May 2, 2022


What Will Happen in Every State if Roe is Overturned

If tonight’s leak of the Supreme Court’s Dobbs opinion is an accurate indicator of the direction the Court intends to take, all eyes should and will turn to the states. A Roe overturn would mean sending the issue of abortion back to the American people in the states. Each state varies widely in itscurrent abortion policies.

Family Policy Alliance’s AfterRoe.com provides information on what the status of abortion would be in every state the moment Roe is overturned. The site also contains contact information and videos from key pro-life state leaders across the country, all part of the nationwide Family Policy Council Alliance that Family Policy Alliance is honored to host.

Statement from Craig DeRoche, CEO & President of Family Policy Alliance:

“If it is true that the Supreme Court plans to overturn Roe v. Wade in its forthcoming Dobbs decision, this is the moment the pro-life movement has been waiting for. For the first time in nearly fifty years, states will have the chance to fully protect their youngest citizens – and as a result, Americans’ pro-life votes and voices will matter more than ever. If today’s leak is an accurate indicator, Americans are about to have the chance of a lifetime to make ours a nation where life is truly cherished and mothers are supported.

“Buckle in. The pro-abortion lobby is about to fight harder than ever to enshrine abortion across the nation. In kind, we must protect and advance life like never before, standing unwaveringly for the truth that all people are created equal – beginning in the womb.

“If Dobbs goes as far as the draft indicates, we are entering a new reality. Welcome to life After Roe.”


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Robert Noland, (719) 308-2822, Media@FamilyPolicyAlliance.com

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