In case you missed it, we want to make sure you know the top two things you can do to make a difference to protect life and liberty!

First, TODAY is the last day to tell HHS to STOP using YOUR taxpayer dollars from funding Planned Parenthood! The Biden-Harris Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has issued a proposed rule that would authorize abortion groups to receive Title X Family Planning funds. The proposal also mandates that grant recipients refer for abortions.

But you can tell HHS to STOP using YOUR taxpayer dollars from funding Planned Parenthood!

Please click the link and write a comment to the Department of Health and Human Services telling them that you do NOT want to fund Planned Parenthood!

Here are a few points you can pick and choose from in your comment:

Second, last week, the Senate Rules and Administration Committee heard S1, the so-called “For the People Act,” (better known as “The Corrupt Politicians Act”). Democrats are doing everything they can to get this bill on the Senate floor as soon as possible. Please take a minute today to urge your senators to vote NO on S1!

You can help protect the foundations of our nation by stopping this dangerous legislation! Click here to urge your senators to stand for election integrity by OPPOSING S1!

Thanks for speaking up (and spreading the word) on these critical matters!

For life and liberty,Nicole Hudgens
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Nicole Hudgens
Government Affairs


* If a program refers a client to abortion, it is in fact a program where abortion is considered a “family planning related service,” (as acknowledged on page 19818 of the proposed rule) and thus specifically is prohibited by statute.

Save Girls Sports

Unfortunately, the Fairness in Women’s Sports Act fell just one vote short in the Senate and so the House did not get a second opportunity to review the bill. While it means that the bill is likely dead for this session, it does not mean we will stop fighting for opportunities for girls. To see how your legislators voted, you can find the information HERE ( NOTE: This vote link is for SB 55 which included the Fairness in Women’s Sports Act even though the bill description does not include that information.)

Kansans don’t believe the lie that this is mean spirited – they know that this is a common sense bill. Governor Kelly is under the false delusion that she reflects Kansas. Almost universally as I talk to every-day Kansans they are horrified that we can’t protect girls’ sports in Kansas. The number of times I’ve heard, “I thought this was Kansas.”

To all Kansas girls – know that we will keep fighting for you. Governor Kelly has stood in the way of your opportunities, but we will not let this continue. We will keep working with legislators and work to elect a Governor that will fight for our girls’ opportunities.

Election Integrity

Yesterday, the legislature passed two different overrides of Governor Kelly’s vetoes of common-sense election laws. Kansans want our elections to be accurate. We want to know we can have confidence in the outcome. These bills simply allow us to close loopholes that certain representatives even admitted having used in the past. We are thankful for the 85 Representatives and 28 Senators who voted in favor of HB 2183 and 86 Representatives and 28 Senators who voted in favor of HB 2332.


In an unusual move, the House Federal and State Affairs Committee held hearings during veto session. In an even more unusual move, they amended and passed a medical marijuana bill. While this bill has more safeguards than the previously passed bill, this bill still leaves much room for abuse and is a pathway for recreational marijuana in our state. Kansans do not want to become California or Colorado. Ask your legislators to reject this move by the House. It’s easy to find their numbers on our action page!

It has already been an interesting week at the Statehouse. While we have had a few setbacks this week – on the whole the legislature has done some great work to fight back against Governor Kelly’s overreach which helps all Kansas families. There is still a lot of work to do! Keep praying for your legislators and letting them know how important it is to protect families in our state.

For Kansas,

Brittany Jones, Esq.
Director of Advocacy


The legislature begins its final week of work on Monday. And boy do they have a lot of work to do! For people who care about families there are three key topics that the legislature will be discussing over the next seven days that are important.

So I need you to take time to contact your legislators on just three things today:

  1. Save Girls SportsAfter passing Value Them Both at the very beginning of session, protecting girls’ opportunities in sports became our number one priority. This is a national movement and now at least seven states have passed legislation to ensure a level playing field for girls. But our Governor wants to stand in the way of the majority of Kansans, and instead sided with the Biden Administration and radical LGBTQ+ activists.Now is the time for us to ensure that Kansas girls going forward that we had.Now is the time to stand up for Kansas girls!

