This is the Speaker’s Chair in Independence Hall. George Washington sat there in 1787 as the Constitution was being debated, drafted, and adopted. Ben Franklin, in his 80’s, had to be daily carried in. When Washington declared the document adopted, Franklin stood and said,

“Throughout these months, Mr. Chairman, I have listened to the arguments pro and con while my eyes constantly looked up at the top slat of your chairback where there is carved a sunburst. I have wondered during these days whether that sunburst represented a setting or a rising sun. With the adoption of this Constitution, I am now persuaded it is a rising sun.”

Would Ben Franklin have a different perspective about that sunburst carving were he living today? I think he would be amazed at the dramatic shift in moral values, from redefining marriage to declaring abortion and euthanasia a right. Christian values were the standard in his day, but every Christian value is being challenged in our day, even the distinction between male and female at the Pre-K and K level. If the federal Equality Act passes the sun may indeed set more rapidly for us as a nation. The U.S. House of Representatives has already voted on this bill. Sadly, it passed and will now be heading to the Senate. We will keep you posted on our next steps to try and defeat this bill.

How do we determine right from wrong? Is it by a vote of the legislature? Or by an act of the president through executive order? Or by a decision of a judge or the judiciary? Someone has said, “Human society ultimately breaks down when laws derive from the politics of the moment rather than the standards of Almighty God. Any branch of government losing this perspective descends into the quicksand of moral relativity and ethical chaos. Culture ultimately breaks down when politics determine moral values and that is precisely where we find ourselves as a nation, in a quagmire of moral relativity. It’s a slippery slope!”

But there is always hope even if it is the “mustard seed” size. The Bristol County Concerned Citizens (BCCC) are one such ray of hope. They took a stand against the formation of a “Diversity, Equality and Inclusion” committee for the town of Bristol. They said, Bristol is already a very welcoming and diverse community. Many of Bristol’s citizens rightly perceived the true purpose of this committee which was to implement a socialist agenda especially for the public schools and took a stand. Check out their website and get on their mailing list. Also, check with your legislators as other Rhode Island towns are also beginning to wake up to these “Trojan horse” committees.

God raised up America to be that city on a hill but just as he raises up nations, he can bring them down. “Don’t be fooled, God is not mocked; for whatever a man shall sow, that also shall he reap.” (Galatians 6:7)

Please support the efforts of the Family Policy Alliance of RI a monthly gift to keep the sun from setting on Rhode Island.

Dave Aucoin
Chairman, Board of Advisors – Rhode Island


Here it is! While the Legislative session has already convened in the virtual world, Next week starts the beginning of the in-person session for 2021. We have been waiting for this moment.

With the opening of legislative deliberation and lawmaking upon us, I thought I would share with you Family Policy Alliance of Wyoming’s priorities for the next month. We will advocate for bills that will:

  1. Champion the sanctity of human life through pro-life legislation;
  2. Defend the rights of parents to make medical decisions for their children, especially in instances where a medical doctor attempts to discontinue life-sustaining treatment for a child without the consent of the parents;
  3. Protect the privacy and rights of girls in the face of the transgender movement, especially in school sports;
  4. Uphold the integrity of government identification documents by requiring that only a person’s biological sex, and not their subjective gender identity, be printed on driver’s licenses and birth certificates;
  5. Preserve religious freedom by opposing “Add the Words” and other SOGI (sexual orientation and gender identity) compromises.

Of course, Family Policy Alliance of Wyoming will help you stay updated as specific bills are introduced during the next couple months. And we will ask for your help, too! Biblical citizenship involves you and your friends contacting your representatives and making your voice heard on the legislation being considered.

These are exciting times. Please be praying.

Standing for Truth at the State Capitol,

Nathan Winters
Executive Director

P.S. With legislative session now underway, please commit yourselves to pray for your state legislators (every state legislative district has two representatives and one senator; you can enter your zip code and/or address to find yours in our Action Center).

