This past weekend, I enjoyed time with my wife shopping in the small businesses around the Jersey Shore. OK. She enjoyed it more. I just came along for damage control of our monthly budget! I happened to come across a brand of clothing that marketed a message in a variety of shirts: “Only NJ Understands NJ.” I honestly cannot refute the message. Our state is #3 in property taxes, #3 in income taxes, #1 in estate taxes; the tolls on major highways were just raised and the gas tax was increased. Our state budget exploded by $6 billion in just three years! Public schools have been handed over to left wing post-modern curriculum and our abortion laws continue to reflect China and North Korea – instead of the more life-affirming stance of 80% of the states in America!

In the upcoming fiscal budget, Governor Murphy and the Legislature agreed to give New Jersey families making under $150,000 per year with at least one child a one-time $500 tax rebate, just in time for next year’s reelection campaign. After that, the rebate will no longer exist, but the stronghold of abortion-on-demand and oversexualized public school priorities will be firmly entrenched in our political system. We must win back New Jersey in 2021! In the upcoming weeks, I will share with you our special virtual fundraiser that will help us accomplish that mission.

In the meantime, please be aware of the following:

New Jersey 2021 Fiscal Budget Passed: The upside-down budget that optimistically predicts $4.5 billion in debt will be passed by the Legislature and most likely signed by the Governor on Friday. This is a reckless disregard for our children who must carry this unsustainable financial burden in years ahead. Planned Parenthood once again received their promised grant of $15.7 million to fund abortions in mostly minority neighborhoods for the next nine months. This appalling use of state funds has become a routine business transaction between Governor Murphy and the abortion lobby in our state. The original proposed budget sought to slash $25 million from community colleges while unapologetically underwriting the global abortion giant of Planned Parenthood.

Ballots Received in New Jersey Homes: The vote by mail election is underway in the Garden State. Ballots have already been mailed this week to some precincts. Not surprising, 35,000 mail in ballots were rejected for 18 different reasons in New Jersey’s July 7 primary. Yet the Governor continues to move full speed ahead in hijacking the election process for his own preferred outcome. I have personal friends who moved out of New Jersey earlier this year and registered to vote in their new state of residence. However, they received two official New Jersey general election ballots this week at TWO previous New Jersey addresses – including one from seventeen years ago! Clearly, the voter rolls are outdated and unverified. If the process is broken from the start, can the results in close congressional districts throughout our state be trusted? Please make sure you are registered to vote! I highly recommend you visit our Elections page to find candidates that represent your convictions regarding abortion restrictions and religious freedom protections for people of faith.

Making New Jersey better,

Shawn Hyland
Director of Advocacy

Dear Friends,

Over the years at Family Policy Alliance, we’ve had the privilege of being entrusted with some of your (parents & grandparents) deepest concerns about your children. You’ve given us the privilege of praying for your children and of helping you decide how to best handle issues that have arisen affecting your children.

Through the course of this partnership with you, some of the saddest situations you’ve shared with us are what your children have been exposed to at school. And we’ve had the heavy responsibility to warn you about what is happening in schools across the nation.

Remember Planned Parenthood’s radical sex education curriculum that they’re pedaling in public schools or now through your children’s phones? We partnered with a diverse coalition to expose the transgender policies being sprung on children in schools, providing parents with a comprehensive guide to understanding and addressing concerns. We’ve helped rally parents to oppose a radical new LGBT curriculum requirement And lately, we’ve been fighting to save girls’ sports from becoming targets in the latest round of political attacks. And so much more.

Now we’re excited to invite you to attend a virtual eventThe Protecting Children in Education Summit

The virtual summit is a one-day-only event on August 12th, from 10:00AM – 12:00PM Eastern Time. The event is FREE, but you do need to register online!

Family Policy Alliance® is joining with our friends at The Heritage Foundation, Alliance Defending Freedom, California Family Council, Family Research Council, Family Watch International, and Massachusetts Family Institute to provide this first-ever event for parents and grandparents.

The first session will alert parents to state and federal—and even international—efforts to sexualize children using school curriculum. The second session will expose the curriculum itself and how it fails to meet legal standards.

This is sure to be an eye-opening event! And, you can watch and learn online from home or work.


We hope you’ll join us virtually!

For children,

Autumn Leva
Vice President, Strategy

In 2020, it’s easy to look around and wonder—is there anything good happening??

