most focused on all went to the more conservative candidate!

The Impact: With your support, we reached 150,000 households in those districts with a variety of messaging – mailers, digital ads, major texting campaigns and more.

Frankly, we were stunned by the impact, particularly of the digital ads. These fair but hard-hitting comparison ads went viral in several districts. For example, an ad in one of the districts – which focused on the liberal candidate and the push to allow biological males to compete in girls’ sports – was shared more than 2,000 times and reeived literally tens of thousands of supportive comments and reactions. The conservative candidate came from behind to win by just one percent (fewer than 1,000 votes).

The Future: Because of these results, conservatives only need to win back three seats in 2022 to regain control of the Senate. With a better set of seats up then – and with new district lines that are projected to be vastly improved – the prospects are very encouraging.

Until then, if you’re a pro-family conservative in Colorado, get ready to stand strong and take action! The attacks will continue in 2021, and it’s so important that we lovingly but boldly speak the truth on behalf of the babies, the students and the families who are so harmed by the far Left’s agenda in our state.

Yours for a better Colorado,

John Paulton
Mobilization Manager