This week, we celebrated a huge election victory: prolife Senator Thom Tillis won the North Carolina Senate race. Your support helped Family Policy Alliance reach hundreds of thousands of key North Carolina voters in this tight race with mail, digital ads, and text messages.

To make those resources as effective and efficient as possible, we especially focused our messages on voters who share our values but are inconsistent at actually voting. That seems to have paid off in this very narrow victory!

Your support reached voters with this powerful comparison of the candidates on a life or death issue—would they support protecting the babies who are born alive after an attempted abortion? This powerful mailer reached nearly 200,000 families’ mailboxes, with hundreds of thousands more impressions online.

The North Carolina win comes on the heels of other Election Night Senate victories that, by God’s grace, you helped achieve. Family Policy Alliance invested heavily in key races in Kansas, Montana and South Carolina, plus both races in Georgia. Wins in the first three – and North Carolina – put prolife conservatives on the verge of controlling the U.S. Senate.

The current balance of power in the U.S. Senate is 50 Republicans and 48 Democrats with two races yet to be determined.  Which party controls the U.S. Senate will be decided by runoff elections for  both Georgia Senate races on January 5. Those campaigns are well underway, with early voting set to begin on December 14. Family Policy Alliance of Georgia-endorsed candidate Senator Kelly Loeffler will face Planned Parenthood-endorsed Raphael Warnock. Family Policy Alliance of Georgia -endorsed Senator David Perdue will face Planned Parenthood-endorsed Jon Ossoff.

It’s hard to overstate how critical the two Georgia runoffs are. If the Left can win these two seats, then they will potentially control both chambers of Congress and the White House (depending on the final resolution of the presidency). That could mean radical changes – from ending the filibuster to packing the courts to a host of anti-life and anti-family policies.

Family Policy Alliance is engaged in these Senate races, and what they’ll hear from us is unlike what they’ll get from most other political groups.

We talk about common-sense values issues, like this ad that we showed to voters in one of the Georgia races. The ad reveals how one candidate believes boys should compete in girls’ sports. It received terrific response, with a high percentage of much-needed voters watching it to the end:

THANK YOU for your financial and prayer partnership with Family Policy Alliance as we engaged in key Senate races this election, and as we continue our work in Georgia. The races were narrow, and every voter reached was crucial. If prolife conservatives maintain the majority in the U.S. Senate, know that your help and prayers made that possible!

And we also know the work has just begun. In addition to all the work remaining in Georgia, Family Policy Alliance is gearing up to advocate for life, for families, and for religious freedom in D.C. (regardless of the outcome of the Senate) and as state lawmakers get back to work in January. In many cases, double the work needs to be done to advance our values in 2021 because COVID-19 halted work early across the country in 2020.

Will you consider partnering with us once again to see more victories for life, families, and faith?

As always, Family Policy Alliance pledges to steward your gift to where it is most needed and will make the most difference for our values.



John Paulton
Mobilization Manager

It was a joy to report last week that Wyoming did so well in the 2020 elections. Even nationally, though we are praying along with everyone about the final tally in the Presidential Election, we saw conservatives pick up several seats in the US House of Representatives and perform far better than expected in the US Senate.

After Election Day is over, it is all too easy to see those results as the end. Nothing could be further from the truth. Election Day is, (to borrow from Winston Churchill), nothing more than the end of the beginning. At this point, a newly elected public servant has not had the opportunity to cast a single vote yet or fulfill a campaign promise.

This is a very important point because so often during election season, media, candidates, and voters can aim so hard at winning, that Election Day itself can become the end goal. As a result, many people will say or do whatever it takes to win. Sometimes, the truth gets tossed to the side as people fight for victory.

I raise this issue because we are just two months away from the Wyoming Legislative General Session. This session, we have many important issues in front of us. One of the most talked about already is how our state will overcome its financial shortfalls due to COVID-19 and the loss of revenue from the energy sector.

While these are important issues to address in the short-term, there will be many debates that will touch on issues that will affect Wyoming for generations to come. This year, we must discuss the future of education in Wyoming. Of course, we must address the question of the extraordinary costs of education. At the same time, we must address reports of teachers required to sign their preferred pronoun underneath their name and curriculum that promotes the Marxist message of Critical Theory.

We have also received reports that new legislation targeting religious freedom is likely coming in the new year. And, we must continue to stand for life for those who cannot stand for themselves.

