This Week in Woke DC: The Tear Down, Not Build Back Act

November 19

This morning, House Democrats passed H.R. 5376, the so-called “Build Back Better Act.” It’s better known as the “Tear Down, not Build Back Act,” or the “Socialist Tax and Spending Spree.” The 2,466-page bill contains Equality Act language, pushes the Left’s radical agenda in public schools, and could force you to pay for abortion. Read our press release statement here.

GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy fought against the bill for over 8 hours last night in a record-breaking floor speech- causing the vote on the legislation to be delayed. Unfortunately, only one Democrat listened to reason and the bill passed this morning 220-213.

Here are some of the worst anti-family provisions to the bill:

Equality Act Agenda

  • Promotes Equality Act language, attempting to force the widely rejected top priority of the LGBT agenda into yet another bill
  • Demeans mothers by calling them “pregnant, lactating, or postpartum individuals.”
  • Creates a grant program of “$15,000,000 specifically for individuals based on their “sexual orientation or gender identity.”

Radical Left Policies in Public Schools

  • Promotes so-called “equity” throughout the legislation.
  • Uses $1,270,000,000 of taxpayer dollars for public schools to create a “master plan to address…education equity.” The grant will likely be used to promote critical race theory and a radical liberal agenda in public schools.

Taxpayer Funded Abortions

  • Mandates abortion coverage in the Affordable Care Act (ACA) for low-income families.
  • Allows taxpayer dollars to fund elective abortion and subsidize plans that cover election abortion.
  • Creates funding streams that could be used for abortion facilities or abortion training.

The “Tear Down, not Build Back Act” is now headed to the Senate. We will keep you updated on how you can tell your Senator to STOP this dangerous legislation!

In the meantime, the Senate started debating the National Defense Authorization Act. The legislation still contains Equality Act language and would force women to register for the draft. Tell your Senator to tell them to STOP the left’s radical gender agenda and DON’T draft our daughters here.

While news like this can be discouraging, know that our team at Family Policy Alliance is committed to standing against these radical, anti-family agendas. We just recently saw how the tide is turning on these issues in Virginia, and in other elections across the nation. We can’t stop fighting now- will you join us?

For faith, family, and freedom,

Nicole Hudgens
Government Affairs