Dear Friends,

The past two days can only be accurately described as an all-out assault on Life. In response to the overturning of Roe by the Supreme Court, Governor Murphy, Senator Nia Gill, Assemblywoman Lisa Swain, and Assemblywoman Mila Jasey, and Assemblyman Raj Mukherji, have put forth one of the most lawless bills one can imagine.

Senate bill 2642 and Assembly bill 3974 would prohibit the governor from handing over an individual to another state who has been charged with performing or aiding in an illegal abortion. In other words, New Jersey doctors can travel across state lines and commit an illegal act in violation of another state’s abortion laws without facing legal consequences. Governor Murphy will have the power to use our state law to shield these doctors from any liability or prosecution.

This will empower the pro-abortion movement to carry out illegal abortions in states that regulate them. Abortionists who reside in those states will not perform them because they would face lawsuits or possibly arrest. Therefore, the Big Abortion lobby wants to send out-of-state abortionists into pro-life states to end the lives of babies, and then “extract” them back to the safe haven of radical abortion governors in their home state!

Send a message to your lawmakers today asking them to oppose these bills.

Please consider also  calling your State Senator and Assemblymembers TODAY and tell them to Vote NO on Senate bill 2642 and Assembly bill 3974.

Thank you for spreading the word!
Standing for Life,

Len Deo


Last week, Governor Murphy relaunched his plan to enrich New Jersey’s Big Abortion industry. His renewed call to mandate insurance companies cover the entire abortion cost without any copayments, and to codify into state law that non-physicians can perform unsafe abortions on women, has rightly infuriated people across the state.

“Gov. Murphy’s radical proposal calls for free abortions with no limits right up to birth, and he wants struggling New Jersey families to pay for abortions for everyone through even higher taxes and health care premiums.”
Senator Steve Oroho (R), Senate Minority Leader

“The Catholic Bishops of New Jersey join to express our disappointment and outrage over Governor Murphy’s announcement regarding proposed legislation to expand access to abortion in New Jersey, an act that by its very nature terminates human life. If enacted, this legislation would mandate health insurance coverage for abortions, codify regulations that allow non-physicians to perform abortions; and create a public fund that dedicates taxpayer money to pay for abortions.”
Joint statement from the New Jersey Catholic bishops on Governor Murphy’s proposal that all health insurers in New Jersey provide coverage for abortion services

“Governor Murphy and the pro-abortion legislators want everyone onboard their sinking ship of free abortion on demand. But more and more people are seeing abortion for what it is: a grave injustice and assault on women and their babies in the womb. In my church, immigrants, African Americans, and people across generations are united for life.”
– Brennan Coughlin, Fellowship CrossPoint, Chesterfield

 “This bill is demoralizing and tears at the very fabric of our morality. As legislation goes, so goes our society, and the governor is plunging us into an even deeper state of immorality with this bill. This bill is detestable and no one with a Biblical worldview should support anything that puts the life of any child at risk, whether in the womb or outside of the womb… it makes no difference.”
Pastor Alex McCormick, Impact Church, Burlington, NJ

Friends, these little babies are precious. Planned Parenthood, NJ Family Planning League, New Jersey Abortion Access Fund, and many others might have no concern for the lives of the least of these, but we do!

The work of the pro-life movement in NJ will be hard and strenuous in the months and years ahead. I am encouraged by the numerous pro-life voices and organizations that are working together to save lives and to assist women to find the help they need. Be on the lookout for future emails telling you how to take action to stop this heinous injustice against these little ones.

Fighting for your families here in the Garden State!

Len Deo

Governor Murphy released his administration’s proposed 2023 fiscal year budget on March 8. This annual responsibility kicks off numerous Senate and Assembly Budget Committee hearings throughout March, April, and May as your elected legislators debate the priorities and allocations of your money. The legislature must approve the final budget before the new fiscal year begins on July 1.

“The budget I propose today continues the work of the past four years – restoring fiscal responsibility, promoting economic growth, and making New Jersey stronger, fairer, and more affordable for our families and seniors,” said Governor Murphy.

 I asked myself, “who can be against such a lofty goal of taxation and spending?” Immediately, one thing came to my mind – The FACTS!

It has been said – budgets are moral documents. Family Policy Alliance of New Jersey, along with our prolife coalition partners, urge our state legislators to use the money confiscated from private citizens to protect life, not destroy it.

Fighting for your families here in the Garden State!

