Thousands Have Weighed In, Have You?

June 7

The Social Conservative Vice Presidential Straw Poll is still going strong. Thousands of people have taken the time to weigh in and we want to give you a glimpse of the results so far.

The top 5 Vice Presidential picks are currently:

      1. Gov. Ron DeSantis (FL)
      2. U.S. Sen. Tim Scott (SC)
      3. Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders (AR)
      4. Amb. Nikki Haley
      5. Vivek Ramaswamy

Along with those, several write-in candidates are also ranking as well.

Those include:

      • Ben Carson
      • Secretary of State Mike Pompeo
      • U.S. Sen. JD Vance (OH)

Is your favorite among those listed?

As the election heats up and the Left continues to push for abortion till birth, hormones and surgeries for gender-confused children, and the erosion of parental rights (just to name a few!), it is clear that much hangs in the balance for this election.

With President Biden and Vice President Harris already decided for the Democrat ticket, the decision of who will be former President Trump’s running mate will be a major factor in the coming weeks for the Right.

When will he decide?

No one knows…but with the GOP convention starting in a little over five weeks, the VP decision could be announced any time.

Have you weighed-in yet?

There’s still time – we will keep the poll open until a candidate is selected and then we will let everyone know our results.


Robert Noland
Director, Marketing