Urgent Threat to Religious Freedom

November 29

Thank you to all who have been calling on your Senators to STOP the harmful same-sex marriage bill being fast-tracked in the Senate!

In case you haven’t heard, last night the Senate voted to move forward a version of the bill that claims to protect religious freedom for faith-based organizations, but those “protections” are fig leaves at best.

To be clear, that means that the Senate is advancing, at Christmastime, a bill that will target for punishment by the government any charity, ministry, school, or other faith-based organization that believes marriage is the union between one man and one woman.

Merry Christmas from the Schumer Senate.

Thankfully, three brave and bold Senators are working to provide real protection for faith-based ministries.

Senator Mike Lee (R—UT) is working to amend the bill and provide truly robust religious freedom protections. If Senators actually care about prohibiting the government from discriminating against people of faith, they should pass Senator Lee’s amendment.

Tell your Senators to support Senator Lee’s amendment & now.

Senator Lankford (R—OK) is working to amend the bill to limit the harm to faith-based organizations by ensuring that any ministry that partners with the government to provide services (such as faith-based adoption and foster care) will not be targeted.

Tell your Senators to support Senator Lankford’s amendment now.

Senator Rubio (R—FL) is working to amend the bill to prevent activists from burying faith-based ministries in costly litigation to defend their right to believe in marriage as the union between one man and one woman. Suing ministries out of existence seems to be the intent of the sponsors of the same-sex marriage bill without adding this amendment.

Tell your Senators to support Senator Rubio’s amendment now.

Senators will vote on the Lee, Lankford and Rubio amendments tonight and then take a vote on the bill as a whole. That means Senators have a chance to add real religious freedom protections (which must include all of these amendments) and vote against the entire bill.

Tell your Senator to support the religious freedom amendments and oppose this bill!

Here’s our recap of the biggest concerns in the bill:

  • Further implicates federal law in a false definition of marriage.
  • Threatens religious individuals and organizations with harassing and costly lawsuits.
  • Opens the door for the federal government to force everyone, including religious organizations, to affirm same-sex marriage and more.
  • Targets faith-based adoption and foster-care agencies, which would be a devastating blow to the many children already in need of placement in forever homes.
  • Silencing—or even potentially punishing—Americans who believe marriage is the union of one man and one woman by labeling that belief as “discrimination” on the same unacceptable level as racist views.

Please take action today. Today looks to be the last day Senators will have to stop this bill and protect religious freedom. Even if you’ve already contacted your senators about this, they desperately need to hear from you. They will take votes on the religious freedom amendments and the bill itself as early as 3:45PM Eastern TODAY.

Today’s likely the last day to raise your voice in the Senate – be sure to take action now!

For marriage as God designed and for religious freedom,

Autumn Leva,
Sr. Vice President, Strategy

P.S. The Schumer Senate is targeting ministries for punishment at Christmastime. Please help us stop them today!