    Now is the time to tell your legislator to override the Governor’s veto.

    It’s easy on our action center!

  2. Educational FreedomAfter falling just one vote short the last day of the regular session, educational freedom will continue to be a discussion during veto session. The legislature still has to pass a bill that contains school funding. This funding should include policies defining how the budget should be spent. We should be able to ensure that the money going to schools is used in ways that actually help kids learn and excel. Educational options for families is just one of the ways to do that.Ask your legislators to support legislation that will unleash families’ choices as they seek educate their children in a way that best prepares their children for the future! You can find your legislators names and numbers on our action page.
  3. Election IntegrityDo you believe that only the legislature should set election law? Do you believe ballot harvesting (allowing someone else besides the voter to turn in a ballot) should be limited? These are pretty common-sense protections, that thus far, have not been enforceable in law in Kansas. We’ve even had legislators admit on the floor that they have used some questionable election practices.Our nation relies on the integrity of elections for the legitimacy of everything the government does. HB 2183 simply closes some loopholes in our laws so that bad actors cannot exploit them. Governor Kelly, without giving much explanation, vetoed this important law.Reach out to your legislators and ask them to override the Governor’s veto and protect our elections!

These are just three of the topics that that your legislators will be discussing over the next week. Pray for them as they discuss a variety of topics. They need wisdom and insight to lead our state. Pray that God will shape their hearts and that they will choose to make decisions that protect our families and honor God.

For Kansas,

Brittany Jones
Director of Advocacy

First it was the Heartbeat Bill, then it was opening the economy, and now it’s protecting the vote – Georgia is taking the lead for the nation again, and the media is going absolutely insane.

On Thursday, Georgia became the first state to learn lessons from the 2020 election and pass election reform – the top priority for the General Assembly this year.

We’d like to commend House and Senate leadership and Governor Kemp for their work on this, their refusal to allow this to become an 11th hour issue, and for signing the bill the same day it was passed. Georgia has taken a big step toward election integrity with SB 202, and our leaders wanted to leave no doubt that this was important to them.

But, the deranged media is in complete attack mode. They’re saying we’re racist, that we want to keep people from voting, and that we’re trying to disenfranchise minorities. Pretend-governor Stacey Abrams even compared this reform effort to Jim Crow laws.

Let me be abundantly clear: the outlandish and inflammatory rhetoric and comparisons surrounding this legislation and the insinuation that this bill targets minorities is wrong, disingenuous, a form of voter suppression, and, in fact, racist on its face.

Here’s what SB 202 does:

Is anything on that list racist? Discriminatory? Keeping eligible voters from voting? Differentiating people by color or any other group? Any answer to these questions that is not an absolute and resounding NO is either deceitful or demeaning to those you’re asserting cannot comply with these security measures.

Governor Kemp was clear in his remarks: Georgia won’t put up with these lies. You can watch his remarks on this bill. He gets combative with the radical, anti-integrity left around the 4:35 mark.

Of note, Governor Kemp declared the DC-proposed HR 1 an “unconstitutional power grab” and one that he would draw a line in the sand over. “No, not in Georgia,” he said. Should that fight come, we expect our Georgia leaders to hold the line and deny the Biden-Harris-Schumer-Pelosi Axis of Radicalism access to determining our Georgia laws.

We promised you that we would support and pass election reform. That promise has been kept.

However, the work in defending it has only begun. As Governor Kemp was making his remarks, one legislator pulled a publicity stunt, and, after antagonizing Capitol police for not-the-first-time, she was arrested. The media is now absolutely unhinged in their coverage of this. Stacey Abrams is making comparisons of this bill to Jim Crow laws. And, the White House is condemning our reform efforts.

Election integrity will very much be on the ballot in 2022 – if we cannot keep a conservative majority. That’s what we’re committed to preserving.

We’re grateful for your thoughts, prayers, and support. We have much left to do, but we are grateful for this victory.