Len Deo


In the State:

Well, February 2nd came and went and Punxsutawney Phil, that famous little Groundhog, saw his shadow – meaning we have to endure six more weeks of winter. But what of Trenton Phil, our illustrious Governor, who saw his shadow? For us New Jerseyans, it means we are in for more taxing and spending here in the Garden State.

Just to compare, four years ago New Jersey’s annual budget was in the $34 billion dollar range. Today, under Governor Phil’s shadow, our annual budget has grown to close to $44 billion. Now that is a substantial increase over just four years, so what are we in for over his next four years? Time will tell!

While we normally do not take a position on tax and spending issues, there is one which greatly disturbs us – the funding that Planned Parenthood of New Jersey receives. Under the previous administration, Planned Parenthood lost its annual funding of $7.5 million for four years, thanks to Gov. Chris Christie. Under Gov. Murphy’s administration, the funding was restored to Planned Parenthood – $7.45 million plus an extra $9.5 million, giving the abortion provider close to $17 million in annual funding.

Now, after sneaking through the so called “Reproductive Freedom Act” in the last hours of the lame duck session, the State of New Jersey will be paying for abortions and seeking to force all insurance carriers to do the same for anyone in the state, citizen or non-citizen.

In fact, the language in the bill states this: “Every individual present in the State, including, but not limited to, an individual who is under State control or supervision, shall have the right to: choose or refuse contraception or sterilization; and choose whether to carry a pregnancy, to give birth, or to terminate a pregnancy.”

Stay connected … this battle is not over. Though it is an uphill battle, we will continue to engage and attempt to put restrictions in place. Is it a worthy cause? An emphatic YES!

In the Nation:

Another important case on Religious Freedom is going to the US Supreme Court. Coach Joe Kennedy, who is a former Marine, served multiple years as an assistant football coach at Bremerton High School in Washington state. Kennedy began coaching in 2008, and then in 2015, the Bremerton School District placed him on paid administrative leave, which resulted in Coach Kennedy’s absence from coaching football since that time. His crime? Praying on the football field! More to come involving our work on this – stay tuned!

Yours for the Family,

Len Deo

Tuesday is election day, PLEASE get out and vote!

There are a lot of issues at stake. One of the most egregious among them is the Reproductive Freedom Act, which expands abortion access – allowing more babies to be killed.

Governor Murphy wholeheartedly supports this atrocious bill, Jack Ciattarelli does not…

The LGBTQ+ agenda being taught in the schools – even down to the kindergarten level – is wholeheartedly supported by Governor Murphy, but Jack Ciattarelli does not…

Watch this short Project Veritas video, exposing Governor Murphy’s true colors. He plans to impose mask mandates on Garden Staters and children in public school AFTER the election. He knows this is not a winning issue before the election, so if reelected, he will move full speed ahead, “guns blazing…like, who cares?” on issues that will wreak havoc on family values.



Need a New Jersey voter guide? You can find it here.

If you care about our children’s and grandchildren’s futures, vote for Jack Ciattarelli who will stand up for family values and stand against the radical left’s woke indoctrination.

Your voice and vote matters!

For New Jersey,

Len Deo



One hundred babies per day are now saved each day in Texas because of the state’s new heartbeat law. This law allows residents to hold accountable abortionists who abort babies with a heartbeat. Governor Murphy and anti-life legislators in New Jersey are furious that babies are given safe haven in Texas. His response was swift and literally deadly: he urged state lawmakers to pass the NJ License to Kill Act (so-called Reproductive Freedom Act).

In a recent editorial about the Texas baby protection bill, Governor Murphy and Senator Loretta Weinberg called for the passage of their extreme bill to protect “reproductive justice”, “reproductive healthcare”, “reproductive freedom”, and the most ironic description of all, “lifesaving health care.

Yet, in all their empty rhetoric and the usage of poll-tested, politically approved phrases, they never mention the word ABORTION in support of their bill. They briefly use the word a single time in reference to a Mississippi law, but it is never used to justify the passage of the so-called Reproductive Freedom Act.

This is not surprising because many statewide media articles have covered Governor Murphy’s insistence to pass his treasured birthday abortion bill (a child could be aborted the same day they could have been born). In all of his press statements, responses, and campaign updates, he never uses the word ABORTION when he speaks about his radical abortion bill. Here are some examples:

Even his new campaign TV ad released this week, Governor Murphy talks about protecting “our right to choose” – but does not mention ABORTION.

Why is he so ashamed of the word – abortion? According to Oxford English dictionary, an abortion is the deliberate termination of a human pregnancy. The last thing most New Jersey voters want is more developing human lives being intentionally ended in the womb.

