Will My State Be Prolife If Roe Is Overturned?

December 3

Dear Friend,

December 1st was one for the history books. It was an incredible moment as the Mississippi Solicitor General argued before the U.S. Supreme Court that the precedent of the Court’s decision in Roe v. Wade should be overturned.

And it should be. Roe is the deadliest Court decision in recent memory where seven justices invented a “right to abortion” in the Constitution that simply doesn’t exist. And the cost has been tragic—62 million American babies who never breathed their first breath, untold and immeasurable damage to mothers and families.

Thankfully, the news from the Court was encouraging for the committed and unstoppable pro-life movement! After the oral arguments in the case, many legal scholars believe that Mississippi’s Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization case may actually overturn Roe—at least in part.

We stand on the brink of having more power to make America a pro-life nation than we’ve ever had since 1973.

But the question we get the most is:  If the Supreme Court overturns Roe, will my state be pro-life?

The answer:  Not necessarily.

To help pro-life Americans find answers to the questions they may have about their state in a post-Roe America, Family Policy Alliance launched a massive new pro-life campaign, AfterRoe.

AfterRoe includes a state-by-state breakdown where you can click on your own state, hear from your state’s pro-life leader in many cases, and learn exactly what your state’s abortion laws would look like if the high Court overturns Roe.

Making America a pro-life nation will take a strong movement of pro-life people, even after Roe, when the responsibility for the lives saved and lives lost will fall directly on each state. So even before Roe ends, the work of AfterRoe must start NOW.

Are you in?

  1. Find your state.
  2. Learn what needs to be done to make your state more pro-life and prepared for after Roe.
  3. Sign the AfterRoe pledge to start the post-Roe pro-life movement NOW.
  4. Connect with your local pro-life leaders and start preparing!

We are ready to compete with the abortion lobby for Every. Single. Precious. Life.—and WIN! But we need your help.

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Autumn Leva,
Senior Vice President, Strategy

P.S. Have you watched the AfterRoe movie trailer yet?