Each generation must face the challenge of growing weary in doing good. But know that we have been created for just this moment. God knew full well when He placed us here the challenges we would be surrounded by.

Therefore, if you lost an election: get up, shake the dust off, and get back to serving. If you won an election: look up and get to serving, as well.

Family Policy Alliance of Wyoming is already working and praying in preparation for the upcoming legislative session. Please join us in prayer and financial support as we continue to serve God and neighbor!

Please pray about generously supporting us as we enter the last two months of the year. We look forward to what God will do in the year 2021!

Honesty and truth are rare commodities in politics today.  Deception is often the name of the game. We’ve seen our share of “Fake News” and there’s a surge of “Fake Faith” to go along with it. Deception is one of the Devil’s favorite weapons but in the end, “Strength and success belong to God; both deceived and deceiver must answer to Him.” (Job 12:16)

Last Saturday, Joe Biden attempted to appease Christians in his speech by quoting Ecclesiastes 3:3, a Bible verse that urges there is a “time to heal.” He also referred to the hymn, “On Eagle’s Wings,” saying that, “It captures the faith that sustains me, and which I believe sustains America.  Now, together, on eagle’s wings, we embark on the work that God and history have called upon us to do.”

Nice words from the script writer. But he is deceiving himself about working with the God of the Bible!  Why? Because there are clearly things that Joe Biden stands for that the Christian’s God is NOT compatible with. Let me highlight just 2 of them…

  1. Taxpayer-Funded Abortion
    Early in his campaign, Biden vowed to do away with the Hyde Amendment, a law that prevents taxpayer (Medicaid) funds from being used to pay for abortions. It’s a law Biden had previously supported. Past presidents and members of Congress, regardless of their stance on abortion, have also supported it. But Biden would now oppose it – and his running mate, Kamala Harris, supports abortion on demand with NO restrictions even at birth (infanticide).
  2. The Equality Act
    Biden said he would push for passage of the Equality Act during his first 100 days in office. This law would add “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” as protected classes under the Civil Rights Act of 1964. The plan would require America’s institutions to give special privileges to those who identified as LGBTQ – to the detriment of others, including women and children. For example, the Equality Act could result in boys who identify as girls being allowed to play (and win) in girls’ sports – and even to enter female bathrooms and locker rooms. For more about the Equality Act, I’d encourage you to read this piece Andrea Jones and Alex Richey wrote for The Daily Signal earlier this year.


Other Election News

If you love America, please pray for any voter fraud to be exposed and corrected as the Trump campaign’s cases work through the court system. The drama, however, is not reserved for the presidential election alone: Rhode Island has its share of state drama. Many conservatives had solid leads until mail-in ballots were counted.  Charles Callanan of Rhode Island Senate District 35 (and a few others) are formally requesting a verification of mail-in ballots.

There was good news, 15 pro-life candidates were either newly elected or re-elected to the Rhode Island Senate and 28 pro-life Representatives to the House. Sue Cienki, chairwoman for the GOP summed up the Rhode Island elections: “It was the first time during a Presidential election that Republicans in RI didn’t lose seats but actually gained two. We also removed the Democratic Speaker of the House who is under investigation. Rep. Pat Morgan, regained her old house seat and will be a force to be reckoned with. We invigorated the base and will fight against the sloppiness of the mail-in ballot counts and end the confusion they presented to us.”

According to online news GOLocalProv, Trump’s performance in Rhode Island was equal to 2016. In fact, Trump won nearly 17,000 more votes in Rhode Island than he did in 2016 and earned almost exactly the same percentage of the vote.

We may be a far cry from being a state where God is honored, religious freedom flourishes, families thrive and life is cherished… but with your help, we are making progress!  Next week I will announce a “Matching Gift Challenge.” Please pray about what God would have you do!

Dave Aucoin
Chairman, Board of Advisors – Rhode Island

As we’ve seen over the past week, the mainstream media has declared former Vice President Joe Biden the winner of the 2020 Presidential Election. Wrong. We at Family Policy Alliance of North Dakota recognize and honor the constitutional process whereby a President is chosen, and it’s not by the media. The media assumes that if you say something long enough and vehemently enough, people will believe it. Some may, but those of us who think independently know better.

The electoral process is a long and rather complex procedure and I would refer you here for a description of the steps involved: Electoral College Process.  Suffice it to say, the process is executed by members of the Electoral College at a state level, the tallies are submitted to the U.S. Senate, and then shared more broadly with all of Congress. From there it can be discussed, debated, and finally a decision is made who the next President will be. That’s if everything goes relatively smoothly. This is not that year.