I’m thankful that the answer is YES, and you have been a part of making these good things happen!

Let me count some of the things we are grateful for at Family Policy Alliance, and I hope you will join us in praising God for this good news! And remember, these wins came about despite COVID-19 and all the challenges it brought right in the middle of when state legislatures were supposed to be busiest.

  1. First, do no harm.

    When we elect lawmakers to represent us and our values, the first thing we hope and expect of them is that when they get to our capitols, they first “do no harm.” In other words, please don’t mess things up.We know that politicians can often mess things up, but this year many states were able to block a lot of bills that would deeply harm the lives of children and families—in large part because believers and pro-family voices joined together to push back against these bad bills.For example, New Mexico was poised to pass a bill proposed by their governor and pro-abortion legislators that would codify abortion up to the moment of birth in state law. Believers of all denominations joined together in opposition. The bill’s defeat is widely celebrated as the greatest victory for New Mexico’s pro-life movement in modern history.

    In Georgia, the casino lobby spent major resources to lobby for unprecedented gambling expansion the Peach State, yet pro-family conservatives rallied enough opposition that the bill was pulled at the last minute.

    And, in Colorado where far Left activists have been having a field day with passing laws that are increasingly harmful to families, the state was set to pass the latest bill that would redefine what it means to be a “parent.” The bill would have, among other consequences, divorced child birth from parentage making the family entirely a creature of state contract law and encouraged the use of Artificial Reproduction Technology – in which many extra embryos are created and, in most cases, eventually killed – thus adding to the loss of babies in our state. A coalition of conservatives and believers rallied, and the bill was stopped.

  2. Saving girls’ sports!

    As you probably know, girls’ athletics are under attack by activists who would sacrifice girls’ athletic opportunities on the altar of a political agenda so that boys (who identify themselves as girls) can compete in girls’ divisions and steal girls’ scholarships. The state of Idaho had enough, and they became the first state in the country to pass a law protecting girls’ sports!Way to go Idaho! Their new law is under attack in court by the ACLU, so much work remains to be done to save that law so that other states can follow Idaho’s lead. Join the fight to Save Girls’ Sports if you haven’t already!The other good news on the girls’ sports front is that the Trump Administration has repeatedly clarified that to permit boys to steal girls’ athletic opportunities would be a violation of Title IX, the civil rights law that ensures girls equal access to academic and athletic opportunities with boys. And, the Trump Administration has also sided with Idaho in protecting its new law!
  3. Stopping Planned Parenthood & Nancy Pelosi, saving livesAs the COVID situation began to unfold, Nancy Pelosi’s COVID relief plan included a billion-dollar funding stream with a provision that would have excluded the Hyde Amendment — which has protected against taxpayer funding of abortions for decades. Thanks to tens of thousands of you raising your voice and to the White House, her plan was stopped.Then, while Planned Parenthood was seeking out masks and gloves in the thick of the crisis, they (and the broader abortion lobby) attempted to skirt regulations meant to protect women on the chemical abortion pill. With your support, Family Policy Alliance rallied a coalition of national and state-based allies to stop the effort in its tracks. Now that battle will continue to be fought in courts.

    Laws to save lives were also being advanced! In the midst of COVID, Family Policy Alliance of Wyoming helped shepherd a bill to protect babies who survive botched abortions. The bill passed all the way through the Wyoming legislature, even though Wyoming’s governor ultimately vetoed it. This fight isn’t over!

  4. Education freedom for families

    In America, our legal system is built upon recognizing certain God-given freedoms—including the right of parents to direct their children’s care and education. But sometimes, financial limitations prevent parents from being able to fully realize that right.Thankfully, in the midst of the COVID crisis, two major things happened to advance education freedom for families. First, President Trump’s Administration issued a rule to ensure that COVID relief funding would serve all students—those in public and private schools.Second, the Supreme Court struck down what’s called a “Blaine Amendment,” an antiquated law that has been used to prevent faith-based schools from being part of a school choice programs simply because they are faith-based. The ruling was a win for parents, for religious freedom, and most importantly—for children. We believe that children win when their parents can choose the best education for each child, and that no government should place limitations on a child’s future because of her zip code or her family’s income.

We hope this list of wins to be thankful for encourages you as it does us—and these were only a small sample of the good things happening across the country this year! Your voice makes a difference. Your vote can change lives. Your support is invaluable.

