Most people know that Family Policy Alliance & Foundation work to protect children from transgender extremism and sexualization, to pass laws that protect and cherish life, and to secure religious freedom.

But most don’t know that Family Policy Foundation trains Christ-centered men and women year-round—those men and women God has called to the halls of political power. Family Policy Foundation has a heart to equip those men and women called to serve in public office—from the school board to the state legislature to Congress—in how to effectively advocate for the values we hold dear, and how to stay true to those values while serving in office.

Here are a few of the groups of people we’re training…

Congressional members and staff: Through our training programs for the U.S. House of Representatives and U.S. Senate in Washington, D.C., we train Members and their staff all year on how to be pro-life champions, how to understand the transgender phenomenon and protect children from it, and much more.


Congressional members and staff: Through our training programs for the U.S. House of Representatives and U.S. Senate in Washington, D.C., we train Members and their staff all year on how to be pro-life champions, how to understand the transgender phenomenon and protect children from it, and much more.



Christian state legislators:
Since 2016, the Statesmen Academy has trained Christian state legislators with the knowledge, skills, and temperament for successful policy making. Nearly 150 alumni from 35 states are working in alliance to save lives, stop the transgender lobby, and protect parental rights.Many of these alumni already have championed pro-life legislation, fought to save girls sports, and led the way to prohibit the dangerous “transitioning” of children in their states.



Pro-family school board members: The School Board Academy is the first national school board training program for pro-family conservatives delivered from a biblical worldview. It equips school board members to effectively combat woke ideology in public education.

These programs minister to our public officials, creating lasting change within the halls of power. None of these trained men and women believes that government is the solution to the deeper heart issues in our nation. But all of them seek to honor God with their vote and the position they’ve been called to, striving to best reflect biblical principles and values in our system of government for the good of all.

As Family Policy Foundation heads into our annual weeklong training program for the new class of Statesmen Academy legislators next week, please be in prayer for these men and women as they seek the Lord in their calling; learn how to effectively champion parental rights, God’s design for sexuality, and pro-life policy; undergo rigorous media training; explore the biblical and historical foundations of our laws and nation; and discover how to stay true to their values despite the pressures of public office.

These trained and dedicated men and women represent your values in D.C., your state capitol, and your school board – and they need your prayers!

Ways You Can Help

To Sponsor a Statesmen to attend the Statesmen Academy, an experience alumni have noted is foundational and life-changing, click here.

Encourage like-minded school board members to apply for the School Board Academy here.

Sponsor a school board member to attend the School Board Academy here.

I believe these men and women are one of the best kept secrets in America!

In prayer for our leaders,

Autumn Leva
Senior Vice President, Strategy

How should a Christian be a political leader? As Christians, we are called to let our light shine, and that can look different for each of us. For Representative Josh Brecheen, he chose to listen to the still small voice telling him to be a political leader.

Hear from Congressman Brecheen in our live video this week! He shares how being a father inspired him to run for office, and how he chooses to lead not with ambition, but with faith.

Join us live on Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube on November 17, 2022
10:00am PT / 11:00am MT / 12:00pm CT / 1:00pm ET

How Should a Christian Act as a Political Leader? A Conversation With Rep. Josh Brecheen

Not on Facebook? Watch on YouTube or below!

Josh Brecheen is a 4th generation rancher who grew up cleaning horse stalls, breaking colts, and hauling square bales. A Christian, he stood up for his values in American politics, serving eight years in the Oklahoma Senate. Now, he is about to begin representing Oklahoma’s 2nd congressional district in Congress. Congressman Brecheen is a graduate of the Statesmen Academy, where politicians are educated on how to advance godly values in our nation. Join us as Brecheen shares how the Lord has equipped him for this moment, what’s happening behind the scenes, and what lies ahead in Congress.

Rep. Brecheen’s story is a reminder to listen to that still small voice. God’s purpose for each of us is unique, and just like Rep. Brecheen,

See you in the comments section!

Emma Rarden
Communications Specialist – Producer

Coach Joe Kennedy  shares morning devotions with the Statesmen Academy and Family Policy Council Alliance after his big win at the Supreme Court in June.

In July, your partnership with Family Policy Alliance’s sister foundation made it possible to host 40 state family policy council leaders and nearly 40 state legislators at the 2022 Statesmen Academy and Family Policy Council Conference. These leaders in your states are committed to making your state safer for children in the womb and their mothers, protecting parental rights, advancing religious freedom and passing pro-family policy.

Based on attendee comments, it was the best yet!

This year’s Statesmen Academy was also the largest event to date with 39 legislators and 18 spouses in attendance. These statesmen joined leaders from nearly 40 state Family Policy Councils and many national allies for a terrific week of training, encouragement, and renewal.

State legislators and leaders gleaned much from Dr. Jeff Myers of Summit Ministries who taught on worldview and how to effectively communicate biblical truth. Dr. Matthew Spalding of Hillsdale College provided a historical perspective on statesmanship and the value of prudence in politics. Statesmen received in-depth media training and time to practice their interview skills with FPA’s communications team. They listened and learned from experienced Christian statesmen, including former Ambassador, Governor, Senator, and Congressman Sam Brownback (R-KS).

A row of state lawmakers listen to engaging and impactful speakers at the 2022 Statesmen Academy.

