Official School Board Academy launch coming soon!

December 4, 2022

We are just two weeks away from the official launch of the School Board Academy—Family Policy Foundation’s newest training program for pro-family elected officials.

As we shared earlier this fall, FPF has developed a unique course to equip and empower conservative school board members to protect children from radical curriculum and dangerous policies, preserve parental rights, and honor God through their service. The School Board Academy is the first-of-its-kind national training program taught by top legal and policy experts from a biblical worldview.

In preparation for the official launch of the School Board Academy in December, we held a pilot training for a select group of school board members November 15-17. During 7.5 hours of live, online training, participants were taught by 15 expert instructors. The partnership of our national and state allies—including Alliance Defending Freedom, The Heritage Foundation, First Liberty Institute, Pennsylvania Family Institute, Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty, and several others—is humbling, and empowering for our attendees.

These partners, along with senior leaders at Family Policy Alliance and Foundation, provided critical training and resources on curriculum options, controversial issues, model policies, worldview, and more. (For a complete list of instructors and the course outline, see our website.)

Melissa, a school board member from West Virginia, said the pilot training allowed her, as a “lone board member with a faith foundation, to not feel alone and to have training that aligns with the Constitution and my conservative values.”

David, a school board member from Washington, remarked, “Very, very, very highly qualified presenters have been gathered for this Academy. On behalf of the future of America, thank you!

As so many of you have supported the development and launch the School Board Academy, please accept David’s thanks and that of the entire Family Policy Foundation team. Your financial contribution and prayer support make this training program possible.

As we look expectantly toward the December 13- 15 official launch, we thank God for the opportunity to equip and empower pro-family school board members.


Amanda Banks,
Vice President, Education

P.S. If you would like to help deliver impactful training to conservative school board members, click HERE to provide a student scholarship or make a donation of any amount. Thank you for your partnership!





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