Scripture instructs faithful believers that it is their biblical duty to “pray for those in authority” (1 Timothy 2:1-2), knowing that God can guide the hearts of civil rulers (Proverbs 21:1). Ask that He give them an understanding of biblical justice, wisdom to make the appropriate decisions, and courage to stay committed to first principles (Exodus 18:21). And don’t forget to pray for their personal and spiritual wellbeing and for their families, too!

Use our Action Center to send a message to your legislators that you are praying for them. It is an easy way to bless them, and it only takes a minute!

I recently received an email from a very trusted source that frankly scared me. It was about a bill in Congress called the Equality Act – a horrible piece of legislation that would actually increase inequality by penalizing everyday Americans for their beliefs about marriage and biological sex. However, it was not the bill itself that scared me the most. What scared me were these points:

Does that scare you? It should.

It has certainly been disappointing, to say the least, that the current administration seems antithetically opposed to every value you and I hold dear. However, we all know there will always be those on the other side of every issue. What scares me is the fact that nobody will hear our voices.

We live in a free country where free speech is Constitutionally guaranteed and has been encourage over our country’s history. But things have changed. Now, those who disagree with the new social agenda, who believe in traditional life and family values, and who simply want a fair debate on issues, are being silenced. Silenced in the halls of Congress, in the public square, and in the media. I’m angry.

We are losing the heart of our country by bits and pieces. In four years it may not look anything like what it does today. Family Policy Alliance will always fight on Capitol Hill for biblical values on your behalf, but I’ll be honest, the outlook is not good. However, what we can control is that our voices will be heard in North Dakota.

North Dakotans will be heard in the halls of Bismarck. Why do you think we have bills in our legislature guaranteeing free speech on public college and university campuses, protecting our state’s Second Amendment rights, ensuring we don’t have to follow federal rules/regulations/Executive Orders contrary to the beliefs of our citizens, making sure that the Pledge of Allegiance is always allowed in our schools, and more? To appropriate Dylan Thomas, we will not “go gentle into that good night”.

So I say to you, make your voice heard! Email and call your legislators, talk to your friends and neighbors about bills, testify on key pieces of legislation, and count on us to also always be your voice when it comes to pro-life and pro-family values.

This I can tell you. Family Policy Alliance of North Dakota will not be silenced. We will not quietly acquiesce. We will not shirk from issues, mollify rather than stand for beliefs, or choose comfort over truth. Our voice – your voice – will be heard!

Thank you for all you’ve done so far this legislative session to help us move forward and make your voice heard. We deeply appreciate your prayers, responses to our Action Alerts, and financial support in being your voice. Please help us ensure that North Dakota does not become a place where, “nobody hears your voice”. I don’t ever want to tell my grandchildren that our state lost its moral bearings because I failed to speak up.

Blessings and hopes for a brighter tomorrow,

Mark Jorritsma
President and Executive Director

P.S. If you want to learn more about the Equality Act, you can watch this week’s #EqualityActExposed virtual rally here.

Recently, many of you may have received a mailer from a group called “Fair Fight.” Yes, the same Fair Fight that Stacey Abrams uses as a vehicle to fund her ambition and political agenda.

So why is “Fair Fight” spending now?

Governor Kemp, conservative, common sense legislators, and our organization are working on legislation that affirms what should be a consensus view: a thriving democracy requires ensuring that only eligible voters can cast ballots.

But that’s not the view that Stacey and “Fair Fight” (or, really, UNFair Fight) shares. They want to cheat, and they want to be in power at all costs.

Look, we are not an organization that focuses on the voting process as one of our core issues. Yet, in order to stop those, like Stacey, who labor for a Georgia where God is mocked, religious freedom is eliminated, families are undermined, and life is discarded (and YES that is Stacey’s agenda in a nutshell), we must act.

That’s why we are working alongside our conservative allies to fight for election integrity. So far, we’ve endorsed common sense legislation that:

These bills reduce fraud and restore confidence. Similarly, we’re evaluating legislation that would end shady non-profits’ ability to mail absentee ballot requests, address the use of ballot drop-boxes, end “no-excuse absentee” voting, and more. Contrary to Stacey’s wishes and ambitions, these steps will make it harder to cheat in Georgia.

