California Take Action: Bill Would Categorize Certain Beliefs as Child Abuse

June 15

The California legislature is considering a dangerous bill (AB 957) which takes aim at parental rights by allowing the court system to remove children from homes where parents fail to affirm LGBTQ+ ideology.

We need your quick help to stop it.

Under the proposed legislation, any parent could be charged with child abuse for failing to affirm a child’s sexual orientation or self-determined gender identity. AB 957 further fails to define exactly what kind of actions would constitute abuse and it leaves wide open the door for LGBTQ+ activist groups to accuse parents.

This bill will target the rights of parents who hold a biblical view of human sexuality and biology by telling them that they could face charges of child abuse if they fail to affirm state-sanctioned, anti-biblical positions when their children expect it.

Please take a moment to let your Senator know that you oppose this radical proposal.

The matter is urgent as the Assembly has already approved AB 957 and the Senate held a hearing on June 13th to consider it. That means that this bill could move forward at any time.

Please click HERE to send your state senators a message today asking them to oppose this dangerous proposal.

Please send your message today.

Joseph Kohm
Joseph Kohm, III
Director, Public Policy