April 12, 2019


National Prolife Campaign “Keep the Beat in Georgia” Launches

Family Policy Alliance to rally nation behind Georgia’s efforts to enact Heartbeat legislation opposed by Hollywood activists

Colorado Springs –Today, Colorado Springs-based Family Policy Alliance launched a new nationwide prolife campaign called “Keep the Beat in Georgia” to support Georgia’s efforts to enact a new heartbeat law.

Heartbeat laws protect unborn children from abortions after the point at which a fetal heartbeat can be detected, usually around six weeks. Seven states, including Ohio just yesterday, have already enacted heartbeat laws. Nine other states, including Georgia, introduced heartbeat legislation this year.

As the steady beat of the prolife movement grows louder, the panic of the abortion industry is showing. They advocate for ever more extreme policies out of step with the conscience of America. Their leaders advocated for infanticide in New York, Virginia and D.C. They refuse to support laws that ensure basic medical care for women in their facilities. And, in states like New Mexico, they hoped to drive abortion tourism by attempting to remove any and all restrictions on abortion.

Now the abortion industry and their allies want to make Georgia feel their outrage. Leftwing political activists like Alyssa Milano in Hollywood are calling for a boycott on the state, trying to make Georgia an example of how to stop the prolife beat.

A statement from Paul Weber, President & CEO for Family Policy Alliance:

“The prolife voices in America have been steadily building, calling for our country to end the scar on our history that is abortion. We need to keep the beat going in Georgia! That is why Family Policy Alliance launched “Keep the Beat in Georgia.” It’s a national effort to show that the prolife voices of American families are louder and stronger than the abortion industry and their activist allies in Hollywood. We are proud that Georgians, through their elected leaders, are taking a stand for life! We support the Peach State, and we’re helping the nation rally behind it.”

To learn more about “Keep the Beat in Georgia,” visit:

Americans from any state can sign the “Keep the Beat” pledge and get more information.

Family Policy Alliance is a national Christian, pro-family organization that partners with 40 state-based family policy council allies. Family Policy Alliance engages in policy and elections, serves an effective alliance, trains and equips statesmen, and engages churches and the grassroots to be a voice for pro-family policy.

To schedule an interview with Paul Weber, contact Robert Noland at Media@familypolicyalliance.com or 719-308-2822.


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