URGENT: Tell your Senators to VOTE NO on the Same-Sex Marriage Bill!

November 14

All the results still aren’t in from the election, but Sen. Chuck Schumer’s Senate is already continuing its woke agenda during the “lame duck” session before January 3rd.

TODAY Sen. Schumer moved forward the fast-tracked same-sex marriage bill that would go even further than the 2015 Obergefell Supreme Court ruling on same-sex marriage.

The Senate is expected to vote on the bill Wednesday, and they likely have the votes to pass it (overcoming the filibuster) unless enough of our pro-family voices intervene!

It’s incredibly insulting to families that with all the challenges they face—inflation, for example, was the top response in our recent survey and straw poll—this bill is what the Senate is choosing to prioritize.

If passed in the Senate, the same-sex marriage bill will have many, if not all, of these consequences, depending on what version of the bill they decide to move forward:

  • Further implicates federal law in a false definition of marriage, potentially including in ANY marriage (e.g., polygamy).
  • Threaten religious individuals and organizations with harassing and costly lawsuits.
  • Open the door for the federal government to force everyone, including religious organizations, to affirm same-sex marriage, polygamy, and more.
  • Shut down faith-based adoption and foster-care agencies, which would be a devastating blow to the many children already in need of placement in forever homes.
  • Silencing—or even potentially punishing—Americans who believe marriage is the union of one man and one woman by labeling that belief as “discrimination” on the same unacceptable level as racist views.

Tell your Senators to VOTE NO on any version of the same-sex marriage bill!

If Democrats can get 10 Republicans to support this D.C. takeover of marriage, the bill will pass. In fact, a bipartisan group of Senators has been working on amendment language that claims to fix the religious freedom concerns, but their “compromise” does nothing substantive to address the very real threats to religious freedom in the bill.

Democrat leadership wants the American people to bow to the LGBT ideology and they are scaring Republicans into submission. And while political correctness serenades Congress, it’s up to Americans to speak the truth to Congress.

In 2015, the U.S. Supreme Court invented a “right” to same-sex marriage, completely redefining this institution established by God and given special importance in our law. Like Roe v. Wade, this ruling was egregiously wrong. But the Court at least recognized that Americans could disagree on the issue reasonably.  Sadly, this new same-sex marriage bill seeks to squelch out any disagreement, forcing everyone in the nation to adhere to woke D.C.’s beliefs about marriage.

Americans know the truth: marriage is between one man and one woman. Americans also know that, when possible, children deserve the chance to be raised with both a mother and a father. And, Americans know that our country was founded so that religious freedom—and the right to disagree without fear of government punishment—could thrive.

Courage is contagious. Contact your Senator and tell them to VOTE NO on the same-sex marriage bill.

Autumn Leva,
Senior VP, Strategy