Social Conservatism Is on the Rise – Have you Taken the Straw Poll?

June 13, 2023

Friends, I wanted to give you a quick update.

The Social Conservative Straw Poll is going strong – over 12,000 people have weighed in. If you missed it, cast your vote today.

Since we launched in late May, more candidates have been added as they have launched their campaigns. We are not announcing any preliminary presidential results yet, but if you have a favorite, add your vote to the poll soon.

The Social Conservative Straw Poll is also tapping into an important and growing trend in America.

In just the past week, even mainstream media admitted that social conservatism is on the rise across the nation. In fact, recent polls show social conservatism growing in almost every age demographic – even among those 18 to 29 where the percentage who identify as socially conservative has increased by 6 percentage points in the past 2 years!

The media seems baffled by this, but we know why this is happening. The Biden administration and the Woke Left are pushing the nation further left at every opportunity. At the same time, millions of Americans—especially parents—are pushing back…hard.

The Social Conservative Straw Poll has tapped into this sentiment, and I can share with you one early result that pretty much sums it up.

Among those who identify as socially conservative in the straw poll, more than 99% say the nation is headed in the wrong direction.

It is surprising because in most polls, you can expect at least a small segment of the participants to differ on any given answer by at least a few percentage points. But this particular opinion is nearly universally held among social conservatives.

Given the intensity of that dissatisfaction and the trend toward growth in the number of social conservatives across the nation, we are faced with an enormous opportunity as we head into the 2024 elections. The Social Conservative Straw Poll is helping us unite the voices of socially conservative, Christian voters so that we can effectively mobilize to bring about a change for the good in 2024 and beyond.

Please, if you have not already done so, weigh in on the Social Conservative Straw Poll today (you can see my original email launching it below).

If you have already taken the poll, please take a moment to use the buttons at the bottom of this message to share it on social media and encourage socially conservative friends and family to weigh in as well.

Best regards,

Craig DeRoche
President & CEO




While November 2024 seems a long way off, the landscape for the 2024 election is shaping up and it changed in a BIG way just moments ago when Florida Governor Ron DeSantis announced he was officially a candidate for President.

DeSantis joins a widening field of other officially announced candidates including both Joe Biden and Donald Trump. It is important to realize that decisions being made by individuals at the national level today (at this very moment) will likely affect the nation through 2028!

Family Policy Alliance wants to know what you think!

Late last year, we launched the Social Conservative Straw Poll to find out what social conservatives think without all the media spin or candidate hype. By putting numbers behind social conservative viewpoints, we inform the nation about what social conservatives think and we bring our voices to the forefront together.

We have seen enough to know that we cannot rely on the media – or even political parties – to elevate social conservative values for us. It just won’t happen.

We must do it ourselves and do it well!

For all of these reasons, today is the day to begin making our voices heard and engaging in the process leading up to the 2024 election.

Please click below to take the Social Conservative Straw Poll — it only takes a couple minutes! You’ll have the opportunity to answer  a few questions on important social conservative issues and to register your presidential preference.

Inside Scoop: if you take the poll, I have told the FPA staff that you should be given access to the presidential poll results as soon as it closes and before we release any details to the media.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Best regards,

Craig DeRoche
President & CEO

P.S. The latest Social Conservative Straw Poll will run for a few weeks so make sure to get your answers in today. We also have to ask that you share this message on social media by using the buttons below. Believe me, we cannot rely on Facebook (or even Twitter) to deliver this message – we need you on board to help to spread the word!

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