As you join us in prayer for this battle, please consider a gift of $50, $100, or $250 to help us reach our goal of $2,097.

Quite honestly, Stacey Abrams and “Fair Fight” are lying about what we’re trying to do at the Capitol. They’re lying about the efforts for integrity, and they’re showing how little they truly care about democracy.

Now, I’ve been careful. There has been fraud in every election since the dawn of this nation. There was fraud in the recent elections here in Georgia, and, undoubtedly given the flood of mail in absentee ballots, there was almost certainly more cheating this election cycle across the country in 2020. There have also been numerous false assertions about the sources of that fraud, and I’ve pushed back on those.

But, what is not in dispute is that we have 1) incredibly bad actors in Stacey Abrams, “Fair Fight,” and even our new Senator Raphael Warnock (who is also under investigation) here in Georgia trying to cheat and 2) we have some laws that need to be tightened to prevent them from doing so.

Let’s get it done.

I’m frequently asked what’s being done on this issue. I want to assure that we are engaged, and your elected leaders are also engaged on this issue. Reforms are coming, and we will keep you updated. Again, this is not our primary issue, but it is one we are working on to keep Stacey and her radical agenda from fraudulently imposing her will on the state.

For Integrity,

Cole Muzio
President and Executive Director

PS. We’re working every day at the Capitol to advance issues like the “Right to Visit,” “Simon’s Law,” what’s traditionally been known as the “Tebow Bill,” school choice, “Save Girls Sports,” and more. This session, we’re also trying to promote integrity and oppose the lies Stacey and her out-of-state funded Fair Fight are saying. As you stand with us, please consider a gift of $50, $100, or $250 to help us reach our goal of $2,097.

Last year, we supported Senator Cheri Steinmetz’s bill that would have provided more legal protection for babies born alive after a failed abortion attempt. We were blessed to win supermajorities for the bill in both houses of the legislature.

Our hearts were broken when the bill was vetoed well after the Legislative session had adjourned. Had the legislators still been in session, they could have easily overridden the veto.

This year, Senator Steinmetz is reintroducing the bill as Senate File 34. The desire for the bill to advance can be seen in the fact that it will be up for consideration next week! Mark your calendars for Wednesday, February 24 at 1:30 PM. This date and time will be the first time the bill will be up for consideration this session.

The Born Alive legislation addressed a simple truth that born alive babies have the same right to medical care as any other infant born alive. 76% of Americans agree that a born alive baby should be protected in this way.

Sadly, the last 47 years since Roe vs. Wade have marked the deadliest era in human history for healthy infants in the womb. When the debate over abortion was first starting out, the American public was told horrific stories about the lengths to which some would go to have an abortion and that it was necessary to make abortions “safe, legal, and rare”. While many pro-abortion activists claimed they wanted abortions to be “safe, legal, and rare” they worked behind the scenes to fight for the right to abort children all the way up to birth and even, infamously, to partial-birth of the child.

Today, the abortion industry has gone to great lengths to hide potentially hundreds of babies who have been left to die after failed abortion attempts, with no regard to that child’s comfort and certainly without medical care. This is called infanticide.

Senate File 34 will ensure that a born alive infant would be given medically appropriate care and not be abandoned at the moment of birth by adults in the room.

In the past, opponents of the bill have tried to paint the picture that this bill would create a scenario where a physician would have to endlessly resuscitate the life of a desperately sick child, who is wanted by the parents, in an inhumane manner. Nothing can be further from the truth.

Senate File 34 is not about forcing the survival of a child in excruciating pain endlessly. It was about preventing the “do nothing” approach reported by physicians, nurses and/or healthcare facilities across the nation when an unwanted child is “accidentally” born alive after a failed abortion. It is the unwanted child, completely defenseless, who has not a single advocate in the room to protect their life. Senate File 34 will stand as a silent but strong guardian over this infant requiring that medical professionals carry out their ethical and medical duty to provide medical care (if appropriate) or genuine comfort care for this newborn. The physician would still have the ability to choose “what appropriate and reasonable steps” should be taken – but the bill ensures that the next step can’t be to do nothing.