There are multiple lawsuits pending about the election currently in the courts, and it’s very likely there will be more. Not to mention vote counts are still going on in some states. All of this will take time to play out, and it should, if we want faith in our democratic elections to be preserved.

This election is about the fundamental definition of who we are as a country. Are we still the country governed by the Constitution and fundamental principles rooted in the faith of our founding fathers, or are we a country that is content with spoon-fed liberal activism that denies the basic values we hold to be true? These are not two sides of the same coin, they are different coins, separated by thousands of miles.

It has been interesting to watch the back and forth of the other side. They first proclaimed loudly that “every vote should count” (conveniently leaving out the word “legitimate”). Now that the media purports that their candidate has won, they don’t seem too concerned about every vote counting, and they belittle the candidate who is actually seeking to ensure that every legitimate vote counts.

Where will all of this end up? I honesty don’t know. But I do know this: Those who oppose our values and want to preserve and expand abortion, give preferential treatment to the LGBTQ community, infringe on your religious liberties, and further degrade our educational system, have been emboldened by this election. That applies right here in North Dakota as well. I anticipate a much more difficult legislative session in 2021 trying to fight for our beliefs.

Nevertheless, Family Policy Alliance of North Dakota will be there, representing you and your biblical values. If this matters to you, please consider financially supporting our work. The 2021 legislative session looks to be a real battle on these issues, and fighting takes an enormous amount of resources. You can give most easily and securely online by going here and donating. Thank you for any support you can provide us in this battle – we will not lose heart or give up. Neither should you.

Mark Jorritsma
President & Executive Director

Dear Friends—

It has been more than a week since Election Day and though our local races are all but official, several federal races remain in question.

So, what are we still waiting for?

  1. Votes “Trump” projections. Although the media has projected former Vice President Joe Biden to be the winner of the 2020 election, President Donald Trump has not yet conceded, citing voting irregularities in several swing states including Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Arizona. Recounts and legal challenges are likely and the federal deadline for resolving election disputes is not until December 8 – the point at which all recounts and/or court contests must be completed.
  2. “Georgia on my mind.” Aside from the outcome of the presidential election, eyes are now shifting to Georgia, where two runoff elections will likely determine the balance of power in the U.S. Senate. As of this email, Republicans appear poised to hold 50 seats to the Democrats 48. If one or both of the Georgia Republican incumbents – Senator David Perdue or Senator Kelly Loeffler – win the January runoff, Republicans will maintain their slim majority in the U.S. Senate. If they both lose, the U.S. Senate will be split 50-50, in which the Vice President would cast the tie breaking votes.
  3. MLG goes to Washington? Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham, who co-chairs Joe Biden’s transition team, is rumored to be a frontrunner for Secretary of Health and Human Services. If the Governor resigns for a position in Washington D.C., Lt. Governor Howie Morales will be sworn in to serve as Governor of New Mexico through 2022.

While we await the answers to these and other questions, I invite you to pray with me this week for the integrity of our election and the future of our state and nation. Every legal vote should be counted, and every illegal vote should be rejected. And whether the ultimate outcome is what we worked and prayed for, or not, I assure you that Family Policy Alliance of New Mexico will continue our fight to protect the unborn, strengthen the family, and preserve our First Amendment rights.

We cannot however do this alone, and your continued support will be critical as we prepare for 2021. So, as you consider you charitable year-end giving, I would respectfully ask you to keep us in mind. We have a goal of raising $50,000 by year-end to support our upcoming work during the Legislative Session in January. To help us reach that goal, would you consider sending a tax-deductible gift of $50, $100, or $250 today by clicking here?

Thank you in advance for your support, and as I mentioned last week –though the election is coming to an end, we are just getting started!

God bless,

Vince Torres
President & Executive Director

Yesterday, pro life organizations, including Family Policy Alliance of New Jersey, participated in a day of outrage to protect babies in the womb from the most atrocious and radical abortion bill ever introduced in our state, and possibly in any state – The Reproductive Freedom Act! We gathered outside the offices of the two primary senate sponsors – Senator Loretta Weinberg and Senator Linda Greenstein to remind them that every child has the right to live and it is the government’s job to protect them.

The Reproductive Freedom Act would codify into law the right to abort a baby minutes before birth, and equally threaten women’s health, jeopardize children’s safety, and criminalize medical health professionals.

