Senate Republicans are listening

August 24

It might be “unofficial,” but Senate Republicans held a public online hearing this past Tuesday, August 23rd, to hear the concerns of parents, doctors, teachers, and members of local boards of education regarding the radical Sex Ed Learning Standards and the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion curriculum.

To view the recorded hearing, please click here.

First, we appreciate Senator Pennacchio (R – Montville), Senator Schepisi (R- Westwood), Senator Corrado (R- Totowa), and Senator Testa (R- Vineland) for taking the time to listen and ask questions. Unfortunately, the Democratic legislative leadership in Trenton has largely ignored the voices of parents who have been outspoken in their objection to the state using public schools to sexualize their young students.

The casual observer can clearly see that those who hold the majority seats in the legislature are beholden to Planned Parenthood Action Fund, The New Jersey Abortion Access Fund, Advocates for Youth, and others who proudly lobbied the New Jersey State Board of Education to adopt these inappropriate learning standards in 2020.

Second, we are extremely thankful for the bold and passionate testimonies that were shared during the hearing. Sal Piarulli, a member of the Garwood Township Board of Education, spoke about their district passing a resolution refusing to teach these new sex learning standards. Since Garwood made their public resolution, 17 other school districts have passed a similar resolution! Not surprisingly, there is pressure now on the Garwood Township Board of Education to rescind the resolution because radical activists want to stop more districts from following their lead.

Dr. Meg Meeker and Dr. Irene Ericksen shared scientific and medical analysis on why introducing these sexual concepts to children is beyond their cognitive ability to properly understand what they are being “exposed” to. Dr. Meeker explained that oral and anal sex are “high risk behaviours” that increase the likelihood of contracting a sexually transmitted infection. However, when these sexual activities are discussed with 12-13 year olds, their teachers are not trained to communicate these medical facts. Dr. Ericksen critiqued the false and misleading “smoke and mirror” research that is often used by far-left radical activists to promote Comprehensive Sex Education (CSE).

I want to encourage you to take the time and listen to the testimonies of your fellow New Jerseyans. The webinar was very educational and encouraging. It is a good foundation on which to build. Despite what Governor Murphy and the NJEA says – parents are NOT extremists because they want to protect their children.

This struggle for the mental, physical, and spiritual health of your children will not be won overnight. In fact, it will not be an easy battle. However, we must recognize that we are up against some powerful forces. So was David when he slew Goliath. We are in this for the long haul, and we pray you are, too! In 2023, we need to elect people who will stand up for parental rights, respect the values of families, and follow the science, not political ideology that aims to indoctrinate and groom our children.

Together, we will fight for our families,

Len Deo