Family Policy Alliance of Wyoming’s mission is and will always be to defend the lives of the most vulnerable among us. We will continue to advance citizenship for a nation and state where Life is honored, Religious Freedom Flourishes, Families thrive, and God is honored.

Pray for every State Legislator and the numerous people from across Wyoming who are working tirelessly on this legislation. We stand together with elected officials that also choose to defend the lives of the most vulnerable. Thank you for standing with us!

For life,

Nathan Winters
Executive Director


Well, it’s Legislative Day 31 today and we are almost halfway through the 67th legislative session. When all the dust settled, we ended up with 503 bills and 35 resolutions introduced in the House, and 344 bills and 13 resolutions introduced in the Senate, for a total of almost 900 pieces of legislation to be worked on. Those numbers are down slightly from recent legislative sessions, but like most things in life, it’s about content as much as quantity. And speaking of content, there has been no shortage of important bills introduced this session.


So where do we stand on wins and losses for pro-life and pro-family values? Here’s a summary of a few key bills. Green text indicates a win for pro-life/pro-family values; red a loss. You might note the large margins for most of the bills we won, which is a good sign as they pass to the other chamber.

HB1298 Fairness in Girl’s Sports – Passed House (65-26)
HB1415 Physician Assisted Suicide – Defeated in House (85-9)
HB1137 Income Tax Credits for Education – Passed House (79-14)
SB2176 COVID Payments to Parents for Home Instruction Costs – Defeated in Senate (5-42)
SB2181 Freedom of Religious Assembly during Disaster/Emergency– Passed Senate (46-0)
SB2308 Ten Commandments/Pledge of Allegiance in Schools – Passed Senate (34-13)
HB1443 Bias Crimes (Thought Crimes) – Defeated in House (75-17)

Keep in mind, that each of these is only halfway through the legislature. Each must pass both chambers to go on to Governor Burgum for his signature, so there is still much work to be done on these bills and resolutions.


Here are a few of the bills still being considered in their originating chambers. We are engaged on all of these, and many more.

Bill Number


FPA-ND Position


Link to Bill

SB2288 Scholarships for education (public and private) for tax credit For
HB1503 Free speech on college campuses For
SCR4011 Teaching students about principles of the founding of America For
HB1369 Education Empowerment Program (similar to Education Savings Accounts) For
HB1234 Sports betting Opposed


Thank you for all your support and help with these bills. There is a lot you can do right from your home, such as emailing and calling legislators, submitting written testimony, and this session even testifying via Zoom (it’s not that scary; call and we’ll walk you through it).

In addition to all your help, we are working with legislators everyday to get desired outcomes on many bills. However, we cannot do this without many hours of research, writing, testifying, talking to legislators, reporting out, etc. – and this all takes resources. If you want to help us, please consider donating to financially support our policy work fighting for pro-life and pro-family values.

Thank you so much for your commitment. With God’s blessing, we can continue to win, working together to uphold biblical values in North Dakota.


Mark Jorritsma
President and Executive Director

Sadly, though he neither possesses the gifting, principles, or vision worthy of that office, Joe Biden is the president.

If you ask me what God is doing, I don’t know. But, I do know that He is working

I also know this: despite empty promises of unity, Biden has quickly showed us that he is beholden to the most insanely insane offerings of the radical left. His list of executive orders is unconstitutional, ill-conceived, and, in many cases, downright evil.

Yet, one executive order of his stood out – an attempt to erase biology by requiring boys who identify as girls to be allowed participate on the same sports teams and use the same bathrooms and locker rooms as true, biological females.

This is insane!

If you want to stop the insanity in Georgia, we’re asking you to partner with us by donating $50, $100, $250 or more to help us fight to Save Girls Sports in our state.