It is outrageous and we are outraged. Therefore, despite extremely inclement weather, pro-life organizations and supporters gathered for hours in solidarity to protect these vulnerable people and professions from the negative impact this bill would have on their health, their career, and for many – their life.

Shawn Hyland, Director of Advocacy of Family Policy Alliance of New Jersey
“Moms deserve better than risky abortions performed by non-physicians. Babies deserve better than painful third trimester abortions. Medical workers deserve better than forcing them against their conscience and religious beliefs to participate in the abortion procedure. New Jersey, we must do better.”

Rev. Clenard Childress of L.E.A.R.N.
“The Reproductive Freedom Act at its core is the most heartless proposed legislation in the history of the state. The sponsors of this draconian bill have disregarded the polling of New Jersey citizens that found 82% of its citizens want lawful restrictions on abortion. This is a clear example of the few imposing their will upon the many.”

Marie Tasy, Executive Director of New Jersey Right to Life
“New Jersey Right to Life is proud to stand in solidarity with other pro-life groups and the growing number of informed NJ citizens to express our outrage at this unjust and inhumane legislation and demand that it be immediately withdrawn from consideration.”

Christine Flaherty, Director of LIFENET
“This legislature knows of abortion’s harm to babies who feel excruciating pain at 20 weeks through our post card campaign. This is outrageous to present this bill to NJ citizens.”

You can view more photos of this Day of Action on our Facebook page!

The current pro-abortion lawmakers want to end this debate in New Jersey once and for all. Abortion at any time, for any reason, without any restrictions – without end. Please use our Action Center to tell the Health Committee members to vote NO on the Reproductive Freedom Act.

Let’s make New Jersey better,

Shawn Hyland
Director of Advocacy

Over the past week I have spoken to many of our ministry partners and it is clear there is significant concern about the outcome of the national election. I completely understand this concern. However, let me briefly give you a little history to consider as we ponder the outcome of this most recent election.

When the 13 colonies declared independence from Britain in 1776, our Founders formulated the Articles of Confederation, giving almost all power to state legislatures, which didn’t go very well. The Founders got back together again in 1787 and drafted possibly the most revolutionary document in the history of the world, the Constitution which has guided our country for 233 years. The Constitution created a separation of state and national powers known as federalism.

Under the Constitution, the state legislatures retain much of their sovereignty to pass laws for their state. In fact, the Constitution specifically lists the enumerated powers that are exclusively federal like declaring war, maintaining armed forces, regulating commerce, establishing a Post Office and coining money. This is overly simplified, as the federal government has clearly expanded beyond this scope since our founding, but I mention all of this to say that the Constitution grants almost all other powers to the individual states per the 10th Amendment. If you haven’t read through the bill of rights in while, I encourage you to do so soon.

So, from a “state perspective,” how did we do here in Kansas? As our Advocacy Director Brittany Jones called it, we had a Conservative Tsunami! We maintained our supermajority in both houses and defended key conservative allies in the state House and Senate that were individually targeted by out of state money, the list goes on. In summary, as conservative Christians we had a very good night.

This in no way diminishes the real impacts of what happens on the federal level. But it is a reminder that we will continue to do what we have done under both liberal and conservative leadership. We will keep fighting for Kansas families. Our strategies may have to shift, but our goals will not change.

So as we listen/watch the news where we consistently hear that the sky is falling, remember that here in Kansas, conservative Kansans stepped up and ensured that Kansas will stay a place where God is honored, religious freedom flourishes, life is cherished and families thrive. Oh and look up sometime – the sky is exactly where God placed it.

The fight goes on,

Jeff Bennett
Executive Director

It’s easy to turn on the news and get frustrated.

But, there’s hope, and we want to share it with you! Since launching in Georgia, we’ve accomplished incredible results, and we’re eager to share our vision, our Hope, for the Future.

Join us for an exciting evening with great speakers, compelling discussion panels, and an unveiling of our strategy moving forward to advance the cause of life, freedom, faith, and family. Meet leaders and legislators that are shaping Georgia policy and laboring for the glory of God. And, have a great conversation and good dinner at a lovely venue.

We have Hope for the Future, but now is the time for us to join together to affect change in our state.

With the eyes of the nation on our state, now is the time to answer the call and seize upon the opportunities He has put in front of us. We know that you will emerge from this evening encouraged, more hopeful, eager to get involved, and ready to win January 5th in these Senate runoffs and beyond.

