Here’s Who You Said You’d Vote For…

August 25

The results are IN! This year, we asked you to participate in the Social Conservative Straw Poll, the only straw poll just for people like you! We asked you who you’d choose for president if the election were held today and where you stood on the issues. You showed up en force. A whopping 14,870 self-identified social conservatives participated in the poll!

And here are the results….

98% said the nation is headed in the wrong direction

As the Left continues to push its woke agenda, it doesn’t come as a surprise that most social conservatives are concerned about the direction of the nation. The good news, though, is that this has been a year of major victories for conservatives in states around the nation. More on that next week!

91% confirmed that abortion should either never be legal or should only be allowed until 6 weeks (when a heartbeat can be detected)

As our CEO Craig DeRoche said, “At a time when mainstream media wants to build a narrative of division among conservatives, the truth is that social conservative voters are united on the issues that matter most.” Life is a winning issue for social conservative voters!

Drumroll for the presidential results, please…

If the election were held today, 55% would vote for former President Donald Trump and 32% would choose Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. (The next-closest candidate was Senator Tim Scott, with 5% of the vote.)

Those numbers might sound like any other poll you’ve seen recently, but there’s actually an interesting story here: Governor DeSantis is polling higher in our Social Conservative Straw Poll than he is in polls of other voters. That says something about social conservatives as a group. Social conservatives are interested in the pro-parent, pro-life, pro-child policies that have happened in Florida, and they’re willing to prioritize a candidate who aligns with them on those issues. That matters, because social conservatives are one of the largest voting blocs in the nation, with real power to influence who our elected leaders will be.

Much will happen over the next year, with campaigns to unfold and debates to be held, so it’s too early to say who social conservatives will ultimately rally behind. But, one thing is clear at this juncture: social conservatives are united in wanting a change of direction for our country, and they’re exploring options to make that change a reality.

Next Steps

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Thanks for participating in the Social Conservative Straw Poll!

Meridian Baldacci
Director, Strategy