And certainly the fight isn’t over. Because of COVID, many state legislatures were cut short. This means that many, many good policies that protect lives and families were also not able to advance.

That’s why Family Policy Alliance is already gearing up for both the 2020 election and for January 2021 when most state legislatures get back to work. The 2020 election is critical to ensure that we have the right lawmakers representing us and our values in every state—so that we can advance those good, pro-family policies in 2021.

As you can see, the policies that are passed by good lawmakers can truly save lives and create a better country for our children.

No one’s claiming that any politician or law can be our country’s savior—only Jesus Christ can fill that role, and it’s clear today that we all need His saving grace. But we do claim that God has placed each of us in this country at this time to represent His truth in our system of government.

That is our calling and that is our unique form of ministry at Family Policy Alliance.

As we prepare for November 2020 and the life-saving policies we seek to pass into law in 2021, will you consider a gift to Family Policy Alliance?

For truth & for His calling,

Autumn Leva
Vice President, Strategy


Symbols are loud. Silent, but not unheard. For example, LGBT agenda flags celebrating sexual pride flying over a business or local town hall, communicate that Biblical beliefs are unwelcomed and unaccepted inside those doors. Post-modern sexuality has taken that battle hill in this eternal war for truth.

The confederate flag in similar fashion is a symbol of cultural southern pride to some, and a message to others of being unwelcomed and unaccepted. If the Mason-Dixon line were to have been extended directly due east, it would run near Penns Grove, NJ on the Western part of our state and Barnegat, NJ on the East. Despite racial tensions in south Jersey in the early 20th century and in Newark in the 1960’s, we now live in the most diverse state in the union. I am Jersey Proud!

Today, America is at odds not over symbols but over statues. It is a struggle over history. American Exceptionalism or American Fatalism? Who will win the war for the soul of our nation? If Garden State Equality lessons are used, middle school students may not know if they are a boy or a girl after sitting through Health class, but they know America is an evil oppressive nation after sitting through History class.  

NJ is not absent from the conflict. Woodrow Wilson’s name is being removed from Monmouth University’s marquee building, and in Trenton, Governor Murphy has now abandoned the desk of President Wilson in his office.

Let’s remember history, President Woodrow Wilson (D) is the father of progressivism – holding fast to a globalist, elitist, racist view of the world. Margret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood was his contemporary and held identical racist ideologies. She founded the largest most powerful abortion provider in the world to systematically target people of color. Will the radical left demand the dismantling of Planned Parenthood? In NJ, our legislature awards them with 20 million dollars per year! Woodrow Wilson most assuredly would be proud.

Presidents and founding fathers who built our nation on the foundation of religion and morality will forever be tainted for their possession of slaves. Should their relative experience of a global widespread historic wrong that predated their existence, sweep away their contributions to the concepts of individualism and religious liberty? If yes, does this same standard of collective condemnation apply to modern progressive Presidents who support the destruction of tens of millions of human lives in the womb through abortion?

I am proud to be an American. Some surveys rank NJ as the least patriotic state in America, but this is not the NJ I know. This independence weekend be intentional about your patriotism. Vote in the primaries by July 7, display an American flag, serve in your church, love your neighbor, pray for your leaders.

Enjoy this Independence Weekend!

Shawn Hyland
Director of Advocacy

As you know from recent Family Policy Alliance® reports, Planned Parenthood and the abortion lobby have been in high gear throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, doing all they can to seize the “opportunity” to perform more abortions and bolster their bottom line. From defying state orders to stop elective abortions, to requesting valuable personal protective equipment when it was desperately needed by frontline healthcare workers, to announcing telehealth abortions available in all 50 states, they have shown they will stop at nothing to expand their life-destroying business.

Last week, the news continued. Fox News first broke the story that Planned Parenthood affiliates erroneously received $80 million in Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) funds. While they weren’t eligible for these taxpayer funds, they found a way to secure them – at least for now.

Thankfully, the Trump Administration is working to get the Planned Parenthood money back, and there are legislative proposals in both chambers of Congress to respond to pro-abortion power grabs.