Please RSVP today!

If interested in sponsoring a table, please let us know by replying to this email.

Cole Muzio
President & Executive Director

Since 2016, Family Policy Foundation’s Statesmen Academy has trained Christian men and women in elected office with the foundational principles, policy expertise, and political and communications strategies for effective, Christ-centered public service. Upon graduation, these men and women become part of a vibrant alumni community through which they receive ongoing training, fellowship and assistance to defend and advance pro-family policies in their states.

This November, 55 Statesmen Academy alumni were on the ballot across the country (the Statesmen Academy now has graduates from 33 states!). Family Policy Alliance invested financially in 10 of those tight races through TV, digital ads, and direct mail. FPA used sophisticated data and technology to micro-target voters who share our values with messages on life, family, and religious freedom to encourage voter turn-out and support for Statesmen alumni candidates.

Of the 55 alumni on the ballot last week, 52 won their elections – that’s a 95% win rate! This includes 48 statesmen who were re-elected to their state house or senate seats, one who was re-elected to U.S. Congress, and three who were elected to a higher state office:

It is heartening to know that more than 70 Family Policy Foundation-trained statesmen now hold elected office in 33 states across our nation. These men and women are standing strong for biblical values and advancing pro-family policy in local government, in statehouses and in the U.S. Congress. We give thanks to God for what He has done and continues to do to build up a remnant of Christian public servants and give Family Policy Foundation and Family Policy Alliance a role in this important work. Thank YOU for partnering with us and supporting us through your prayers and financial resources to make this work possible!


Amanda Banks
Director, Statesmen Academy

Though the media projected the presidential election for former Vice President Joe Biden this afternoon, counting, recounting and legal challenges continue in battleground states across the nation. While some of our fellow Americans celebrate, we and many others remain deeply concerned that the integrity of our electoral process is thoroughly investigated and upheld. Prayers for our nation are needed more than ever.

However, if after the counting and legal challenges have run their course, Mr. Biden has won the White House, our prayers will take on even more significance.

It is no secret that this would not be the outcome we at Family Policy Alliance – and many Christians across the country – have hoped and prayed for. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have made it clear that they do not value the lives of babies in the womb. They support a radical LGBT ideology that includes helping children undergo major surgeries and hormone suppressants in order to “identify” as the opposite sex. And they do not believe in the same role for parental choice and religious freedom at school that we hold as a standard.

So where does this leave us as the Body of Christ?

The good news is that our role hasn’t changed. We are called to speak Truth and shine the light of Christ in the darkness. The more that our country’s laws do not reflect godly values, the brighter we must shine.

There are two reasons for our hope.

First, God is on the throne. Ultimately, we believe that God will use this season for our good and his glory. We believe that the Lord knows and oversees what happens in the world. We can trust him to bring about good for his people – and to use us to make that happen. As Christians, we are not first Republican or Democrat, but witnesses of Christ’s kingdom to a broken world.

Second, and very importantly, we remember that God has placed us in our country at this time for a reason. Inasmuch as we believe God can bring about good even during a Biden presidency – if that is the ultimate outcome – we also believe that good will come about significantly through the work of his people. There is no avoiding the fact that a Biden presidency will bring policies that not only hurt families and children, but which may even be hostile in some respects to Christianity. It is our duty as Christians to respond both by countering these very harmful policies and by putting forward our own good policies where possible.

What can we expect if former VP Biden has been elected president? Here are just a few things that could be on the horizon:

In short, if Joe Biden does take the White House, we know that it’s going to be a battle. And we’re ready for it. As Christians, God has called each of us to stand for truth and to represent him well in this world. And here at Family Policy Alliance, we have a unique calling to do that in the public policy sphere throughout the country. Not only will we work to counter policies that hurt the family at the national level, but we’ll continue the heart of our work: transforming policy at the state level. So many decisions – including important decisions about abortion, education, and other family issues – are made at the state level.

So, as we look ahead to 2021, we’re trusting the Lord to guide and direct the work we’ll get to do on behalf of families. As it’s always been, it will be hard work – and we’ll need your help to make it happen.

We have our work cut out for us – and we’re looking forward to seeing how God will move. Will you join us in continuing to pray for our nation – during this time of uncertainty and for whomever ultimately take the oath of office on Inauguration Day?

The Family Policy Alliance Team