March 31, 2022

Biden vs. America: Meltdown at the White House

Statement from Meridian Baldacci, spokesperson for Family Policy Alliance:

“The White House is having a complete meltdown about this week’s array of new pro-family laws. According to the Administration, it is ‘disturbing and dangerous’ to keep teachers from sexualizing kindergarten classrooms, it is ‘extreme’ to give women a level playing field in sports, and it is ‘wrong’ to protect children from irreversible and mutilating surgeries such as double mastectomies. In a nutshell, the Administration is distressed because states are protecting women and children.

“It’s not everyday Americans who are extreme – it’s the White House. Polls show that Americans support fair sports for women and commonsense child safety protections for children. And even Democratic primary voters support the new Florida Parental Rights in Education law.

“Instead of listening to Americans’ voices and supporting commonsense measures, the Biden Administration is doubling down with an authoritarian support for extreme ideology. It’s Biden versus America. And if Americans keep pushing back, we know our side will win.”



Within the last week, three state governors signed four important laws aimed at protecting women and children: two laws to protect female athletes (Oklahoma, Arizona), one law protecting minors from so-called “sex-change” surgeries (Arizona), and a law protecting young children from sexualized instruction at school (Florida). And, the Utah legislature voted to make their own women’s sports legislation into law, overriding the Governor’s veto to do so.

The Biden Administration’s response? Complete meltdown. This week:

  • President Biden called the “onslaught” of laws “simply wrong” (echoing his statements in the State of the Union address)
  • Press Secretary Jen Psaki tweeted about the laws, calling them “extreme and harmful”
  • Education Secretary Cardona responded to the Florida law by encouraging students to file discrimination complaints with the Department of Education, and calling the law part of a “disturbing and dangerous trend”
  • The Department of Justice sent a memo to state attorneys general “reminding them” of “provisions that protect transgender youth against discrimination, including when those youth seek gender-affirming care”
  • The Biden Administration referenced a Department of Health and Human Services document which refers to transgender interventions as “crucial” for youth who identify as transgender
  • Secretary of State Antony Blinken announced an “X” sex marker on U.S. passport applications
  • The Department of Health and Human Services raised a pride flag outside its headquarters

Several of these actions were announced today, “International Transgender Day of Visibility.”


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Robert Noland, (719) 308-2822, Media@FamilyPolicyAlliance.com

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