In the House, Rep. Mike Conaway (R-TX) has introduced the Protecting Life in Crisis Act (H.R. 6742) to explicitly prohibit federal COVID-19 response funds from going towards abortions or abortion coverage. Conaway’s bill – which has 99 co-sponsors, including Statesmen Academy alumnus Rep. Jim Banks (R-IN) – extends existing Hyde Amendment protections to any COVID-19-related bills. It also prevents federal tax credits from being used to cover any post-employment healthcare (COBRA) premiums that include abortion coverage.

In the Senate, Sen. Bill Cassidy, M.D. (R-LA) introduced legislation to prohibit chemical abortions without the supervision of a healthcare provider. The Teleabortion Prevention Act (S. 3252) would make it a federal offense for healthcare providers to perform a chemical abortion without first physically examining the patient, being present during the procedure, and scheduling a follow-up visit for the patient. It would also stop attempts by pro-abortion businesses like Planned Parenthood that use teleabortion to work around state law.

Sen. Kelly Loeffler (R-GA) recently introduced the Limiting Infant Fatality and Empowering Nonprofit Organization Workforces (LIFE NOW) Act. This bill would prohibit taxpayer dollars from funding abortion providers while also expanding the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) to make more 501(c)(3) organizations eligible for federal funding. The LIFE NOW Act, which is co-sponsored by Sen. Kevin Cramer (R-ND), Sen. James Lankford (R-OK) and Sen. Mike Rounds (R-SD), will eliminate the affiliation rules and 500-employee cap to allow larger nonprofits and churches to receive PPP loans. This legislation would immediately help large churches, YMCAs and other worthy organizations that need assistance to stay afloat during this difficult time.

What can you do to advance pro-life policies in Congress and around the nation? One of the most important ways is to partner with Family Policy Alliance in electing solid prolife leaders to office—so they can carry the banner for life in state capitols and the U.S. Capitol. In recent elections, your support mobilized millions of pro-life voters to help elect a dozen pro-life U.S. senators, including most of the senators mentioned above. For example, in 2014, together we helped elect Bill Cassidy to the U.S. Senate with more than 300,000 mailers and a million phone calls to educate and mobilize Louisiana voters. Most recently, in 2018 we assisted Kevin Cramer in North Dakota with mail, on-the-ground phone banks, digital ads and video.

Now, several key U.S. Senate races are among our top election priorities for 2020. Will you help advance pro-life policies with your donation today?

For life,

Brittany Jones, Esq.
Policy Manager


P.S. As we reported to you last Friday, President Trump declared churches “essential” and called on governors to allow all houses of worship to open immediately.  As many churches make plans to do so this Sunday and in the coming weeks, the CDC has issued Guidance for Communities of Faith to assist.  The guidance includes detailed suggestions for how to achieve social distancing, help prevent the spread of COVID-19 and maintain a healthy environment for congregants and staff.  Please consider reviewing this information and sharing it with your pastor and church.


You’ve probably already heard that Planned Parenthood’s COVID-19 plan has been to ask for donations of masks and gloves, push surgical abortion, and defy state orders to halt nonessential procedures. But what hasn’t gotten as much attention is how Planned Parenthood seized upon the quarantine opportunity to ramp up advertising on “virtual sex education” and “virtual abortion.”

“Virtual sex education” to get around parents

Several years ago, Planned Parenthood launched an interactive app and a chatbot (called Roo) that can interact with children as young as thirteen about birth control and sex. They also use these online tools to engage children on other issues such as gender and relationship concerns. Parents are asking: should a bot really be the one talking to our kids about these important issues?

Roo is introduced as “Roo answers all your awkward questions about sexual health, relationships, growing up, and more. Chatting with Roo is free and private, so go ahead and ask the things you don’t want to ask out loud.” It claims to be the most trusted provider of sex ed. Bustle (a popular young women’s website) claims that Roo is a way for kids to get around abstinence-focused education. A child as young as 13 (or who says she is 13) can use the site. But Planned Parenthood is not just teaching kids the basics about biology, they are pushing a radical sexual agenda that encourages unhealthy exploration in secret.

Planned Parenthood is also working with the World Health Organization to push similar services internationally during the pandemic. Thankfully, President Trump cut funds for the World Health Organization over the next several months. However, Planned Parenthood’s radical sexual agenda is not something that the United States should have ever been funding or should fund in the future.

“Do it yourself abortions” to get around safety regulations

Planned Parenthood announced in April that it was expanding its telehealth offerings into all 50 states and is simultaneously pushing for state and federal governments to ease restrictions on the abortion pill. They are particularly interested in removing safety protocols for women taking the abortion pill.

