TODAY-Tell Your Senator: Don’t Draft Our Daughters!

November 17

Today, the Senate will consider the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). Unfortunately, the current version of the bill contains language that would force women to register for the draft.

In July, Republicans and Democrats in the Senate Armed Services Committee added language to the NDAA that will force women to register for the draft.

The NDAA also contains dangerous “Equality Act” language. Another Democrat amendment could add even more “Equality Act” language to the legislation.

Your voice is critical to stop these dangerous policies from becoming law.

Urge your Senator to OPPOSE NDAA language that would draft our daughters and push the radical “Equality Act” agenda.

In addition, please urge your Senator to SUPPORT these four amendments:

  1. Senator Hawley’s amendment #4140- removes the section requiring women to register for the Selective Service.
  2. Senator Inhofe’s amendment #3944- removes the section requiring women to register for the Selective Service.
  3. Senator Lee’s amendment #4542- removes the section requiring women to register for the Selective Service.
  4. Senator Lankford’s amendment #4103- ensures the Department of Defense will not force any member of the Armed Forces to participate in a medical procedure that violates the service member’s conscience based on a sincere religious or moral belief, or because it is against the service member’s best medical judgement.

Here are four reasons to OPPOSE forcing women to register for the draft:

  • Forcing women to register for the draft is simply another Woke Agenda social experiment.
    • This policy is one of the nearly 100 examples of the left erasing the distinctions between men and women and forcing their gender ideology on Americans.
  • To win a war, but have no American families left at home, would be doing the enemy’s job.
    • Forcing women in the draft demeans the women who have kept our country safe and on track by being on the front lines of our manufacturing plants, our labor force, our families- and by their voluntary service in the armed forces.
    • Will the government care for children if both parents are required to register for the draft?
  • After what happened in Afghanistan, why should we trust the Biden Administration with our daughters?
  • Women should remain free- not forced- to serve.

    • We honor, admire, and support the incredible patriotic women who volunteer for military service. But women who serve in America’s military should remain free, not forced, to serve.

Tell your Senator: Don’t draft our daughters, stop the “Equality Act” agenda, and protect conscience rights in the military by clicking this link to our Action Center!

For family and freedom,

Nicole Hudgens
Government Affairs