Proud of Georgia,

Cole Muzio
President and Executive Director



PS. There are now two legislative days left, and we have MUCH left to do. With election reform now passed, we are working to achieve big things for the cause of life, families, religious freedom, and educational opportunity. To help us achieve this legislative agenda, please help us reach our End of March goal of $2,325 with a contribution here at whatever level you feel God calling you to.

Legislative Day 35 is in the books, and, when the General Assembly gavels in on Monday, there will be 5 remaining days. Those five days are going to be long, arduous, and full of activity.

We’ll keep you updated along the way, but, today, I want to give everyone a brief answer to the question I get asked most: “So, what is going on with the election bills?”

First, let me stake out what, I think, is a series of consensus statements:

Second, let me tell you where we are in reaction to this:

Third, let me tell you what we’re encouraging on these bills. We support efforts to:

These measures and others, I believe, will take significant step toward restoring confidence and eliminating avenues for cheating.

So, what needs to happen between now and then:

I hope this was helpful. We’re working on a lot of issues to advance our values, and we’ll keep you updated on those. But, I wanted you to share what’s going on regarding an issue that is imperative to ensuring we have the ability to elect those who advance our values.

For Integrity,

Cole Muzio
President and Executive Director

PS. We have more-than-doubled our investment in our policy efforts this legislative cycle. I believe the results are there. To help us with these costs, consider supporting our legislative efforts with a $25, $100, $250, or greater donation to help our team reach the finish line this session.

There’s such a difficult balance in the Christian walk, isn’t there? It’s one I’ve noticed all-the-more significantly since I left the private sector to run this ministry four years ago.

As Christians, we are commanded to be hard workers – to do what we are called to do with all our might and to be diligent in our labors (Proverbs 13:4). Such diligence is paramount, yet, if we yield to human nature, it can lead to numerous sinful attitudes: anxiety (“I have poured so much effort into this, therefore I am concerned for the outcome”), pride (“It’s been my labors, therefore, I should be due the credit”), and self-reliance (“I must count on my strategies, my talent, my labors to make this happen”).

It’s counter-intuitive to both fully embrace the level of excellence God has called us to in our labors – working hard, building the right teams, thinking things through diligently, and using the right strategies – and reject the natural attitudes that come with it.

After a milestone, like Crossover Day, I want to make sure that our attitudes reflect how He wants us to view things – grateful for the blessings He gave, confident and hopeful in His promises, committed to steadfast walking with Him, giving Him all the glory, not anxious, yet also diligent, strategic, and realistic in our preparations to meet the enormity of the challenges ahead.

With that in mind, here are some reflections on where we stand:

Please remain prayerful. There’s a long way to go. Just as the bills that passed one Chamber still need to pass the other, even the bills that did not pass are not “completely dead.” The Lord can still do miraculous things, and we are working behind the scenes – using the right strategies – to keep our priorities alive.

So, keep praying. If you feel led, join us at the Capitol. And, if you’re both excited about this work AND wanting to see more, please consider a $50, $100, $250, or greater donation today.

Pressing onward with a biblical perspective – working diligently and trusting Him.

Cole Muzio
President and Executive Director

It has been an odd week with the bitter cold and with the passing of two men (one local and one national) who have been vital to the conservative movement, State Senator Bud Estes (R-Dodge City), and conservative radio host, Rush Limbaugh. We are in prayer for both the Estes and Limbaugh families.

Even with the bitter cold outside, there has still been a decent amount of activity inside the Capitol that affects family values. Here are some of the bills that are winding their way through the legislature that may be of interest to you and your family:

Educational Freedom:

Election Integrity:

Vocational Freedom:

Medical Marijuana

Be on the lookout for more information about how we are working to protect mothers and babies through Value Them Both. And there is still time to contact your Senators about the Fairness in Women’s Sports Act.

There is a lot of activity in Kansas and we are so thankful to partner with you in protecting faith, family, and freedom!

For Kansas,

Brittany Jones, Esq.
Director of Advocacy


Jim Banks introduced election intergrity bill

On Friday, Statesman Academy℠ alumnus and Indiana congressman Jim Banks introduced an important election reform bill called the Save Democracy Act. Would you take a moment to ask your member of Congress to support it?

