URGENT: Tell the Senate to VOTE NO on Redefining Marriage!

July 21

Democrats are desperate to save their positions of power in Congress–and recruit some Republican members to help. In order to get their woke base to the polls in November, Democrats are voting to redefine marriage through H.R. 8404.

If passed in the Senate, H.R. 8404 will:

  • Recognize in federal law ANY marriage allowed in a state–including polygamy.
  • Threaten religious individuals and organizations with harassing and costly lawsuits.
  • Open the door for the federal government to force everyone, including religious organizations, to affirm same-sex marriage, polygamy, and more.

Tell your Senator to VOTE NO on H.R. 8404!

On Tuesday, the House passed H.R. 8404 by a vote of 267-157. Unfortunately, 47 Republicans linked arms with Nancy Pelosi to pass the bill.

Now, Senator Schumer and Democrat leadership are working hard to fast-track H.R. 8404 by blatantly ignoring the legislative process and bringing the bill to the floor for a vote–without a committee hearing. The bill could be brought up as early as next week. If Democrats can get 10 Republicans to support this D.C. takeover of marriage, the bill will pass.

Democrat leadership wants the American people to bow to the LGBT ideology and they are scaring Republicans into submission. And while political correctness serenades Congress, it’s up to Americans to speak the truth to Congress.

In 2015, the U.S. Supreme Court invented a “right” to same-sex marriage, completely redefining this institution established by God and given special importance in our law. Like Roe, this ruling was egregiously wrong. But the Court at least recognized that Americans could disagree on the issue reasonably.  Sadly, H.R. 8404 seeks to squelch out any disagreement, forcing everyone in the nation to adhere to the woke government’s beliefs about marriage.

It makes no sense for the legislative branch to parade around a wrongly decided Court ruling to strong-arm American’s beliefs about marriage –especially while gas prices are soaring, inflation is at an all-time high, and government officials can’t define what a woman is.

Americans know the truth: marriage is between one man and one woman. Americans also know that, when possible, children deserve the chance to be raised with both a mother and a father.

Courage is contagious. Contact your Senator and tell them to VOTE NO on H.R. 8404.

For family,

Nicole Hudgen
Government Affairs