Late last night, Gov. Gavin Newsom of California signed a bill into law that is a potential threat to any family in every other state.

This hours-old California law lets the state of California take custody of children from other states in order to do gender transition procedures – including puberty blockers, sterilizing cross-sex hormones, and irreversible surgeries – all without the parents’ knowledge or consent.

Essentially, it creates a transgender sanctuary that will serve as a magnet for minors whose parents won’t allow them to mutilate their bodies. This new law essentially brings the ultimate cancel culture right to the front door of every parent in the nation.

It also means that California has become the official state sponsor for transgederism’s cultish targeting of children in 49 other states.

The threat is real – and it is nationwide!

Family Policy Alliance is working right now to bolster state laws to protect against this radical threat. And we’re working with allies on Capitol Hill for a federal response – since this is a threat that crosses state lines.

Will you stand with us? We need your help for the huge state-by-state fight ahead!

California politicians have taken their swing. Now it’s our turn to bat. Will you stand with us?


Craig DeRoche
President & CEO

P.S. If you live in California – as so many good people do – please do not lose heart! We are working closely (even late last night and this morning) with our allies at California Family Council. Wherever you live – blue state, red state or in between – keep shining the light and standing strong!


A daughter in Arkansas says she wants to “transition” to living as a boy. Her wise and loving parents graciously but firmly say “no.”

What happens next?

If a new bill becomes law in California, that daughter could seek transgender drugs and surgery, getting court protection to do so – all without her parents’ consent.

According to California Family Council (our state ally leading the charge against this bill):

“Senator Scott Wiener’s bill, SB 107, would empower California courts to take ‘temporary emergency jurisdiction’ of children if they come to California for trans-drugs, surgery, or mental healthcare. The bill calls these treatments ‘gender-affirming care.’

Courts would also be instructed to ignore the fact that a child has been kidnapped from the parent or parents with legal custody, if the minor comes to the state for gender transitioning.”

This is a serious threat to parental rights and children’s health and well-being in every state. All that stands between now and that becoming a reality? Our governor’s signature.

Please send a message to California Governor Gavin Newsom NOW and ask him to veto this bill!

Our legislature is determined to make California a gender transition orphanage for the rest of the country—stripping parents in other states of their rightful and protective custody of their children.

Governor Newsom could sign this dangerous bill any day – time is working against us.

Send your message NOW using the form below. It takes less than a minute, and this is a critical threat to parental rights!

Standing with you,

Craig DeRoche
CEO and President