Currently, we’re working on legislation to take a stand here. We’re building support, and we anticipate an announcement soon. But, we need your help to fund this fight!

As a father of a young girl, I am not allowing a boy to violate her innocence by sharing a bathroom or locker room with her. I am also not going to allow a boy to violate her opportunity to have fair competition in sports by having him compete with or against her. It’s time we protect what is self-evident and scientific truth in our Georgia code – boys and girls are biologically different!

My friends, we have the anti-science president in the White House. Despite all his bluster, his knowledge of biology is less than what is possessed by my 3-year-old. We cannot help but see the corrosive effects of an evil agenda already upon his administration.

While, yes, we should be angered by this and disgusted that our nation is led by such an agenda, our state can take a stand. Your generous support today can help us fight this fight and protect children right here in Georgia.

This legislation will make a difference in our state. It will protect young girls. It will protect their innocence. It will protect their competition. And, it will also protect the young children suffering psychologically by refusing to affirm the radical and hateful belief that they must change their gender in order to be happy.

Let’s Save Girls Sports,

Cole Muzio
President and Executive Director

PS. Soon, you will see an Action Alert from us on this bill, but I’d ask you today to consider helping us fight by helping us fund our efforts. Your $50, $100, $250 – whatever the Lord calls you to do – donation today could make a huge difference in protecting Georgia children.

This week, I wanted to share with you some thoughts inspired by a message from our friends at the California Family Council.

Last week marked the tragic anniversary of Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton. Again, for the 48th time, we were reminded of the vast cost in human lives as we were shocked to see that 63,000,000 lives have been extinguished due to these court rulings.

America was founded upon the idea that each member of the human race is “created equal,” that they each are “endowed by their Creator” with certain rights, not given by any government or court, but rather so fundamental as to be called “unalienable.” Wisely, our founders recognized the very first among these as being the right to “life,” for without life, how can any of us have liberty or pursue happiness?

Tragically, more than 63 million unborn Americans have been legally denied this most basic right. They were denied it not by their Creator, but by seven judges in a courtroom in Washington, D.C.

This month, in his inaugural speech to the nation, President Biden stressed the need for national unity in the face of deep moral divisions and distrust.

“To overcome [America’s] challenges — to restore the soul and to secure the future of America — requires more than words… We can see each other not as adversaries but as neighbors.”

In part, the President is right – unity is necessary and desirable. But, unfortunately, it will only be achieved when the gospel returns to its rightful place as the foundation of America’s moral beliefs. So long as abortion is declared legal, America’s moral compass will remain irreparably broken. True unity is only possible when all parties can agree on basic tenets, rules, and rights. Horrifically, some Americans are unwilling to acknowledge the right to life as a right at all.

The president later referenced Saint Augustine in his pitch for unity – an attempt to broker a middle ground.

“Many centuries ago, Saint Augustine, a saint of my church, wrote that a people was a multitude defined by the common objects of their love. What are the common objects we love that define us as Americans? I think I know. Opportunity. Security. Liberty. Dignity. Respect. Honor. And, yes, the truth.”

I agree with the President and with Saint Augustine. Liberty, dignity, respect, opportunity – those are all wonderful values that tie us together as Americans – but they’re values that 63 million people never had a chance to enjoy.

Perhaps the greatest line of President Biden’s speech spoke a very bold truth:

“There is truth and there are lies. Lies told for power and for profit. And each of us has a duty and responsibility, as citizens, as Americans, and especially as leaders — leaders who have pledged to honor our Constitution and protect our nation — to defend the truth and to defeat the lies.”

The truth is, we fight an abortion industry which profits off the lie that abortion is not only a necessary evil, but actually a moral good! The truth is, we do have a responsibility to defeat deception. The truth is, life is the only good option.

