Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, and Chuck Schumer are desperate to protect and promote unlimited abortion across the country. They know the U.S. Supreme Court could soon overturn Roe v. Wade.

Their latest effort involves H.R. 3755, which has already passed the House. We expect the Senate will vote to advance it on MONDAY. This bill would allow abortion-on-demand in every state if enacted into law. This is the first time the Senate has ever voted on such an expansive abortion bill.

Tell your Senator to vote NO on H.R. 3755!

If enacted, H.R. 3755 would:

Tell your Senator to reject abortion-on-demand and to stand for our first American value—the right to life. Click here to send a message to your Senator to VOTE NO on H.R. 3755 through our Action Center—it takes less than 1 minute!

For life,

Nicole Hudgens
Government Affairs

Senator Schumer has announced that the Senate will consider changes to the chamber’s voting rules this week. The most talked-about potential change is to eliminate the filibuster – the 60-vote threshold required on most legislation to end debate and move to final passage.

Please urge your Senator to OPPOSE removing the filibuster!

The filibuster rule is unique to the Senate – the chamber known for its thorough deliberations and insistence on consensus.  As Republican Leader Mitch McConnell has said, ending the filibuster would “completely drain the Senate of comity and consent.”

Furthermore, the 60-vote requirement is the primary rule that prevents Democrats from passing the most radical legislation. Abortion and LGBT advocates (and other progressive forces) across the nation know this and they will continue to pressure the Senate intensely to make it easier to advance their agendas.

The filibuster has been around for generations, and was designed to protect the minority party and its viewpoint. But with a simple majority vote (achieved by all 50 Democrats voting in favor and Vice President Kamala Harris breaking the tie), Senate Democrats can “go nuclear” and remove this important safeguard, virtually eliminating minority rights in one fell swoop.

If you do not want to see minority voices silenced in the U.S. Senate, please urge your Senator to OPPOSE ending the filibuster rule by clicking on our Action Center here!

For Freedom,

Nicole Hudgens
Government Affairs


Senator Chuck Schumer is determined to have another vote to advance a federal election overhaul bill. This time, it’s S. 2747.

Please take a minute today to urge your senators to vote NO on S. 2747 and any other bill that would allow a federal election takeover!

S. 2747 is ANOTHER bill from liberal forces in Congress that could damage the integrity of our elections. Here are four reasons S. 2747 must be stopped:

  1. S. 2747 undermines state voter ID laws.
  2. S. 2747 requires political nonprofits to disclose donors.
  3. S. 2747 mandates same-day voter registration.
  4. S. 2747 allows candidate campaigns to be funded by states that opt-in.

The Senate plans to vote on advancing S. 2747, and potentially other federal election overhaul bills, TODAY. You can help stop this dangerous federal election takeover by telling your senators to VOTE NO on S. 2747!

Click here to take action now!

For freedom,

Nicole Hudgens
Government Affairs