Are your kids back to school?

September 13

If you have school-aged children, odds are they’re back in class by now. Whether you’re a parent, grandparent, or involved in another way, you may be asking What’s happening at my child’s school? In today’s woke culture, it’s a fair question.

No need to wonder any longer! At Family Policy Alliance, we’ve done the research for you in Back to School for Parents. It’s a condensed guide for busy parents about what’s happening in your child’s school, how to identify areas of concern, and how to advocate for your child and your rights.

In the guide you’ll learn about your rights and your child’s rights, gain suggestions about how to respectfully advocate for your child, and access links to additional helpful articles and resources.

Plus, the book is helpfully organized by the area of the school where you want to protect your child, so you can easily spot tips for areas of particular concern. You’ll learn how to protect your child:

• In the classroom
• In school locker rooms and bathrooms
• On sports teams
• In school libraries
• In school health rooms, clinics, and counseling offices
• In student-run clubs
• On school internet and Wi-Fi
• By exercising school choice

And best of all? It’s completely free! Download your guide here today to learn how you can start protecting your child at school.

We can’t wait for you to access this great resource!


Meridian Baldacci
Director, Strategy