Banks, who is now Chairman of the Republican Study Committee, put forward this bill to address structural issues in American elections that were a cause of great concern even before last fall’s elections. For all elections involving federal candidates, it would require safeguards in the areas of voter registration, casting of ballots, and vote tabulation.

These reforms are needed for two reasons. First, they provide safeguards to election integrity in areas where specific concerns and allegations have arisen. Second, they address a crisis of a lack of voter trust in our election process. In 2020, that broken trust was experienced primarily by Republican voters, but in some prior years, the concerns came mainly from Democrat voters. Restoring trust in elections is critical to our system of government and shouldn’t be a partisan issue.

Specifically, the Save Democracy Act would, in federal elections, institute reforms to make voter registration, voting, and vote tabulation less susceptible. Here are key highlights:

Please ask your member of Congress to sponsor and vote for the Save Democracy Act. It’s quick and easy on our Action Center. And please share this email or the link with others so they can take action as well.

Thanks for upholding election integrity!


John Paulton
Mobilization Manager

Every day, Family Policy Alliance of Georgia® is working for a state where God is honored, religious freedom flourishes, families thrive, and life is cherished. Working alongside Georgians who share that vision, I can tell you this: those who share these values don’t want to cheat in elections.

It’s those who oppose these values – essentially, those whose values run counter to the fabric of our nation, hostile to basic truths, and antithetical to Scripture – that try to use every means necessary to install their preferred radical candidates.

There are a lot of unknowns about Georgia’s election, and there’s frankly misinformation swirling from every angle. However, while I’m concerned about the character attacks I’ve seen on our officials, I believe we all can agree on this fundamental truth: election reform must come to Georgia.

And, I believe it will. Our organization is committed to it. Governor Kemp has called for it and laid out several legislative items he wants to see. This week, the Senate Republican Caucus also issued a comprehensive statement addressing their strong stance for election reform. Election reform is coming to Georgia, and we are all in!

As you know, this is not one of our “core issues.” However, issues like life, religious freedom, and school choice will never win if the vote is being diluted by radical leftists exploiting the system to cheat. Will you stand with us in the fight for reform?

I know you’re receiving a lot of “asks” for funding this time of year – as year-end giving season is in full swing. However, I’d ask that you consider a donation to our lobbying efforts to help us secure the vote for years to come. Your gift of $25, $100, $250, or more today can make a profound impact for election reform – and the broader movement that depends on a fair process.

I’m going to be real with you: Stacey Abrams is coming back. Leading up to 2018, she and her legally suspect organization did all they could to make our state ripe for fraud. When she came up short in that election – despite cheating – she waged countless legal battles against the state and pushed her agenda for more fraud. In 2020, we have now seen the gains her voter fraud apparatus has been able to make. As we look to 2022, we know she, once again, has her eyes on the Governor’s Mansion.

That’s why, this legislative session, we’ll work with Governor Kemp and the conservatives under the Gold Dome to undo the effects of the consent decree entered by the Secretary of State in March, eliminate no-excuse absentee voting, require photo ID for absentee voting for cause, and work to end any avenue for ballot harvesting.

We look forward to engaging on these issues to make certain those who stand with us on the issues can win – and win fairly.

For Better Elections,

Cole Muzio
President and Executive Director


P.S. We have a strong legislative agenda we’ll be pursuing in the coming session. It’ll include election reform, yes, but it’ll also feature our fight for life, religious freedom, school choice, family values, and more. To advance this agenda and to strengthen our culture, our team is growing here in Georgia.

One of our new hires is one of the top rising lobbyists in the state, Brittany Ellison. Brittany joins our team having been recognized for her lobbying work and as a standout communications professional with numerous campaigns, including Heartbeat Bill sponsor Rep. Ed Setzler – who Brittany helped in his re-election bid where he defeated an onslaught of out-of-state money to win in a challenging district (one that Joe Biden won by several percentage points).

You’ll be hearing from Brittany soon, but I want you to know how excited we are by her addition to our growing team!