While telehealth can be a vital life-saving tool when used for the right procedures, abortion is most definitely not one of them. There are significant risk factors for many women when it comes to chemical abortions. Receiving abortion pills through the mail is currently illegal under federal law and is very unwise, medically.

Abortions by pill, or “do it yourself abortions,” leave women to face any complications or even the potential of a failed abortion on their own, without appropriate medical care. Even if women do seek out care after a failed abortion, they are being instructed to tell other medical professionals that they simply had a natural miscarriage. This hides key information that medical professionals may need to help a women and her baby after a failed abortion—and skirts rules for reporting abortion complications in some states.

Planned Parenthood’s ramped up virtual agenda is a convenient way for them to get around even basic regulations at their surgical facilities—and to exclude a child’s parents from some of the most important conversations of her life.

Planned Parenthood is moving full speed ahead to gain access to children in their homes through their devices. But, the Family Policy Alliance team is already working to stop Planned Parenthood’s virtual efforts at both state and federal levels of government and is using the time during the COVID-19 shutdowns to build helpful guides to equip parents to handle these challenges and advocate for their children.

Because our kids deserve better than Planned Parenthood,

Brittany Jones, Esq.
Policy Manager


Two weeks ago, Family Policy Alliance of New Mexico® released its 2020 Legislative Pro-Life Scorecard which reflects the pro-life/pro-abortion positions for every incumbent State Senator and State Representative in the New Mexico Legislature. However, given the upcoming June Primary Election, many have inquired about the positions of other legislative candidates running in contested Democratic and Republican primaries.

This week, we are providing the results of our research after reviewing endorsements from our friends at Right to Life Committee of New Mexico, legislative voting records, public comments, candidate questionnaires from the Albuquerque Journal, and endorsements from the pro-abortion political group, Planned Parenthood Votes New Mexico.

Candidates in GREEN have stated positions and/or cast votes consistent with a PRO-LIFE platform.

Candidates in RED have stated positions and/or cast votes consistent with a PRO-ABORTION platform.

We hope this information is helpful for you! Please feel free to forward and share with others.


Vince Torres
President & Executive Director



State Senate Contested Primaries

District 3 – Democrat
Sen. Shannon Pinto – Supports abortion per Governor’s Office Press Release (7/18/19)
Dineh Benally – Position unknown
Shawn Nelson – Position unknown

District 4 – Democrat
Sen. George Munoz – Recommended by Right to Life
Noreen Kelly – Supports abortion law repeal per Albuquerque Journal Questionnaire (2020)

District 5 – Democrat
Sen. Richard Martinez – Endorsed by Right to Life
Leo Jaramillo – Endorsed by Planned Parenthood

District 8 – Democrat
Sen. Pete Campos – Recommended by Right to Life
Connie Trujillo – Endorsed by Planned Parenthood

District 9 – Democrat
Ben Rodefer – Supports abortion law repeal per Albuquerque Journal Questionnaire (2020)
Kevin Lucero – Supports abortion law repeal per Albuquerque Journal Questionnaire (2020)
Brenda McKenna – Endorsed by Planned Parenthood

District 9 – Republican
Bridget Condon – Endorsed by Right to Life
John Clark
– Pro-Life per Albuquerque Journal Questionnaire (2020)
Tania Arletha Dennis – Position unknown

District 10 – Democrat
Katy Duhigg – Endorsed by Planned Parenthood
Alan Hall – Supports abortion law repeal per Albuquerque Journal Questionnaire (2020)

District 17 – Democrat
Shannon Robinson – Supports abortion law repeal per Albuquerque Journal Questionnaire (2020)
Sen. Mimi Stewart – Endorsed by Planned Parenthood

District 19 – Republican
Rep. Gregg Schmedes – Endorsed by Right to Life
Sen. James White – Endorsed by Right to Life

District 20 – Democrat
Martin Hickey – Supports abortion law repeal per Albuquerque Journal Questionnaire (2020)
Nancy Savage – Supports abortion law repeal per Albuquerque Journal Questionnaire (2020)
Rebecca Stair – Endorsed by Planned Parenthood
Idalia Tena – Failed to answer

District 20 – Republican
Karin Foster – Position unknown
John Morton – Endorsed by Right to Life