The good news is you and I, along with pro-life coalition partners across the state, are in the majority opinion on this proposed legislation.

The bad news is, unless these same voters who disapprove of this bill actually vote their consciences in November, preborn human babies might forever be unprotected in our state.

Please look for our 2021 Endorsements and Recommendations for this upcoming election in next week’s email and be ready to share it with others. Act like lives depend on it, because they do.

Protecting your family,

Shawn Hyland
Executive Director




P.S. Don’t forget the Guardian of the Family Gala is November 10th. Click HERE or on the image below to get your tickets today!

The images will not be forgotten. The fall of Afghanistan to Taliban Islamic Extremists is devastating to watch. I am sure this grief is equally shared among all faiths and cultures. Women and children will once again suffer unspeakable oppression. Our Christian brothers and sisters’ lives are at risk.

The collapse of the secular government was inevitable, but the chaos was not. What foreign policy analysts failed to predict was how quickly the Afghan military would give up the fight. They overestimated the will and preparedness of the armed forces and were therefore unprepared without a contingency plan to get Americans and our allies safely out of the country.

Some members of the Afghan military might have thought, “If we are not going to win, then why try?” If you cherish freedom, such a pessimistic surrender is unthinkable.

But do you cherish it?

I am concerned today that many people in New Jersey feel the government is going to do what they want. Families think, “They will eventually, either incrementally or abruptly, take away our religious and parental rights – so why try? Why protest? Why send letters? Why vote?”

It is true that Governor Murphy’s administration is actively working against the rights of parents and people of faith.

  1. In January 2020, they removed the religious exemption that protected churches from paying for abortion inducing drugs in their insurance plans.
  2. In February 2021, they passed a law that prohibited police from informing parents if their child was caught using marijuana. *This has now been changed due to public outcry.
  3. In July 2021, they passed a law that removed the parental consent requirement to distribute health surveys about sex and sexuality to students.

In addition, they have tried to remove the religious exemption from mandatory vaccinations and codify into law forever, a ban on parental notification for a minor seeking an abortion. These bills have not been passed, but the lame duck session this November will most likely see them arise as possible priorities for the current administration.

Are you willing to fight to maintain your religious and parental rights? Or will you become discouraged and walk away? Our struggle is not equivalent to the atrocities experienced by the Afghan people. There is no comparison, but our response when we see our constitutional freedoms at risk might be similar. We give up too easily! I want to encourage you to stay committed. Family Policy Alliance of New Jersey, along with our coalition partners across the state, is ready to protect your religious and parental rights.

Praying for you and the people of Afghanistan.

Shawn Hyland
Executive Director

I want to thank the hundreds of people who joined pro-life organizations and speakers from across New Jersey last week in Trenton. Your voice is being heard! Governor Murphy and the pro-abortion legislators assumed the so-called Reproductive Freedom Act would easily pass through committee, quickly receive majority support for a full floor vote in both chambers, and be on the governor’s desk within weeks of the bill being introduced. That was October of 2020. It is now June 2021, and the bill has not received a committee hearing in either the Senate or Assembly.

If Governor Murphy wants to borrow 4 billion dollars even though the state does not need it, the supermajority of his party approves his reckless fiscal management.

If Governor Murphy wants to extend his emergency powers until the end of December 2021, but at the same time officially end the state health emergency in June 2021, the supermajority of his party approves his relentless thirst for unchecked power.

However, if Governor Murphy wants to pass the so-called Reproductive Freedom Act, the supermajority of his party is not on board. Why?

Because it really is the most radical and dangerous abortion law ever introduced in any state!

It specifically says the preborn baby has no rights under state law, and therefore all abortions without restrictions of gestational development – up to the point of birth, will be forever legal in this state. Furthermore, if anyone, including non-residents of the state of New Jersey cannot afford a late term abortion, you will have to pay for it!

That would cause anyone with a conscience to pause and reassess their blind allegiance to their party’s leader’s demand for an unnecessary abortion bill. We are thankful to be working with Democrats for Life to try to convince legislators on both sides of the aisle to not allow this bill to move forward.

On a tragic note, the vote we alerted you to last week did not go our way. The Senate Health Committee voted to erode parental rights: schools will no longer be required to ask for a parent’s consent before administering student surveys regarding their sexual activities and beliefs.

