We’ve been up to something…

May 2

Dear Friends,

You may have noticed that you’ve been missing a newsletter from us the past few weeks. I apologize for our delay in communications as we have been working with a new email system and in so doing are working to be sure that our message continues to reach you properly. This week, we are back up and running and your newsletters will resume!

While we’ve had radio silence, we’ve been up to some very exciting things! As you all know, our goal from the beginning of this New Mexico chapter of Family Policy Alliance has been to establish an independent, state based and operated organization. Family Policy Alliance has supported us financially and with many great resources as we have worked diligently toward this goal and the time has now come to announce the establishment of our new independent organization.

Welcome to New Mexico Family Action Movement!

As a supporter of our organization, you are part of the FAM, and we thank you for your role. It is because of your generous gifts and support in prayer that we are celebrating the beginning of NM FAM today.

What does this mean for us?

As we move forward as New Mexico Family Action Movement, we will be continuing diligently in the same work of seeking to transform the culture of New Mexico to one that:

  • Honors God as we protect and cherish life from conception to natural end
  • Safeguard the family unit and become an environment in which it can thrive
  • Boldly defend and preserve religious freedom, free from government interference

What does this mean for Family Policy Alliance?

Our national cohorts at Family Policy Alliance are thrilled to see us reach this monumental achievement. They will continue to provide excellent resources for us as we continue in an alliance relationship with the national group and many other independent state groups who are working toward the same goals.

What does this mean for you?

Moving forward as an independent organization means that we need you more than ever. We need you to be engaged on issues, active in prayer, and investing in a better New Mexico with your resources.

As an independent organization, we will operate 100% from New Mexico financial support. We need those who are willing to give monthly for budget support. We also need those who are willing to give toward special projects such as our Transparency in Education legislation that is being prepared for next legislative session. Whatever your role might be in the FAM, we need you!

Your support thus far has enabled our New Mexico efforts, and your continued support of NM FAM will boldly expand those efforts to transform the culture of New Mexico.

Will you support the FAM?

As we step into our independence, there are specific needs to be met. Will you consider joining us today to meet those needs? Here is what we need:

  • Monthly gifts: 100 people to commit to $100 a month
  • Project gift: $15,000 needed for our Transparency in Education Legislation
  • ‘Friend’raisers: Help us grow the FAM by hosting a gathering of friends and family who might be interested in supporting us! (Contact me for details)

Double your gift!

A generous supporter has offered a $5,000 match gift to put towards any of our needs! When you give today, your gift could be doubled up to $5,000! Will you help us by giving online today, or by mailing your gift to:

New Mexico Family Action Movement
11819 Canyonlands Pl SE
Albuquerque, NM 87123

Enthusiastically for a Brighter NM Future,

Jodi Hendricks
Executive Director