Get Out and Vote – Babies Lives Are At Stake!

October 28

Tuesday is election day, PLEASE get out and vote!

There are a lot of issues at stake. One of the most egregious among them is the Reproductive Freedom Act, which expands abortion access – allowing more babies to be killed.

Governor Murphy wholeheartedly supports this atrocious bill, Jack Ciattarelli does not…

The LGBTQ+ agenda being taught in the schools – even down to the kindergarten level – is wholeheartedly supported by Governor Murphy, but Jack Ciattarelli does not…

Watch this short Project Veritas video, exposing Governor Murphy’s true colors. He plans to impose mask mandates on Garden Staters and children in public school AFTER the election. He knows this is not a winning issue before the election, so if reelected, he will move full speed ahead, “guns blazing…like, who cares?” on issues that will wreak havoc on family values.



Need a New Jersey voter guide? You can find it here.

If you care about our children’s and grandchildren’s futures, vote for Jack Ciattarelli who will stand up for family values and stand against the radical left’s woke indoctrination.

Your voice and vote matters!

For New Jersey,

Len Deo