District 28 – Democrat
Siah Hemphill – Endorsed by Planned Parenthood
Sen. Gabriel Ramos – Endorsed by Right to Life

District 30 – Democrat
Pamela Cordova – Endorsed by Planned Parenthood
Sen. Clemente Sanchez – Recommended by Right to Life

District 30 – Republican
Kelly Noble – Pro-Life per campaign website
Joshua Sanchez – Position unknown

District 31- Democrat
Sen. Joseph Cervantes – Endorsed by Planned Parenthood
Melissa Ontiveros – Supports abortion law repeal per Albuquerque Journal Questionnaire (2020)
Arturo Terrazas – Supports abortion law repeal per Albuquerque Journal Questionnaire (2020)

District 33 – Republican
Sen. Bill Burt – Recommended by Right to Life
Chris Hensley – Endorsed by Right to Life

District 35 – Democrat
Neomi Martinez Parra – Endorsed by Planned Parenthood
Sen. John Arthur Smith – Recommended by Right to Life

District 36 – Republican
Roger Baker – Endorsed by Right to Life
Kimberly Skaggs – Pro-Life per campaign website

District 38 – Democrat
Carrie Hamblen – Endorsed by Planned Parenthood
Sen. Mary Kay Papen – Recommended by Right to Life

District 39 – Republican
Joey Tiano – Endorsed by Right to Life
Susan Vescovo – Endorsed by Right to Life

District 41 – Republican
Sen. Gregg Fulfer – Recommended by Right to Life
Rep. David Gallegos – Endorsed by Right to Life


State House Contested Primaries

District 13 – Democrat
Rep. Patricia Roybal Caballero – Endorsed by Planned Parenthood
Edwina Pina Cisneros – Supports abortion law repeal per Albuquerque Journal Questionnaire (2020)

District 14 – Democrat
Robert Chavez – Supports abortion law repeal per Albuquerque Journal Questionnaire (2020)
Rep. Miguel Garcia – Endorsed by Planned Parenthood

District 17 – Democrat
Rep. Deborah Armstrong – Endorsed by Planned Parenthood
Laura Lucero y Ruiz De Gutierrez – Supports abortion law repeal per Albuquerque Journal Questionnaire (2020)

District 20 – Democrat
Meredith Dixon – Endorsed by Planned Parenthood
Ilena Estrella – Supports abortion law repeal per Albuquerque Journal Questionnaire (2020)

District 23 – Republican
Ellis McMath – Endorsed by Right to Life
Audrey Trujillo – Endorsed by Right to Life

District 27 – Democrat
Rep. Marian Matthews – Endorsed by Planned Parenthood
William Orr – Supports abortion law repeal per Albuquerque Journal Questionnaire (2020)

District 27 – Republican
Robert Godshall – Endorsed by Right to Life
Jill Michel – Pro-Life per Albuquerque Journal Questionnaire (2020)

District 34 – Democrat
Bealquin Gomez – Voted against pro-life legislation (2015)
Rep. Raymundo Lara – Endorsed by Planned Parenthood

District 40 – Democrat
Matthew Gonzales – Endorsed by Right to Life
Roger Montoya – Endorsed by Planned Parenthood

District 42 – Democrat
Mark Gallegos – Supports abortion per Taos County Commission Meeting comments (12/30/2019)
Kristina Ortez – Endorsed by Planned Parenthood

District 42 – Republican
Linda Calhoun – Pro-Life per Albuquerque Journal Questionnaire (2020)
Paul Martinez – Endorsed by Right to Life

District 45 – Democrat
Carmichael Dominguez – Supports abortion law repeal per Albuquerque Journal Questionnaire (2020)
Lisa Martinez – Supports abortion law repeal per Albuquerque Journal Questionnaire (2020)
Yolanda Sena – Position unknown
Linda Serrato – Endorsed by Planned Parenthood
Patrick Varela – Endorsed by Right to Life

District 50 – Democrat
Rebecca King Spindle – Position unknown
Rep. Matthew McQueen – Endorsed by Planned Parenthood

District 61 – Republican
Randall Pettigrew – Pro-Life per campaign website
David Snider – Position unknown

District 65 – Democrat
James Magdalena Recommended by Right to Life
Rep. Derrick Lente – Voted for pro-abortion legislation (2018)

District 70 – Democrat
Robert Anaya – Supports abortion law repeal per Albuquerque Journal Questionnaire (2020)
Ambrose Castellano – Position unknown
Anita Gonzales – Endorsed by Planned Parenthood


Paid for by Family Policy Alliance of New Mexico

If there were a fire in your house, what would you save?

