Parents: Prepare for Pride Month

June 8

You might have already seen the explosion of pride propaganda at your local Target, but did you know Sesame Street is also promoting the LGBT ideology? It’s hard to escape these days, and the likelihood you’ll have to talk about this with your children is high.

So, how do you tell your kids that the LGBT ideology does not align with God’s word? And how do you help them navigate the “Pride Month” events and promotions all around them? We are here to help! Join our live video today to hear from speaker and activist, Grace Evans of Minnesota Family Council, as she shares tips to have this conversation with your kids. You’ll also hear the thoughts of Autumn Leva, a mother of two, on how she is navigating today’s culture that pushes the LGBT agenda.

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While you’re waiting to join the conversation in this episode, get a jump start on protecting your kids.

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Emma Rarden
Communications Specialist – Producer


P.S. At Family Policy Alliance, we proudly work to protect children from transgender drugs and surgeries – and by God’s grace, our work has been off-the-charts successful. This week, our work caught the attention of a leading LGBT group, Human Rights Campaign, who declared a “national state of emergency” — and blamed us!  You can help us engage strongly in even more states by clicking here.