TODAY: Senate Returns to Vote on Marriage

November 28, 2022

We all may still be eating turkey leftovers, but today Chuck Schumer’s Senate returns to DC where they plan to restart—and take the next vote on—the same-sex marriage bill.

It is stunning to think that with the many real issues concerning American families, this bill that codifies the Obergefell definition of same-sex marriage into federal law, opens the door to legal polygamy, and paints a target on the backs of faith-based charities during the holidays is what Schumer’s Senate is choosing to prioritize. We surveyed social conservative voters earlier this month, and the number one issue for families was inflation and the economy. The Schumer Senate decision to prioritize this bill reveals the depth of the tone-deaf problem in Washington D.C.

Tell your Senator to oppose this bill!

Here’s our recap of the biggest concerns in the bill:

  • Further implicates federal law in a false definition of marriage, potentially including in ANY marriage (e.g., polygamy).
  • Threatens religious individuals and organizations with harassing and costly lawsuits.
  • Opens the door for the federal government to force everyone, including religious organizations, to affirm same-sex marriage, polygamy, and more.
  • Targets faith-based adoption and foster-care agencies, which would be a devastating blow to the many children already in need of placement in forever homes.
  • Silencing—or even potentially punishing—Americans who believe marriage is the union of one man and one woman by labeling that belief as “discrimination” on the same unacceptable level as racist views.

In addition to targeting charities and ministries around the holidays, Sen. Schumer is pushing forward this bill as a major case heads to the Supreme Court in early December. Our friends at Alliance Defending Freedom are defending small business owner Lorie Smith, owner of 303 Creative in Colorado. Lorie designs websites for her clients, but the same Colorado government that targeted cake artist Jack Phillips now seeks to punish her for designing only those websites that celebrate weddings consistent with her religious beliefs.

If Sen. Schumer gets his way with this bill, the full weight of the federal government could be used to punish Lorie and every other business or ministry like hers.

Please take action today. As the Senate returns from Thanksgiving, they desperately need to hear from you urging them to oppose the bill—and calling on them to tell Senator Schumer to stop this harmful bill from being made top priority.

We only have a few days to stop this bill during the lame duck session—be sure to take action now!

Thank you!

Autumn Leva,
Sr. VP, Strategy

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