Here are the votes of the Senate Health Committee from last Thursday:

YES vote = I do not believe schools should ask parents for their permission

NO vote = I believe schools should ask parents to actively grant permission

Joseph Vitale, Woodbridge (D) – Chair James Holzapfel, Brick (R)
Fred Madden, Turnersville, (D) – Vice-Chair Holly Schepisi, Westwood (R)
Richard Codey, Livingston (D) Robert Singer, Lakewood (R)
Vin Gopal, Freehold (D)
Joseph Lagana, Paramus (D)


Thank you for the action you took on this issue. We continue to fight for you!

Protecting your family,

Shawn Hyland
Executive Director

Jack Ciattarelli has won the Republican primary and will face Governor Phil Murphy this November. New Jersey voters will have the opportunity to uphold Governor Murphy’s radical abortion agenda and sexualization of public education, or pivot to a more popular and mainstream position regarding life in the womb and children in the classroom.

Jack has a track record in the legislature that concerns many conservatives. He voted for assisted suicide and has generally considered himself a pro-choice candidate in the past. However, the extreme anti-life platform of Governor Murphy gives a traditionally moderate republican a strong upper hand in protecting preborn babies.

“Phil Murphy’s eagerness to sign legislation that would permit abortions up to the time of birth shows how extreme and out of touch he is with the values of the vast majority of New Jerseyans in both parties. The debate over Roe v. Wade is one that evokes passion on both sides whereby reasonable people can disagree, but a law that would allow the abortion of full-term babies, outlaw parental notification for minors, and authorize non-licensed physicians to perform abortions is radical by any measure.”
Jack Ciattarelli

I have spoken to Jack on many occasions, including an hour-long conversation he had with pastors. He was clear in his objection to the social and sexual indoctrination happening in New Jersey public schools. He firmly believes these sensitive moral subjects should be left to parents, not activist teachers.

There are many months to go before the general election and a lot can happen. Please stay in prayer for our state, join us and other groups as we publicly gather to stop the so-called Reproductive Freedom Act, contact your legislators regarding their incessant erosion of parental rights, and speak out at your local board of education. We can not expect legislators to fight for our children if we do not first take a stand to protect them and the religious freedoms we cherish.

Protecting your family,

Shawn Hyland
Executive Director

New Jersey is the most densely populated state and one of the most diverse states in the nation. Here, people of different cultures and backgrounds can at times land on different sides of the intense policy debates that our state is facing.  However, I believe there is one thing we can agree on: the priorities of Governor Murphy are misplaced.

This week, he launched his first reelection campaign ad. His vision is to “move New Jersey forward.” Sounds catchy – something you would expect from high paid consultants tasked to poll slogans that resonate with targeted demographics and financial donors. This ad was his opportunity to put forward his platform to convince voters he is the best choice for the future of New Jersey.

What are his priorities in a second term?

  1. Increase school funding. Our state already has the fourth-highest cost-per-student of the 50 states and Washington, DC. Is this about funding students or rewarding teacher unions for their unwavering political allegiance?
  2. Increase the minimum wage. By the year 2024, New Jersey will tie as the #1 state in the nation for the highest minimum wage. Do we need to cripple more small businesses just to keep up with California? The CATO Institute presently ranks NJ as the second worst state in the nation for entrepreneurs.
  3. Increase the number of abortions. Seriously, Gov. Murphy’s vision for the future of New Jersey is to make sure we have more abortions in our state. The so-called Reproductive Freedom Act is a feature in his “move New Jersey forward” campaign ad, mentioned under the guise of “protecting reproductive rights.” According to, our state already ranks #2 among the 50 states and Washington, DC for the percentage of pregnancies that end in abortion. It seems Governor Murphy will not be satisfied until we are #1.

Governor Murphy is even weaponizing his Department of Education to make sure New Jersey remains abortion destination #1. The new revised learning standards you have heard me mention repeatedly also change the way abortion is taught in Health Class. covered this controversial abortion language change in an article last year:

Board member Andrew Mulvihill pointed to a change in language around abortion. Previous standards mentioned legal rights of abortion; the new standards cite it as an option for pregnancy.

“I don’t think teachers should be telling kids that one of the things you can do if you get pregnant is to have an abortion,” Mulvihill said at a May 3 meeting when the resolution was adopted. “There are a lot of people who fundamentally believe that is not something that should be taught.”

Please know that Family Policy Alliance of New Jersey, and a coalition of pro-life organizations in our state, meet every week as we work to save babies from this dangerous agenda.

Protecting your family,

Shawn Hyland
Executive Director