Of course, no Family Policy Foundation event would be complete without equipping on current pro-family policy issues. This year’s agenda included panels on Help Not Harm legislation to protect minors from “gender transition” drugs and surgeries, pro-life legislation in the After Roe era, and parental rights in education legislation.

For the first time, the prestigious Coburn Statesman Award was given to a Statesmen Academy alumna, Rep. Robin Lundstrum of Arkansas. Rep. Lundstrum is the author of the first-in-the-nation Help Not Harm law and has been a pro-life champion in her home state, carrying more pro-life laws than any other legislator in Arkansas over the past decade. FPF President and CEO Craig DeRoche sat down with Lundstrum just after she received the Coburn Award.

Watch their interview here.

Robin Lundstrum (center) Receives the Coburn Award. Pictured L to R: Jerry Cox – Arkansas Family Council, Tom Lundstrum, Arkansas State Representative Robin Lundstrum, Amanda Banks – Statesmen Academy Director and Craig DeRoche – Family Policy Foundation President and CEO

Participants started each day with worship and devotions. Among those presenting were Dr. Wayne Grudem from Phoenix Seminary and Coach Joe Kennedy who recently won a major religious freedom victory at the Supreme Court after he was fired by his school for praying on the 50-yard line after football games. After perhaps the most pressure-filled and consequential season in the history of the pro-life movement, Christian legislators and leaders relished the opportunity to learn and fellowship together while receiving much-needed refreshment.

One legislator commented that the Academy provided “exactly the equipping this country could use much more of,” and said, “the genuine relationships built with others who share the same heart and beliefs will be lifelong.”

Another statesman remarked that while he “always tried to put God first, it doesn’t always go over well in the political world.” However, he explained, “this week taught me ways to allow Him to shine through when it’s not popular and how to tackle hard issues head-on rather than leave them for someone else to handle.”

Finally, a participant said, “the encouragement from champions of faith and policy is instrumental to our success, and practical help with legislation makes our job easier and achievable.”

These results and the incredible week we shared would not be possible without the generosity of our ministry partners who faithfully give financially and prayerfully to Family Policy Alliance and Family Policy Foundation. We sincerely thank you for your partnership with us!


Amanda Banks
Director, Statesmen Academy
Vice President, Education

Five years ago, the Lord led Family Policy Alliance’s sister Foundation to launch a training program for godly men and women called to serve in the mission field of public office. We all know the stories with unhappy endings—men and women who take on the title of Senator or Representative but later forget why they began serving in the first place, forsake their families, and stray from their values. But what if the issues we care about—life, family, and religious freedom—could be shaped by trained leaders who are humble, biblically grounded, and willing to boldly champion policy that reflects their values? Out of this vision—and your ongoing, faithful support—the Statesmen Academy was born. The Academy is now an integral part of Family Policy Foundation’s mission, and four classes of trained statesmen and stateswomen are serving you and your families in 33 states across the country—many of them earning national recognition for championing your values.

I wanted to be sure you saw this short video from some of the state legislators who attended Called Together, a Statesmen Academy alumni reunion, this summer. It was the first event of its kind hosted by Family Policy Foundation – but it won’t be the last! As you’ll hear in the video, statesmen and women gleaned much-needed inspiration, encouragement, knowledge and strategy to continue fighting for families and biblical values. These elected officials are on the front lines in the policy battles we all care about, and because of your support, they are re-energized and equipped to stand for truth and lead well in 2022 and beyond.

Thank you for your generosity that makes Statesmen Academy training and events possible!


Amanda Banks
Director, Statesmen Academy

To each of you who participated in the $247,000 Challenge Grant to expand the Statesmen Academy, please accept our heartfelt thanks! The Statesmen Academy trains and equips men and women in Christ-centered public service, and you’ve helped advance that mission.

Your faithful giving has enabled Family Policy Foundation to grow the Statesmen Academy in significant ways this year and allowed us to make plans for even more impact in the years to come. Already, one prime example is in the launch of our new Statesmen Academy webpage this week!

The new webpage provides prospective statesmen and stateswomen, supporters and friends of FPF with much more information about what the Academy is, how it functions, and the effect it has on graduates and public policy across the nation. The page includes our new Statesmen Academy promotional video, detailed information about our recruitment and application processes, specific examples of alumni impact, and multiple ways to contribute financially and prayerfully to the Academy.

I hope you will consider sponsoring a statesman, becoming a prayer partner, and sharing with others about the growing impact of the Statesmen Academy.

Your participation in our Challenge Grant has also allowed us to increase the number of alumni attending our first Statesmen Academy alumni reunion. We are just days away (19, to be exact) from Called Together – a reunion event that will enable us to re-engage with more than one-third of Statesmen Academy graduates and provide them advanced training, spiritual inspiration and political wisdom for the future. And due to increasing demand and your faithful giving, we are planning for next year’s training to be the largest Statesmen Academy ever. (More information on that event is coming soon!)

In short, we are believing God for great things in the coming year. As we develop goals and pursue greater impact, we do so in humble dependence on the Lord’s blessing and the continued support of friends like you.

We could not do what we do – training and equipping statesmen for effective, Christ-centered public service – without your financial and prayerful partnership. Thank you for standing with us!


Amanda Banks
Director, Statesmen Academy


P.S. Stay tuned for a full report on Called Together: A Statesmen Academy D.C. Reunion and the exciting plans God is directing us to for the future of the Statesmen Academy.