June 23, 2022

BREAKING: Biden Administration to Erase Women on 50th Anniversary of Title IX

U.S. Department of Education proposes rule to redefine “sex” and erase women

WASHINGTON, DC – Today, on the 50th Anniversary of Title IX, the Biden Administration proposed a rule that will redefine “sex” in Title IX to include “sexual orientation” and “gender identity,” rather than adhere to the original intent of Congress’ definition of male and female.

50 years ago, Title IX was written so that women and girls would have equal opportunity in education. But today, the U.S. Department of Education is using the federal rulemaking process to take away those opportunities from women and girls and force the LGBT agenda in every public school, kindergarten through college.

Craig DeRoche, CEO and President of Family Policy Alliance:

“Instead of celebrating 50 years of accomplishments of America’s women and girls today, the Biden Administration is trying to turn back the clock and erase their existence. The Administration is returning to the same debates we had 50 years ago when Biden first ran for Senate.

“The Administration used 700 pages to redefine ‘sex’ in Title IX, undoing the law that advanced equality for my wife and daughter. This may make sense to 18% of his base this fall, but the rest of the country won’t stay silent. Across the nation, there is momentum to defend biological reality and protect women and their opportunities, as evidenced by the recent wave of new state laws reflecting these realities.

“Today’s rule was also expected to destroy girls’ sports. The Biden Administration declined to do so today, but promised that move in a future rule. Why? The Administration realizes just how strong support is to Save Girls’ Sports and fears midterm repercussions. My takeaway: Americans are making a difference, and the pushback to the woke Biden Administration is working. Now, I call on Americans to keep pushing back by speaking out against today’s rule in the Federal Register.”

If this rule goes into effect, the Department of Education will use the power of the Federal Government to:

  • Force girls to share private spaces like showers, locker rooms, and bathrooms with males.
  • Force girls to lose sex-specific scholarships to males who identify as female.
  • Potentially further the LGBT political agenda in public school curriculum and policies.
  • Silencing girls who express concerns about their privacy and safety, and shutting down any opposition to transgender ideology by labeling disagreement as “discrimination.”
  • Allow students to file official harassment claims if they are not addressed by their preferred pronouns, even when those do not align with their biological sex.
  • And many more potential harms from the impact of considering men to be women in a statute intended to benefit women.

The Biden Administration may soon put girls’ sports on the chopping block, too – a future rule promised in today’s announcement.

Family Policy Alliance’s Director of Government Affairs, Nicole Hudgens, is also speaking at a rally called Our Bodies Our Sports happening now near the White House where women leaders and athletes are gathered on the 50th anniversary of Title IX.

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