NJ Diversity lessons linked to domestic terrorism?

May 26

Nothing can sound more outrageous than the subject line to this email: “NJ Diversity lessons linked to domestic terrorism.” Conspiracies and overblown rhetoric too often circulate in entrenched political corners.  This is dangerous because unbalanced people might take extreme actions in response to the labels and defamations, they have been convinced are true. For example, in 2012, a man entered the headquarters of our friends at the Family Research Council in Washington D.C. and shot a security guard. The shooter told officers after the incident he intended to shoot as many people as possible. He was sentenced to 25 years in prison after pleading guilty to terrorism charges.

But what was his justification for such targeted political violence? The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) labeled the Family Research Council as a “Hate Group” because of their Biblical beliefs regarding sex, gender, and the nuclear family. This was not an oversight by SPLC leadership. In their worldview, if you believe in in the goodness of God’s creation in Genesis 1 & 2 – you subscribe to a hateful ideology. Therefore, according to the SPLC, there is no difference between antisemitic and racist Neo Nazis compared to Focus on the Family or Alliance Defending Freedom! It’s a classic case of left-wing insanity!

And now the New Jersey Department of Education, under the leadership of Governor Murphy, and Acting Commissioner of the Department of Education, Angelica Allen-McMillan, is recommending local school districts use lessons developed by the Southern Poverty Law Center to teach Kindergarteners to 2nd graders about gender identity and human sexuality.


Learning for Justice is the educational arm of the Southern Poverty Law Center. On their website, they make their mission statement clear: Learning for Justice seeks to uphold the mission of the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Originally, when the SPLC started in 1970, it focused on fighting poverty and racial discrimination. In 1981, they started a project called Klanwatch to monitor the KKK. This project is now titled Hatewatch. It is no longer limited to violent right-wing extremism, but now includes mainstream Christian organizations that advocate for parental rights in education and the Biblical family unit.

How can diversity and tolerance lessons be handed over to controversial political groups that have a long track record of slandering Christians? We share this information with state legislators each week when we meet with them to discuss curriculum issues and pending bills in Trenton. In future emails, we will analyze some of these lessons to point out the illogical indoctrination that is now becoming more prevalent in NJ public schools.

ULTIMATELY, this insanity needs to stop! That is why our ultimate goal is aligned with the efforts of pro-family state legislators to Repeal the Sex Ed Learning Standards, Replace the so-called “Diversity” Curriculum Law, and Restore Parental Rights.

Fighting for your families here in the Garden State!

Len Deo