You and I have the power, and the obligation, to speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves. Now is the time to lift our voice. Now is the time to remind our nation that, in the words of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, “injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” Now is the time to stand up and “Deliver those who are drawn toward death, And hold back those stumbling to the slaughter.”  (Pro 24:11)

As we mourn 48 years of legalized abortion, I hope you’ll join Family Policy Alliance of Wyoming in our mission to defend those most vulnerable among us. We cannot – we must not – allow justice to be denied for another year, month, or day. We remain optimistic that the current composition of the U.S. Supreme Court will be able and willing to revisit the status quo and finally provide some relief to those in the womb.

Now is the time to lean into our values and commit to protecting them no matter what. We may be persecuted, we may be censored, and we may be “canceled.” But if that’s the cost of speaking truth to power and saving lives, it’s a price we must be willing to pay.

Join us in prayer for radical changes to national abortion policy this year – ones that move in the right direction and frustrate efforts by the radical left to enshrine abortion as a moral good.

We’ll continue to push back on unreasonable and unsafe abortion policies in Wyoming and across the nation, and we appreciate your loyal and generous support of that mission. If you feel so led, you can click here to make a tax-deductible donation towards that effort.

Standing For Life With You,

Nathan Winters
Executive Director

Last Friday, we were honored to join New Jersey Right to Life and numerous other pro-life organizations for the New Jersey Rally for Life and Walk for Life in Trenton. Senator Michael Doherty and Assembly members Erik Peterson, John DiMaio, and Ron Dancer joined hundreds of people at the statehouse annex on the anniversary of Roe vs. Wade. This gathering could not be more urgent.

I had the opportunity to address the attendees concerning the so-called Reproductive Freedom Act.  You can view a short video clip of my public comments on our Facebook page by clicking here. It was encouraging to see the passionate response of those gathered as we jointly told Governor Murphy to “Let the Children Live.”

As this radical abortion bill continues to stagnate awaiting a committee hearing, the Governor’s wife Tammy Murphy introduced the Nurture NJ Strategic Plan this week. It’s goal is well intentioned – “New Jersey will be the safest and most equitable place in the nation to give birth and raise a baby”. This 94-page plan addresses well-documented disparities that minorities and women living in lower economic areas might experience concerning their pregnancy and pre-natal care. Though the vision and mission of such a massive undertaking is admirable, the details are troubling if not hypocritical.

The plan states – “All children will be nurtured from conception in environments that always support and never inhibit their well-being

However, such language is quickly undermined by the plan’s call for immediate funding of all abortion services up to the point of birth: “New Jersey should affirmatively provide for comprehensive family planning services and reproductive autonomy through policy and in funding.”

You can’t make this stuff up!

In other words, pass the so-called Reproductive Freedom Act and fund Planned Parenthood to provide free abortions up to the point of birth. Sadly, children’s wellbeing from the point of conception was never the priority.

To be clear, we do applaud Tammy Murphy’s objective to address the real concerns of maternal health, and in particular the social and economic differences in infant mortality. But the unwavering allegiance to the Big Abortion Industry and their agenda flies in the face of her stated mission to make New Jersey the safest place for babies in the womb!

We can do better!

Shawn Hyland
Director of Advocacy


North Dakota Capitol Building

Before I get to the legislative update, let me remind you about the March for Life event at the Capitol tomorrow. As I mentioned last week, the University of Mary is hosting a March for Life event at the State Capitol on Friday, with Family Policy Alliance of North Dakota being a partnering organization for this event.

There will be a rally at the Capitol steps from 12:30 pm-1:00 pm, including a short program and a moment of silence in recognition of all the lives lost to abortion since Roe v. Wade. You can find out more about this event here.

So now, on to the legislative update. What have we been doing on your behalf in the legislature? Here is a list of the most important things we did this past week.

And we are going to keep doing all these things for the next three months, until the legislative session ends. We are there, representing your values. It’s who we are and it is our mission.

If all the above work matters to you, please help us accomplish it. We are there when you can’t be, but we need the resources to do that. One important way you can support us today is by giving your financial support, allowing us to make a difference protecting and advancing your values in Bismarck. Thank you for your prayers, responses to our calls for action, and financial support. We couldn’t do this without you!

Mark Jorritsma
President & Executive Director