It’s a timeless question, and one that’s been very relevant in COVID-19. State officials have been forced to ask, “If there were coronavirus in our state, what would stay open? What is ‘essential?’”

In some states, the answer is “abortion.” And where the state has not deemed abortion essential – requiring the clinic to close – Planned Parenthood has been loud and clear: our doors stay open.

I wrote recently about Planned Parenthood’s defiance of state orders by continuing elective abortions. At that point they were even requesting valuable personal protective equipment in Pennsylvania and California.

You may have responded to this news by supporting us in prayer or through your sacrificial giving. Thank you!

Today, I wanted to share an update. Here’s a hint: Planned Parenthood and the broader abortion lobby are doing the old one-two – but with your help we’re fighting back.

Hit #1: Lawsuits, lawsuits, and even more lawsuits.

Several state governors have correctly identified abortion as a non-essential service, requiring clinics to temporarily stop services to varying extents depending on the state.

Planned Parenthood has been swift to respond with lawsuits, teaming up with the ACLU and Center for Reproductive Rights. These three big-name abortion advocates have filed lawsuits, either together or separately, in a total of at least eight states as of this writing.

While not all cases have been decided, I am sad to report that in those that have, the abortion lobby has consistently received favorable court rulings.

As frustrating as these court decisions may be, it’s important to remember that they could be appealed, and moreover that this isn’t Planned Parenthood’s only move.  Lawsuits are just their defensive mechanism against temporary state decisions.

They also have offensive moves.

Hit #2: The fight for telehealth expansion.

Last week, Planned Parenthood put out a press release announcing that they were making telehealth available in all fifty states. Depending on the state’s laws, that could mean abortion counseling, or it could mean abortionists actually prescribing medication abortions to women during a video consultation.

In other words, Planned Parenthood is not only advocating against temporary rules that protect life, preserve medical supplies, and hurt their business model. They’re using coronavirus as an opportunity to ignore safeguards and push for a boost to their bottom line.

Like with the lawsuits, the broader abortion lobby is joining in the fight.

Several pro-abortion Attorneys General wrote to federal officials asking that they lift safeguards currently in place for the abortion pill. These safeguards—including prohibiting an abortionist from sending abortion medications directly to a woman—are meant to protect women from serious health risks in the abortion pill.

What is Family Policy Alliance doing about this?

Thanks to your generous and prayerful support,  we’re fighting back. Last month, Family Policy Alliance joined in unity with other prolife organizations to call on the Trump Administration to prevent emergency funds from going to abortionists and to maintain existing safeguards around the abortion pill. Last week, our friends from thirty-two state-based family policy groups sent a letter to federal officials that affirmed important safeguards to protect women. We will be following up with additional actions in the days to come – stay tuned!

To keep up this fight and take next steps,  we rely on the sacrificial gifts of our ministry partners. If you are able, would you consider partnering with us to stop Planned  Parenthood and build a culture of life?

The abortion lobby is relentless in its fight to increase abortions and its bottom line. But with your support, for as long they fight for abortion, we will fight for life.


Meridian Baldacci
Policy & Communications Strategist


Wow! The 2020 Idaho Legislative Session has officially concluded—and what a successful session it was!

The laws passed this year should provide families with hope for the future of Idaho. Family Policy Alliance of Idaho has been on the front lines—equipping legislators and mobilizing voters—to make sure Idaho will continue to be a place where God is honored, religious freedom flourishes, families thrive, and life is cherished.

Here are the victories we achieved this year:

1. Simon’s Law (HB578): Signed by Gov. Little

Until now, Idaho doctors were legally allowed to withdraw life-sustaining care from a child without consulting the parents. Simon’s Law closes this loophole, making sure parents are notified and have the right to transfer medical care of their child to another provider.

Please read Simon and Tabitha’s stories to see why Simon’s Law is necessary—or watch our press conference HERE.

Sponsors: Rep. John Vander Woude (R-Nampa) and Sen. Lori Den Hartog (R-Meridian)

2. Fairness in Women’s Sports Act (HB500): Signed by Governor Little

This first-in-the-nation law will help save girls’ sports and preserve athletic opportunities for our daughters. As more biological men start competing in women’s sports, female athletes are being displaced and losing out on the victories they’ve worked hard to achieve. The Fairness in Women’s Sports Act limits participation in girls’ high school and college sports to biological girls, making clear that women’s sports are for women only.

Read my article explaining more about this groundbreaking law at The Resurgent.

Sponsors: Rep. Barbara Ehardt (R-Idaho Falls) and Sen. Mary Souza (R-Coeur d’Alene)

3. Idaho Vital Statistics Act (HB509): Signed by Governor Little

The Idaho Vital Statistics Act restores factual accuracy to state records by preventing people from changing the “sex” marker on their birth certificates.

Without accurate birth certificates, law enforcement officials have a harder time identifying suspects and victims, and public health officials can’t compile accurate statistics. Furthermore, just imagine the mess that occurs in the criminal justice system and in women’s domestic violence shelters when it becomes impossible to quickly and conclusively determine a person’s biological sex.

Sponsors: Rep. Julianne Young (R-Blackfoot) and Senator Steve Vick (R-Dalton Gardens)

4. “Choose Life” License Plate (SB1249): Signed by Governor Little

This law creates a new “Choose Life” specialty license plate that will be available at Idaho DMVs starting January 2021. Proceeds from the sale of these license plates will be distributed to pro-life pregnancy resource centers offering compassionate care and support to women facing unexpected pregnancies.

Sponsors: Sen. Regina Bayer (R-Meridian) and Rep. Brent Crane (R-Nampa)

5. Abortifacient Mandate (SB1275): Defeated in Senate

Sometimes victory is found not only the good bills you pass, but in the bad bills that you defeat. This legislation, which was written and supported by Planned Parenthood, would have required that insurance companies cover a six-month supply of contraception—including abortifacients like “Plan B” and “Ella.” These abortifacient drugs end a pregnancy after conception by preventing a fertilized egg from implanting and receiving the nutrition it needs to survive.

Sponsor: Sen. Cherie Buckner-Webb (D-Boise)

I am so grateful for YOUR support that enabled these successes. You have been a shining example of what we at Family Policy Alliance call “biblical citizenship.” Hundreds of you sent emails and made phone calls to your legislators and the governor, and many more prayed for our efforts and supported us financially. We couldn’t have done it without YOU!

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Standing boldly for Idaho families,

Blaine Conzatti
Director of Advocacy

Two weeks ago, state orders started trickling in: elective surgeries were canceled. These were wartime orders, designed to preserve medical resources for doctors fighting COVID-19. Elective surgeries could wait.

But Planned Parenthood kept going.

Soon, more states followed. Some made sure to clarify that abortion was canceled, too.

And still, Planned Parenthood kept going.

It has the makings of an inspirational story, a little engine that could, except in this case it’s a well-oiled machine determined to bolster its bottom line – by killing innocent children, and using desperately-needed medical supplies to do it.

In Texas and Ohio – where officials have clarified the ban on abortion – Planned Parenthood has resisted. In Texas, it has rallied pro-abortion forces in a lawsuit against the Attorney General, insisting that abortion is an “essential” service not banned by the order.

In Ohio, Planned Parenthood has chosen simply to ignore the state’s order and remain open anyway, for the same reasons it’s suing Texas: its services are “essential.”

And it doesn’t stop there. Yesterday, some Planned Parenthood locations turned to the public for support, asking for donations of supplies including masks and hand sanitizer. You read that correctly: at a time when states nationwide are doing all in their power to preserve medical supplies for the front lines, Planned Parenthood is asking for a share in the same supplies to perform abortions.

Planned Parenthood isn’t stopping for COVID-19 – and neither are we.

At Family Policy Alliance, we’re blessed to be able to work from wherever we are. As the COVID-19 crisis continues, we’ve been staying busy. Here’s just a sample of what we’ve been working on during lockdown:

To do this work, we need your active involvement. We value your prayers, your continued action on these pressing issues, and your financial support. We, like many other groups, have felt the financial impact of COVID-19 – but our work hasn’t stopped. The world may seem to be on hold, but this crisis has posed new challenges for protecting our families.

Please consider joining with us in this mission as you are able. The fight continues.

Pressing On,

Meridian Baldacci
Policy and Communications Strategist